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Luigi's Misadventures 3: Recipe for a disaster (YEAH!! FULLY COMPLETED!!) (BETA TESTERS NEEDED)

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I'm working in a new hack now:

Please give feedback on the levels and don't submit youtube videos about it until it be released.

LINK No. 01 (02-24-2019)
LINK No. 02 (04-09-2019)
LINK No. 03 (06-15-2019)
LINK No. 04 (09-05-2019)
LINK No. 04 (09-06-2019)
LINK No. 05 (10-21-2019)
LINK No. 06 (11-14-2019)
LINK No. 07 (12-05-2019)
LINK No. 08 (12-10-2019)
It's a good thing you're making the third part of Luigi's Misadventures series. If I will have time, I will test it like I did with previous 2 ones.
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Originally posted by Roberto zampari
I'm working in a new hack now:

Please give feedback on the levels and don't submit youtube videos about it until it be released.

LINK No. 01 (02-24-2019)

Nice Ideas has your Hack i Like the Idea with the Underwater Plant which must be very Hungry if she eat all the Enemys for a Key and Nice Sprites
a little Tip maybe you could give a hint shield that you can feet yelow Plants in my First try i used my Fire Flower for the Fishes and no Key come after all a Good Hack Keep up the Good Hack :D
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

In my usual format:

  • Level design is pretty good! I'm only at the third world and I'm already seeing a solid variety of gimmicks. Levels are kinda breezy and can feel a bit too easy thanks to generous powerup placement, but that can change at any moment. Levels are pretty lengthy too, which makes them feel a bit more satisfying. They tend to evolve as they go on so the length is usually not a big issue. There's a good amount of custom features and bosses.
  • If there's a big downside with the level design I'd say it's the use of secret exits. There are simply too many of them and most of them are just worthless shortcuts that skip over content that I want to play. Their placements aren't very clever—usually something basic like just entering a pipe near the midpoint—and I end up having to replay levels to get the normal exit. It feels like pure filler. One of these didn't even let me skip a level and just sent me back to the starting point of the world map! It would be a godsend to see secret exits reworked a bit, like having there be a secret collectible in them that, after being collected, will unlock the secondary path out of a level along with the normal path being accessible. I've seen this done before with hidden red coins (don't remember the hack's name, sorry) and in a hack like this it would hugely cut down on wasted time.
  • The graphics are overall really good. The opening level in particular stood out to me.
  • The Hammer Bros in this level are immune to objects thrown at them. It's annoying when the entire level is full of stuff to throw.
  • I don't know how anyone is supposed to figure out how to kill this lotus without trial and error. I had no idea it needed to be killable at all and I wouldn't have even thought to feed it fish until I (after savestating, of course) touched it to see if anything would happen. Powerups are abundant and the first thing anyone would do is just kill the fish with fireballs. I scrolled through the previous posts after writing this and noticed that I'm indeed not the only one who made this mistake.
  • In contrast with other levels that looked really good, this one beach level looked really boring. The background looks oddly pixelated and the foreground doesn't have much color contrast and texture. The water, trees, coconuts, and fish all stand out sharply against each other.
  • I don't like the bosses. Fighting Boom Boom is pretty much impossible to make interesting and you do it once per world. The custom bosses (sans "Mouser") are all just variations of "mindlessly moves back and forth spitting projectiles" and are laughably easy.
  • There are two notable difficulty spikes so far: the secret path with the jumping fish in the ship level, and the area with the cluster of ghosts on the top of the screen in the Celadon Forest haunted house level. The latter would be fine if the level design were made more fluid (less Eeries and jumping Piranhas) because it really snowballs against the player if t hey ever have to slow down or stop. For the former, I'm honestly not sure—the fish generator always felt like an almost-unfair mechanic because they come out at such a ridiculous rate.
  • The story is... weird. It's just like your other hacks and, while I usually don't like weird stuff, there's something to the absurdity in here that makes it amusing instead of annoying. You really do have a style of your own.

I like this hack so far and it might seem to you that my opinion is much lower than it is from the list of complaints. That's not the case as I'm overall really enjoying it—the three worlds I've traveled through were all in one sitting.
Added new levels (until World 5).

Feel free to test my hack and give feedback.
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
I'm working in a new hack now:

Please give feedback on the levels and don't submit youtube videos about it until it be released.

LINK No. 01 (02-24-2019)
LINK No. 02 (04-09-2019)

How many World wil The Hack Have 10 or More :D
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

I'm currently at world 3 (forest/carnival) and I am sure I will beta test to the end, btw the levels are amazing.
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"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
can you remove debug level garbege spirites
even twomb
are bad palled
I haven't had time to write a review, but here it is.
This second beta is great! I haven't found any bug, apart from Debug Level, which I suppose it is a placeholder and a test for sprites. The fact that lotus plant must eat enemies to obtain a key is original and neat!(good idea putting "feed me" in the sub-level because I didn't realize when I played beta 1). The story is good as always. I'll wait for the next demo to test it.
How is the progress on the hack going on? I'm still at world 3 at the beginning.
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
Sorry for make you waiting so long, but it's here:


Things i wanted to say...

1) WINTER HIDEOUT is still in progress.
2) I'm planning to release a C3 demo of this hack with 77 exits.
3) I'm planning to do a Luigi's Misadevntures 4, because of the Megaman Starforce sequel thing.
Gonna start
world 4 (desert)
. For now it's almost the same as previous version, just some minor music changes and
life farming in debug zone, which could make the game easier due to the amount of lifes, but it's a demo
. It is a great hack. Some gimmicks like
feeding lotus plant or moving
were neat. Last gimmick mentioned before can be tricky but feather cape make it a bit easier.
A question, is going
the pipe in forest world to be enterable?

World 4 (Desert)
was good, difficulty of the game increases a bit from there.
Delightful Pyramids level was awesome with bowling balls coming from the upper part of the screen
I found Cerise Volcano 1's secret exit quite tricky, the cape helps a lot there

I'm almost finishing World 5, nothing to say there, it's as good as the hack.
Just a question:
Is Bowser important in the hack as he appears in World 4 Castle?

Just started
World 6 (Ice)
. I've only played
Winter Panorama, Submerged Library and Blue Switch Palace
which are awesome and challenging.
I found one bug you might want to check. In the last
ice section from Submerged Library
, there is a Fire Bro. When it throws a fireball, Mario gets hurt without being touched by that fireball. Minor bug, but can be annoying. Apart from that small bug in the level, the gimmick used is great. You are making a good job.
Finished the demo. World 6 and last levels before that
big door thing on the overworld
were great.
Blue Bouncing Platforms and Boochimeras make levels original and outstanding. Koopa Shell Puzzle from Rouls Karld can be confusing at first. I would set the timer to 0 or put a reset door there.

Also, in Winter Hideout,
Projared's text can be not suitable for all players. You can modify it a bit or when submitting the hack using the tag mature content, though that's the only mature part of the game
I've put lots of spoilers so other players decide to see them or not.
The hack is great so far. Good job.
I'm in world 5 already, and I can't wait to see if I reach WIP Winter Hideout.
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed

Finally beaten world 6 and 4 secret levels (I think they will be in world 7).
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
Ladies and Gentlemen.
The hack was accepted.
Double post, because the hack is still alive, but in slow progress.


Five levels from World 7 are playable except the Red Switch Palace, although the Sword Junkyard boss is still a progress.

UPDATE: Changed link
Still playtesting (this post will be updated)
This hack is great and has an interesting storyline, I've played World 1 and World 2 so far, and I haven't found any issue as for level design, traditional design with some gimmicks twists which I like.
Most of the issues found are related to grammar.

Zomer Hotel:
1. Change are for is as it is only a museum

2. It would be better to say; It's women's toilet. Also, this text boss fun but... Luigi isn't a pervert, is he?

3.Correct word here would be enjoy (not enjoyed) and wish (not wished)

Dialogue with Andonuts (#1 Andonuts Lab):
Correct expression: Are you thinking about stealing it from me?
Also it should be Delightful Children gave instead of give.

Dialogue with Luna (Marincess Labyrinth):
You missed an m (remember not remenber)

One minor issue I found in Zomer Hotel:
There is part with a swimming pool which looks like it has no characters to talk to, but checking in LM after completing World 1 shows there are two characters. Minor, but if you fix that, it would be good. I lost that screenshot sorry for the inconvenience.

One question about Lumiere Pirate Ship, there is a door over red switch blocks which seems unaccesible, am I wrong? Is there a way to get there?

Apart from that, I haven't found any issue in World 2, so great work!
(This review is unfinished so the post will be updated. Ninja Boy, thanks for you tip provided)

World 3 has been completed. Gimmicks make the levels feel new and different from the rest. The fact of the camera not moving back to the left in the sky section of Celadon Forest 1 makes the level have a SMB1 feeling, which is good. Also, I enjoyed Callisto Circus levels due to the unique gimmicks used there (
cannon which launches Mario in Callito Circus 1 and moving springboard based on DKC3 in Callisto Circus 2
#3 Celadon Funhouse is a great level, enemies that cannot pass the pink blocks make the level a good challenge. However, I found a minor issue there:
Blocks are acting as vines in this part of the level.

Also as a question:
Cake Secret Area is supposed to be a powerup collecting level? Is it a placeholder?
Dear N450

-I fixed the grammar issues you mentioned earlier in your feedback, including the block thing.
-The Cake Secret Area is a placeholder for put the special levels. I started the hack in the beginning of 2019.
-Lumiere Pirate Ship have a secret if you complete the 4 switch palaces, plus a certain level.
-The Zomer Hotel have some events (i.e. areas) that can be unlocked if a specific level from the SMW hack is beaten.


-New levels.
-Two additional custom bosses (these custom bosses are made by me with little knowledge of ASM).
-Several changes in the levels for balance the difficulty of the game.

Feel free to write more about my SMW hack.
Are the levels from world 7 playable in-game? The only way i could find those was with LM.
Still playing demo 4 from your hack, now finished World 4. Arid Heights Levels contained fast paced action which made them a challenge. Good job! Cerise Volcano levels introduce
orange cement blocks which can hurt Luigi when standing too much time over them
, which I think putting them make the level great. Small issues found:

Not sure but I think that vine in Arid Heights 2 is not necessary:

Grammar issues:
If is not necessary there while Luigi and Mega Man D are talking to Buff in Arid Heights 3:

I would change I can for Can I and an ? next to you...:

Instead of personnel it would be personal:

The shouldn't be there, being just: Mario's twin Brother?:

In #4 Bowser's Castle, the is used wrong as in the previous screenshot. The correct would be: Is Bowser using the Supercrown?
. Also change told for tell:

Change having for had:

World 5 finished. Again, new ideas and good level design. Nipticks and issues:
In the bonus room from Lustful Beehive, getting the coins can be difficult when you have a bee chasing Luigi:

Waiting for the spikes going up while another bee chases Luigi can be tough:

Unexpected spike, maybe an indicator?:

In Starry Sky Canyon 1, if you don't know about the movement of Chucks, you may have trouble, though it's not hard if you know that:

Grammar issue in text boss from Starry Sky Canyon 2, change are for is:

Also, it's not hard to find the secret exit, but an indicator for some people would be good.
Finally you can skip the end of the lift travel when having a Feather Cape:

And now for some grammar mistakes in #5 Mineral Temple, when talking to Shad/Ninja Dusk:

1.Correct ones would be: You were brainwashed too? and Those delightful dorks...

2.It's time to teach you good manners

3. I would recommend deleting way and just changing painful for painfully:

4. Not a grammar mistake, but when
Ninja Dusk becomes invisible, item from the box doesn't escape

5.How dissapointing is the correct one:

6.Again renember, correct one remember

7.How did you escape...:

Minor issues, but still a great world!

World 6 done, it was a great world with some awesome ideas (like
blue platforms which make Luigi jump
in Blue Springimmicks and Rouxls Kaard Level when
you have to solve puzzles
Most of the issues (which are small are related to grammar):
1. In Winter Panorama the same text from Mega Man D repeats twice. Also the correct one would be: Don't touch in and for a couple of seconds not in:

2. In
the first puzzle
of Rouxls Kaard you should add to before hit:

You could put here: What did you do to him? or What have you done to him?:

Gave, not give and be before able:

You missed an a, it's INITIALIZING:

3. In Clockwork Fortress, too and the wouldn't be necessary:

Not a grammar issue, but I think it could be a good idea to introduce how
gray platforms
work, or maybe I don't remember?

4. In Blue Springimmicks, England Knight's tip contains a very minor issue. The correct one is I not i:

5. Again not a grammar issue but in Winter Meadows, that Blowing Cloud made Luigi going through the floor, not so minor issue but not big either:

6. In #6 Winter Hideout, Merla should say Did you enjoyed:

Put Let me see or Let's see:

An extra minor issue I found, you can access Amethyst Mansion without playing Basilisk Forest:

Apart from that, this is one of the best worlds in the hack. Great job!
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