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paradise aiso

encountering wolves in space + buildings on the moon (long gone)

a collaborative effort with moderator LAZY.

thank you to sinc-x for the port and all the good memories.

✨enter the void✨
Nice aesthetics here. I'm seeing some nice use of layer 2, as well!
this is a e s t h e t i c

seriously loving the background and level placement
wow, at first i was like "this is a vldc level?"

AMAZING work with the aesthetics. the combination of graphics used here is really incredible - surely blows mine out of the water.
So this is what heaven looks like, huh

I'll play this later but just from the screenshots alone I could notice how mind blowing it is with all those ~aesthetics~. I couldn't expect any less from you two at all to be frank.

I haven't really kept up with VLDC this year, but the screenshots enticed me to check this out. Here are some disjointed thoughts:

This level is super cool! I would mainly describe this level as a line-guided enemy dodgefest, with some growing pipes and layer 2 trickery to supplement it. The enemy setups are clever and fun to jump through, and it all makes for an engaging level.

The difficulty is fine. It's not too hard, though there are some tricky setups, like most of the setups involving the scale platforms.

There's a lot of little details that I want to point out, such as: The entire aesthetic, including the crazy layer 3 outer space background, the faster conveyor belts actually move Mario faster, some line-guided enemies move faster than others, and the 8x8 ledges at the end that somehow have proper collision detection. Is that done with layer 2 trickery?

Is it too late to suggest changes? Wasn't sure if I should mention this, as it's a very minor complaint that might just be me playing badly, but here's a small snippet of my gameplay experience in gif form. This was how I died the first time I played. I just ran and dropped down onto the note blocks, then died from the sudden layer 2 spikes. I wasn't expecting it because it's the first instance of layer 2 smash in the level. Although I imagine most players would not rush through like I do, it might be a good idea to make it so that players are more likely to hesitate before moving forward, so they can see the layer 2 spikes fall earlier. Maybe just change the spawning positions of the note block Sparkies. Again, I was probably just playing badly, so... ehhh...?

I also found something that should probably be fixed: It's possible to backtrack to earlier parts of the level once the layer 2 smash is activated, which will result in some glitched out graphics and weird layer 2 block behavior. Seems like a small oversight that could be fixed just by making it impossible to backtrack once the layer 2 smash is activated.

Great job to both Idol and Lazy for making a cool level. I imagine this level will score pretty high #tb{:D}

I also want to point out how gosh darned cool the Super Monkey Ball 2 music port is. Great work to Sinc-X! I'd write more stuff but I have to head out for the day.
updated to address concerns with the introduction of the layer 2 smashing gimmick + backtracking
Not exactly "Swiss-themed", but CLOSE ENOUGH! The design of this level is æsthetics-wise, heck, you and Lazy even used power of Layer 2 to make this wonderful level! Also, just like what UTF said, gotta love that Super Monkey Ball 2 port, tho! Kudos to you, Sinc-X!

Keep up! May the power of Helvetica protect you all!
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Man, after listening to the port that this level uses as BGM for quite a bit of time now, I decided to actually play the level it's made for, and good god, this is freaking awesome; definitely one of the most creative SMW levels I have seen in a while now

I really like that you're constantly rewarded by being patient and going through the level slowly too, even if I haven't done that a lot myself since I'm the least patient person you can possibly think of :V still really cool tho

the visuals are all really nice as well, and really complement the overall feel that this level wanted to achieve; all in all, everything complements itself really nicely, which is pretty rare to see done nowadays IMO; great job!
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uploaded a video of our entry here for those who wanna give it an eye or two: