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Graphing Calculator Games.

Im using a TI-84 Plus Graphing calculator, how do you get games onto it?

I got it all hooked up to the computer and everything.

And I've been through many tutorials and none help.
Nice to know somone else has one, I have snake on mine, I would love to help you but I havent uploaded anything to it in such a long time I forgot how to do it.
Please help! I need Tetris on my calculator so I have something to do for the hour of free time we always have in math... >_<
If I rember, I will tell you. Also can you sned it to me when I do rember?
Ok thanks, if you do remember I hope you know exactly what you are doing because it seems pretty darn complicated.

You do have a TI-84 Plus right?
Here it is:

1) Download the program from this site,
this will manage all you caluactor stuff.
2) Install the file you just dowloaded
3) Plug your caluactor with a usb cable, after you install the frist program. (Your computer wont reconice the proper files if you try to do this befor)
4) Dowlonad this this file so you can play games on your caluactor
5) Now go to and unzip the file, better to put them in a new folder so that its not all on your desktop.
6) Go to any of the ion folder that had ends with the adress"\ion.8xg" and hilight those 3, right click and and select send to TI-84 Plus.
7) Go into your programs for the caluator, and run program ion
8) After you did that transerfer your games the same way you did the ion program
9) Run program "A"
10) Your done, have fun!