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Turning Brick Block by The Hacking Yoshi

File Name: Turning Brick Block
Submitted: by The Hacking Yoshi
Authors: The Hacking Yoshi
Type: Original
Purpose: Miscellaneous
Description: A turning brick block.
While this is a nice idea, I find it hard to tell that one wouldn't be able to stand on top of this block. Looking at the original turn block, the way it spins makes it clear that the player cannot stand on top of the block, as it gets thinner and is clearly flipping around. Hitting the turn block would make me think i can still stand on top of it or would be blocked by it since it doesnt look that different than the normal brick.

While I don't normally reject these sort of things, the graphic replacement doesn't match up with the functionality of the block this is replacing. Please resubmit after making it more clear that the player cannot stand on top of or even be blocked by the turning block.