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What's your favourite Pokemon, and why do you like them?
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Dewott. The little guy's just so adorable. I mean, just look at him! Oshawott was the starter I chose when I originally played Pokemon White Version, and I almost didn't want to evolve him into Samurott because I liked Dewott so much.
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Pink boy.

It's cute, strong and arguably the most versatile Pokémon in casual playing (in competitive it can only run a couple of sets to justify its usage). I've grown to like Mew more when I started battling with my friends in Gen 4, where I took advantage of its sheer unpredictability and adapted it to fit all of my different teams, but I've been a fan of its design ever since I watched the first movie way back when it was exhibited in Brazilian theaters (January 2000, according to Wikipedia). I wish it had a better ability, but Game Freak was already nice enough to give it a powerful and exclusive Z-Move.
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Shit, when you ask questions like this of course I gotta respond to it.

Shaymin Sky trumps everyone on design alone. It's an adorable lil badass with an ace color scheme. Too bad Land Forme kinda blows despite being cute too.

Latias is so incredibly varied in terms of powers, personality and more or less backstory, it's ironically a bit sad I don't think of her as often anymore.

Latios I never thought of as my favorite or talk about nearly as often as with the others, but it's an undeniable mainstay in my top 3. I sure do love me a protective and strong type with a big heart for those who don't mean harm. You'd almost think of him as a guard dog actually.

and that's been it for this episode of 'minuy's big salad deer and airplane show'

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cool weird simple design. equally so for moveset/behavior/etc

note that im trash at pokemon but i had a wobbuffet in my party throughout my entire playthrough of pokemon soulsilver i love it

also its funny in the anime

Shuckle & Dunsparce

They look odd yet cool at the same time.
I have good memories of both been used on my teams.

Why? Because Furret's a cute Pokémon, and I honestly really like how it looks. It's a happy fluffy noodle that is big enough (5'11") to hug. #w{<3}

Furret's taller than me?
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well, honestly my favorite Pokemon list has kinda changed since then, and even if Gardevoir is still pretty up there on my list, I think it would be nice to talk about some other mons that I find cool :V


Lucario: Honestly, I find his design to be really, really cool IMHO, so much that even a non-furry like me can appreciate his design a lot (not that I have anything against furries, I'm just too vanilla for y'all :P). He's also very fun to use in competitive battles, and I have made a bunch of sets with his Mega form while playing in Ubers since he's so fun to play n' shit; I haven't been playing for a while tho, really should get on to that...

Blaziken: Another favorite of mine, mostly because of one of the first Pokemon games that I have played and the one that I have the fondest memories of being good ol' Pokemon Emerald, and not only have I chosen Torchic as my starter from my first time playing the game (have been doing that ever since then too), I have also done that with almost every other Fire starter from the Pokemon games I've played as well (with Pokemon White being the only exception, where I chose Snivy since I found Emboar's design to be really underwhelming compared to both Serperior's and Samurott's), so he has a pretty special place in my heart <3

also, shoutouts to my man Infernape, because even if I haven't played much of the Gen 4 games, his design is incredibly cool #wario{;)}
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I always loved Emolga and could never abandon it as my favorite!(their just so cute!)

Second up is Jirachi though (I don't know, something about flying pokemon makes me think their cute)

Of course, this guy. I thought shellos was so cute when I first played pearl, and when he ended up evolving I still thought he (she, was the first one I caught but I think it looks more like a male overall) was fine. When I played Pokemon battle revolution against my friends using my pearl team I wasn't good at competitive battling, so all my pokemon died in one hit. All of them, except for..

When I got better at pokemon and platinum came out I caught one and named it oshillos because I thought it was funny as hell and saying "osh" was the thing at the time. She still took hits like a champ, and mine happened to be sassy, so even some grass knots failed to kill her.

Gastrodon totally peaked in Gen5 when they buffed storm drain to straight up nullify water attacks and then grant a +1 special attack boost. I was so happy and used Gastrodon every single battle in the simulator Pokemon Online. It was the one pokemon that held my team together when I was (and still am) totally about hyper offense.

I kind of fell out of pokemon sometime between gen 6 and 7. I still played the games and bred good pokemon for fun, but Mega evolutions and Z moves were just a little too OP for my tastes, so I'm completely clueless about the USUM meta. Dynamaxing looks even dumber and even more OP to me. I wish it could just be a thing that I could ignore and try to enjoy the rest of the game and its meta, but if I can't even have my Gastrodon Oshillos, not even after I beat the game, what's the goddamn point?

I literally just typed out a biography of me with a single pokemon, I wouldn't have done this if I didn't love it. I love and embrace new pokemon, but being able to use older ones was never off the table until now. I know Gastrodon is obscure, but if he's going to be cut out in favor of fucking psyduck or some stupid shit time and time again because the pokemon company thinks he's less marketable, then fuck them, and fuck game freak. I'm doing my best to be optimistic for the future. At least he can't be cut out of the diamond and pearl remakes, right?
Vaporeon. Water types are awesome, it’s a cute snd strong little water doggo that’s surprisingly tanky.

Runner up: Staraptor. No explanation needed lol. Brave Bird is amazing!
Charizard because I love the design and Charmander was my first Pokemon and starter all the way back in Pokemon Red. I also really like the personality that many Charizards have in common in the anime. The Charmander line in general has always been special to me ever since Pokemon Red.

Charizard is a Pokemon that's almost always in my team when possible. I really like the Mega Evolutions too but prefer X because of Fire/Dragon. Always have thought regular Charizard should be partially Dragon type but oh well.

I have three runner-ups that I love equally but for differing reasons. Rhyperior, Swampert and Scizor.
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Mine's Vaporeon. I fell in love with its design back in gen 1, and I never had another pokemon replace it.
Toxicroak, for being the best evil poisonous fighting frog ever.

Its pre-evo Croagunk is up there as well for similar reasons, but I also have fond memories of it from the Diamond/Pearl anime.
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Munchlax has always been a go to fav for mine because of it's cute little face and that it turns into this lazy beast if you look after it.

If you talk competitively though, I have a few beasts I like to use like Gallade, Dusknoir, Aggron and even a Ninetales trained up somewhere. Chose them because they look cool.

But if I had to chose between them all, Munchlax would be it of course!
honestly, I would go with Latios.
1st reason: It has a really cool name! I didn't even rename it in Pokemon: Omega Ruby.
2nd reason: When I first saw it, I thought "WOW that's really cool! I need it!"
3rd reason: Latias is second on my list due to basically being the same as Latios, but the reason why is due to my discovering Latios before Latias.
4th reason: It is legendary. Of course, that's a reason anyone would like Latios!

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