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____ Harbor/Dock

This is my 3rd vldc I'm participating in, and I hope I can get good scores. I'm really trying to find cool things to do with sprites and I think I have some ideas.
Level preview WIP:

This is subject to change most likely.
Background is a huge work in progress, I'll work on it towards the end.
I am surprised by the things you can do in Lunar Magic, specially with vanilla graphics. The screenshot is a good example of this, A harbor of dock is a nice idea. Good luck doing this!
Interesting, that's not what you see every day. Good Luck in the Contest !
Very creative use of the Ghost House tileset to make a harbour style level. Looking forward to see more! #smw{:TUP:}
Thank you for the kind words. Next I'm planning an indoor section, I'll have to get really creative again xd. Hopefully the finished product will excel in the contest. I'll post some pictures again soon.

So here's a small preview of the short inside part of the level. It's like a small "basement" where you get something to progress to the next part. Not much to see, but I have some ideas on what to do. I might do another one for another part of the level so that could be a nice detail to the level possibly. Also, I didn't want it to differ too much from the outsides because the whole dock is made out of whatever this is material so I thought I should be consistent with it.