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Any regrets?

So now that the deadline is well passed and we can no longer make updates to our levels, we've reached the stage where we can only feel one emotion: Regret

I certainly do. I found out only after the deadline that I forgot to smooth out and remove the giant area of cutoff beneath my vertical level. So if you die early, you can very plainly see it. My aesthetics will take a bit hit for this, and I will certainly get a poor score a result...

What about you? Now that it's too late, is there anything you wish you would've done differently or any bugs/graphical errors you discovered?
You know who the judges are, right? Do some research and you'll find that there's a very very small chance that you will lose aesthetic points for cutoff. A small cutoff error would definitely not cost you many points, or lower your placement at all. If anything, a judge might lower it by 1 point, but even that might be a stretch.

The way the aesthetic category works is that almost everyone gets around 70% of the points, and you lose points if the aesthetics are ugly or if they detract from the design, and you gain points if (vice versa). The way I see it, cutoff is no different than forgetting to make the eaten berry tiles green, or forgetting to use the flames bg generator in the castle bg. It's a small mistake, and it would be cruel for a judge to give it a "poor score" as a result.
ask me if i give a f*ck...
wanna elaborate hobz
Originally posted by Hobz

I chuckled at this
Not listening to criticism about my level design whatsoever, freaking out over aesthetics instead... Next time it would be better for me to do more what I do best, create relatively basic but solid levels that nobody can waggle their finger at and say 'oh boy that stunk'.
Originally posted by idol
wanna elaborate hobz

assuming that i found out i still had time to make a level and started at the same time as i actually ended up starting (because obviously the big mistake was only leaving myself 6 hours to make a level), my biggest regret is not rummaging through my smw stuff and finding my half finished vanilla level centered around those flying grey blocks first. I had a lot of fun with it, and it would've been easy to finish and expand on the ideas I already had, leaving room for aesthetics (and coins... my biggest regret about the level i submitted was that it didn't have any coins) and polish.
I also spent a sizable chunk of my level design time working on an ultimately scrapped vertical level section. I had a lot of ideas that worked, some that didn't, but ultimately i didn't have the time to fine tune and shuffle everything around to get it all working perfectly.

The level i ended up making is really rough and the one p balloon block desperately needs to be pushed closer to the player to make it a lot more realistic to reach it, but I'm not too worried about the level because i really have no stake in this contest, truthfully. I'm proud of the first half and the second half is a clear rush job, and ultimately it is what it is.
i hope i win

ask me if i give a f*ck...
Well, I left a door next to the cut of two screens, and if the player enters it from the wrong screen he might end up looping the level :)
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not really. could probably have spent a bit more time and effort polishing the visuals but i'm pretty happy with how mine came out
Originally posted by Samuel Zuccati
Well, I left a door next to the cut of two screens, and if the player enters it from the wrong screen he might end up looping the level :)

There's also the possibility of the door not taking the player to the correct location and instead directing them to the endless bonus game. I discovered this little quirk while making the hack I released a few months back.
Apparently it has something to do with Mario's position in relation to the door upon entering it. Which is why they always recommend you keep doors a tile or two away from boundaries.
The other solution to this problem is giving the neighboring screen the same exit.
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I could have done more tile mixing and maybe reduced the amount of sprites even more.
No regrets, just looking forward to any feedback I receive.
I feel slight regret on not making my level vertical like I originally thought of.
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Not really, but I want to make a better level next time.