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Rainy Mole Town

It's a grassy cave with raining moles.

What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
By those screenshots, I can say that this level seems nice aesthetically. Good luck with development!
Definitely isn't a very complex design, but that's not a bad thing. I actually prefer more simple levels, but that's besides the point.
My only issue with the design so far is the mix between the ultra cartoonly/simple bush and the much more realistic bush and grass textures

That's only a very minor complaint, though. Keep up the good work, I'd like to see how this turns out.

editliterallyrightafteripublishedthispostohmygod: Maybe you could add those mole holes (whatever you call them) in the ground occasionally to better fit the main gimmick (which I'm guessing is moles)?
95% chance that I'm bored. 5% chance that I'm very bored.
It's like a mossy cave with the grass and bushes underground like that. Looks cool.