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½JUMP Release Thread [april fools]


Some time ago I got access to the secret JUMP Team headquarters.
Since then I've waited for a perfect moment to snatch and leak the finished version of ½JUMP and now here we are.


Check out Team Hack Fix/Translations' thread full of fixed and translated SMW hacks!

Wanted Permabanned or Dead by new staff team
Wᴗ. Rea impre sɔ wo he! Sha th ha i tᴗ ha fᴗ m, b i loᴗ li i mi b f!

I saw the thread title and got really excited but then I looked at today's date.

Fuck all of you I'm leaving the site.
same decoy... same.
Super Mario Travelers

The problem with this site isn't cringy posts in the GD, its people faking highly anticipated hack releases. Don't expect me to come back on IRC in a few hours asking to be accepted back, because it WON'T HAPPEN.