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Where do I find troll levels

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I need help
What do you mean?
Like those unfair hacks
You mean kaizo hacks? If so, you can find several of them over our SMW hacks section. Just filter by Kaizo: Light or Kaizo: Hard, depending on your preference. You can also find them and post your own here
If you mean something else, then please specify cause "troll" levels have a lot of meanings semantically.
If you mean hacks with a lot of fake things thrown into their levels, they're hardly fun to play mainly due to giving blocks weird act as which, even despite adding some distinctions to them, simply adds to frustration, not fun. We all know what Cat Mario is and I doubt majority of people would like to play a hack similar to it.
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Well, simply saying "troll levels" doesn't really say much, as that's a pretty vague definition.

But i'm gonna take a guess here, the term "troll levels" isn't really something we see much around SMW Central, so i think you might be referring to the recent Youtube/stream trend started by CarlSagan42 and Juzcook. They've recently started to create a few "troll hacks" for each other, and there they specifically use the term "troll level" quite a lot (especially Carl, he's been doing a troll level series in Super Mario Maker for a long time).

So, if you're looking for these levels specifically, they aren't in SMW Central as far as i know (at least not in the hacks section), you'll have to look for them somewhere else, maybe with the Youtube/stream community.
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Originally posted by Lilyeet
Where do I find troll levels?

Super Mario Maker lol

I know what you meant, you want hacks with levels that are unfair on purpose like these games for example:Cat Mario, Unfair Mario,I wanna be the guy,this one,etc...

I think there's not much of this style of hacks around here on SMWCentral.
The only one I remember is Diagonal Mario World 2 - The ultimate meme machine, its not on smwcentral but it has some troll parts.
You can find it around the internet.
I recommend Invictus, Grand Poo World, or any of the Juzcook/Carl vs round entries against each other.

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Thank you
Here you go. #tb{:]}
No need to bump a five month old thread, especially if the question was answered and the author is inactive.
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