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[Non-Level] What are your plans for the VLDC next year (or maybe sooner)?

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Try to do something no one has done before without driving myself crazy, and then giving up and try to salvage the little time I have left.

I can't wait!
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13
One of these plans will be on display at the next VLDC.

1. I will create another grassland map, and the sub theme is a haunted house.
2. I will create a remix level for my VLDC 9, X, and 11 grassland maps.
I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
My next VLDC level will have its visuals based on Namek (a planet of the Dragon Ball universe).

Well... I was gonna do a fan judge this time, but due to circumstances I couldn't, so I hope next year I'll do that for real.
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
not to decide one day to try out league of legends and then proceed to play almost 6 days worth of the game in the time allotted for the contest
if i don't win this year: win next year

if i do win this year: retire rich and ride on the road to fame baby
1) Probably rehash my past VLDC shenanigans because that's just basically my meme at this point.

2) My past 3 VLDC levels and 2 ExGFX contest entries had dark aesthetics, so maybe I'll make something bright, cheerful and colorful for a change to go out of my comfort zone.

3) beat idol
Here is:

1: I'll do something focused on some gimmick.
2: The aesthetics will be colorful and adorable.
3: Become a fan judge, maybe.
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
- Give myself more than a day to actually design and playtest my level
- Become more familiar with Lunar Magic so I don't spend valuable crunchtime fixing trivial errata and bugs
- Actually play some more ROMhacks to actually experience what it feels like to play a level vs. just look at one in Lunar Magic
I think this might be a bit to early to make plans and stuff, but what i could say so far:

About my entry:
- Try to find a creative idea again
- Work better on my aesthetics
- Probably use ExGFX, ExAnimation, Custom music and stuff i didn't use this time due to lack of experience

About the contest in general:
- I look forward to be a Fan-Judge again!
- Maybe start my fan-judging thread earlier
- See if i can do some video playthroughs
My Youtube Channel
I'm gonna try and make an abstract level based on a mechanic that I've never seen any kind of SMW level use before, really.
turning layers on and off to reveal secrets and stuff
Actually use skill to make a level and not make the start of the level day 1 and rest of the level 2 days until deadline and end up with a basic level with some cool aesthetics. If I try, it's probably a win, no contest
Make a better level with less issues and original.
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