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bridge i guess

I built a bridge but it seems there's a bunch of holes in it

Here's my patch.

It's late, I gotta be up in 4 hours, and there's a bit of flickering. The level is shorter than my normal fare, but I can't keep going and think it does okay with the ideas I have so far. Some feedback to adjust at work tomorrow before the deadline would be nice, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna change anything.

Yeah I'm dedicated to trying to make these guys work after my sublevel from vldcx lol
Why ask for feedback if you're not sure you're going to change anything?

The first thing I noticed is the random bg bricks floating in the air. They don't really add anything to the look and feel of the level and just seem like filler. If anything those could probably go.
Originally posted by Plasmodium00
Why ask for feedback if you're not sure you're going to change anything?

Because I'm at work and will have very limited time now (none before that extension) to change anything. That's the reason really.

The bricks seem to be getting very mixed responses, so I'm not sure yet. I was going for like, a floating bridge/ruins like sky sanctuary almost. Maybe it needed more clouds to look more "mystical"? IDK. I might drop them but it's too late to fix the theming.