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Super Mario World: Just Keef Edition


Was it a Blast from the Past?

93.2% (69 votes)
6.8% (5 votes)
Once again, I apologize for the delay. I finally got around to typing all of this out.

For the most part, I really enjoyed this hack and most of the changes that were made. I enjoyed it to the point that I could honestly see myself never going back to the original. But there are certain portions that I think can be improved, and at least three major flaws that prevent this hack from feeling complete.
First, minor complaints/thoughts.

1. - - - - -
Generally, I don't like when people import music from other games into a SMW hack, but since some levels feature tracks from Yoshi's Island, I think I like the changes in this hack. It kind of links the two games in a small way. I also like that "new" tracks are mostly used in bonus or underground levels, and I think it's a cool idea to specify which levels are optional with special music. However, there are two exceptions to this - the one stage where you ride dolphins with the Super Mario Land 2 music and the second "top secret" area with the Delfino Plaza music. I wasn't really a fan of those additions - especially the latter. I feel like that one is out of place. (Not saying these are flaws - just giving my stance.)

2. - - - - -
I was disappointed to find that the colored Yoshis were removed from the Star World levels. I've always liked that those levels were a reliable source of the Yoshi variants. I feel like there should be a place where each Yoshi option is available.

Side note - I found a yellow Yoshi in one of the edited levels, and I'm guessing the other variants are also located in random levels. A very cool idea, but I also think an optional space to acquire all variants wouldn't be a bad thing. Speaking of which...

3. - - - - -
At first, I was really pleased to find that a second "top secret" area had been added to the map. But after going into it, I was disappointed to see it didn't contain much. And honestly, I feel like this area could be given a lot of significance if it happens to be the one place in the game where you can find every Yoshi variant - and maybe Toad could have some dialogue about watching over them.

4. - - - - -
I'm slightly conflicted when it comes to the NPCs that replace the message blocks. They are definitely a great idea and I like seeing characters roam about random levels, but I wish there had been more variety. That said, I can't think of anything else that would make sense. Maybe a Koopa Troopa who decided to defect from Bowser's army in the third "top secret" area? Something like that. (It just felt a bit odd seeing Toad pop up all over the place.)

5. - - - - -
I kind of wish there were a few dinosaurs that inhabited the stages in the Neon Castle. Maybe there were? I didn't go through each numbered room, so I can't say for sure.

6. - - - - -
Two minor remarks concerning additions I would like to see in the hack...

- I really wish wall jumps had been implemented here. Even if they would be mostly useless in the game as it is, I feel like wall jumps would help to give the hack a more modern feel.

- This may be pointless to bring up due to limitations, but is it possible to add additional Yoshi colors? I've always wanted to see the alternate Yoshi colors from Yoshi's Island carried over into SMW, and I think that kind of addition would be perfect for this hack. If that's impossible, how about just recoloring the in-game Yoshi colors to match their equivalents in Yoshi's Island?

(I can't make an additional post for another 4 hours, so I will have to post the section about glitches later in the day)
OK. On to the definite flaws.

1. - - - - -
There appears to be something wrong with coin interactions. The first time I started, I went in with Luigi (which was an addition I greatly appreciated, by the way) and planned on sticking with him throughout my playthrough. But I couldn't make it out of the first world without having the game crash completely. I typically go through levels with a Yoshi, and at first, I thought the issue might have had something to do with riding Yoshi. Then I figured maybe there was an issue with the Luigi sprites, so I switched over to Mario. I kept receiving glitches, and it all seems to be caused by one thing - coin interaction.

I couldn't possibly say for sure, but I almost think that the crashes may be caused by some sort of audio conflict. I noticed multiple times that when I did a double jump with Yoshi (another great addition), the SFX wouldn't play properly. And since coins have SFX, I'm thinking maybe there is some sort of error that creates the potential for audio conflicts.

I can add screenshots of moments where the game crashed after coin interaction.

In these, nothing changed other than the game freezing, but for the shot below, things went a bit crazy after touching a coin.

(I went to the extent of recording footage of the game crashing after interaction with coins, and I can upload them to YouTube if you are interested.)

2. - - - - -
The end of one of the secret lake levels (under the world 4 bridge) has no boundary and you can jump beyond the last pipe, and this causes the game to crash. Obviously not a major issue, but I figured I'd bring it up regardless. I can't remember the name of the level off the top of my head and I didn't get footage of it, but I did get a screenshot of where the game crashed.

3. - - - - -
Just one more thing I forgot to mention - I think I caught some instances of incorrect color palettes on some sprites. I'll add screenshots of those below.
It's a phenomenal ROM hack, I liked it a lot, it surprised me with changes like keys and Yoshis elsewhere. The game got a lot harder and I struggled in some stages, but that's part of it. I found all 105 exits. And I also liked the new sprites of the scenarios, like mushrooms, waterfalls, dinosaur bones, it gave the game a lot more life. The new dinosaurs are pretty cool and really gave a new look to Dinosaur Land, but the one that swallows you up in the water stages really made me angry kkkk. In the end, it really is a great ROM hack that can outperform the original SMW.

One thing I didn't like was the height of the blocks in the Top Secret Areas, why so tall? Normally when I enter these areas, I'm in a hurry and I want to grab the power ups fast, but they're so high up and having to do a lot of jumping to reach them is kind of annoying. As I really like the GBA version of SMW, I miss being able to switch brothers by pressing R and also their dubbing. I particularly find the Super Nintendo version very silent after I played the GBA version, if I could add these two things it would be amazing. Maybe leave two separate patches, for those who want the dub and another for those who don't. I also noticed that some level are not counting that I collected all 5 Dragon Coins. I collect them all, complete the level, but it doesn't appear on the map I made, I need to pick them up again to correct the error. And other levels like Roy's Castle, despite not having made the level, it is already said that I got the Dragon Coins, making them not appear in the level. The Notorthon boss was the most annoying of all the new bosses, he just threw green hooves into the wall all the time, I died many times because time ran out just because I couldn't get the hooves.
I really love this hack! It's so fun and improves the vanilla experience in many ways. There's just one thing that I really would like to see: make this hack compatible with Super Mario World Widescreen. After playing the game widescreen, it's painful to go back to 4:3. If you made Just Keef Widescreen Edition, that would be the absolute best way to play the game!
hey Bensalot / Just Keef i noticed that the suu enemies (spiders from mario land 1) are not very similar to their official art so i redesigned them :
and I also noticed that in the tyravonous rex stage the pokeys don't have their teeth sharp I think it's a left over from past versions
pokey fix:
it's very impossible to find fossil secret 1. it stops there at the level with the water. Also, there's no boss croc. i got the latest version of it and still doesn't work.
I realized that you actually need a cape powerup to get there. if the blocks are yellow, you took the wrong exit, if it's green... its the opposite
"Nothing's impossible Mario. Improbable, unlikely, but never impossible" - Luigi

When i was a kid, i was sure there was a way to get to those two islands. I obviously never found a way because well, there wasn't one. I made this really hard to find in spirit of the dreamer in us that never gave up searching. Glad you found it fellow dreamer.
Trust the Fungus.
Hello Mr bensalot can you please add oogtar to smw just keef because he feels right at home with this hack
Not gonna lie, the Luigi Sprite for this hack is not good in my opinion.
This Hack is so amazing!!!
I finished it several times, it was really good! Excellent work was done here. I really liked the new levels, the dinosaurs. Really very good!! A tip for adding a new area if possible! Above the Crystal Fortress level there is a waterfall where the water comes from is never shown.A secret exit leading to this area would be interesting.
I'm so happy to hear that the mod isn't dead! I'm really looking forward to 6.0!
I don't have any asm skills, but I know that Vitor Vilela and his community are probably the best versed in SNES and asm of anyone in the world. I'd suggest reaching out to Vitor on Twitter or joining his discord. Vitor is the one who made Super Mario World Widescreen. My great hope would be that Vitor or someone in his community would make a widescreen patch for Just Keef Edition. That would truly make it the Definitive version of SMW!

SNES Widescreen Discord
Vitor Vilela Discord