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Olivine Pass

Here's how my level is looking so far:

This is still a W.I.P. And yes, I realize I'm allowed to change the pallets. That's something I might consider doing later.

EDIT: Gave my level a name.
Certainly, it's impressing, awesome! Don't know how did you make those tree leaves and bushes and the fusion between two different FGs, but it's amazing! Good work!
I like the mix of the two foregrounds using the (I think) cloud tiles. I must say however that that treetop feels a little bit off without any kind of shading.
Alright, my level is done! I've named it Olivine Pass because of the green rocks in the background.

Here's some more screenshots:

There's a cave segment in this level too.

BPS Download.
Originally posted by Giftshaven

Anyways, nice use of palette changing, Gifty! Whoever makes a VLDC level WITHOUT editing and merging? It's a real thing!
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