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72hoSPC #4 ~ Battle Royale (Results are in!)


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Vigeo garmes lol I don't know why that's funny, but it is.. anyway good luck musical ppls
Well, things are almost over! For those who've participated in the contest, good luck!
72hoSPC #4 ~ Voting

Voting is live! Thanks to the new on-site SPC playback feature, you can click each individual entry to listen to the songs hassle free!


Or, click me to download all the SPCs in a single zip!

Users will post in this thread, voting on their favorite SPCs, listing them from best to worst. If you wish, you may add comments to your votes. When voting, be sure to account for only the quality of the port. Do NOT vote based on how well it would fit as a song in SMW. Also, don't judge a song based on its filename, if you can avoid it. The song voted the highest will receive 10 points, whereas the lowest will only receive 1, as well as every value in between for their respective placings. Participants cannot vote. You're allowed to refer to the song by its actual name in voting (in lieu of using, say, the SPC name) - just make sure I know which song you're talking about.

Voting ends April 10th, at 6 PM PST!
ffmqbattle - LOUD but very well executed otherwise
nutshack remix - p good, a couple small bits i dont care for but solid overall
skyhigh - not too bad, mixing is a bit weird and i hate that snare sample but decent effort
expander - those arps are really bad lol. also your chord samples sound like undertale thats not a criticism i just thought i would note it. but it's okish? i guess?
1989 - an attempt was made
happy birthday - meh. mixing is really wack and instrumentation is bad but its not like super offensive
9party - not feeling it sry
honnou - this starts like it has potential but then its jsut really underwhelming. then it gets almost good again. but never great. mixing is p bad and song is overall quite empty
wily 3 - really empty and unfulfilling
blast hornet - LOUD and uhh really weird sound design. my left ear hurts.
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I never voted on one of these ever.
...this should be fun.

ffmqbattle - This has good instrumentation and good mixing. The pitch bends sound so nice and satisfying, especially on some of the parts where it slides down right at the end of the note. Nice work!

sonic2sms_-_skyhigh - Now this is groovy. That bass is a 11/10, and it sounds great with the other samples, which were part of the requirement. I'm more for the electric piano sample, but the square wave is a good fit here too.

nutshack remix - That's clever actually. You have sweeping effects going on (er... two channels that seem to be playing the same exact thing, except one is slightly detuned. That's sweeping right?). Whole thing seems well polished. The percussion is kind of weird to me, but eh, this is overall meant to be weird I think.

honnou - Wow, someone actually used the Distortion Guitar.brr? Surprised honestly. I don't hear it though. Anyways, this is neat. I really like how the chords sound here, especially in the intro. One thing though: is it me or does that intro not match up at all with the verse immediately after it? Mixing could be improved with some panning and perhaps lowering the volume of the lead instrument (it's kinda loud).

gimmick_happy_birthday - This sounds cute and I kinda like it. Though, this seems like it's on the simple side of things. I think this could sound a little better with some panning. I'd remove the reverb from the bass and give it no release. Also the drum beat is sorta lacking a bass kick. I know you're using @21, but it is just not good enough for this song.

1989 - This is alright. Loving the sound of the slap bass here especially considering what the theme of this challenge is. However, I'm not really a fan of how SMW samples are clashing with that slap bass sample.

sor2_expander - The beat of this and the chords are nice, and the panning effects are cool. Unfortunately, that's the only good I'm getting out of this. Mixing is off, and the quiet bass isn't doing any favors. The sample quality is all over the place to me. The one sample at the start of the song seems to have clicking which is bad. The lead notation is just... a raging flurry of pins and needles. Is that actually a part of the original song?

9party - Oh, I know this song. It's a cool song, but the lack of custom ADSR on those vanilla samples are making this sound too bland. Even then, I can't stand the @8s for the bass synths, or the uses of the @5s towards the end. Kinda disappointed.

Blast Hornet - Eh, the volume mixing is bad. I get blasted in the ears with a random white noise for less than a second about 20 or so times in this song and it's so out of place and irritating. @17 is one of those risky samples to use. It ruins the entire song if used wrong, and sadly, I'm leaning towards "it was used wrong" here. Sorry, but it sounds really silly when it goes to high pitched notes.

drwily3 - The snare is way too quiet, and I think the timing is off on some of your channels. Major issue: It's missing the bass (including the bass drum). That alone is enough to make this sound empty. It's really headache inducing when all I'm listing to is just the whirling high pitched notes all over the place.
Didn't get the chance to participate due to priorities and stress, but I'll have a go with voting instead!

ffmqbattle || Straight off, the mixing is top notch, and the sample selection is very good. The tonal information is very rich, and the bends are very colorful, which is very pleasant in this harder mix. One point of critique is that right before the loop, #4 and #5 suddenly gain volume and play the 16th notes; I feel like they were gone too abruptly.

nutshack remix || Nice. Liking the small, minimal vibe; the bass works really well like this, love it! Volume balance is a bit off, some things are too soft. Very nice use of detune doubling! Nice instrumentation too, though some of the synths could use some echo I think.

sonic2sms_-_skyhigh || Nice groove! Instrumentation is really cool (except for the snare, pretty jarring), love the usage of that e.piano and square wave (oldschool flava on the square haha, excellent). Could've had a more full stereo balance imo, and I miss low-end from the bass, but overall really solid.

honnou || That intro made me incredibly excited! It has great stereo and awesome instrumentation. The entire General MIDI-like section following it was really flat and disappointing in instrumentation... Really needs more panning/surround too. Good chords/melody though.

gimmick_happy_birthday || Sounds nice and small. Neat stereo. A few of the samples, most notably the e.piano used, are a bit of a bad fit, but they're not off-putting by any means. The trumpet fill ends pretty abruptly.

Blast Hornet || I'm not a big fan of the ADSR on the slap bass, it's hard to get true tonal information out of it like this; it's mostly the pulse of it that I hear. Arrangement is very nice though, nice echo and panning too. Do take another look to the white noise FX, they're really off-putting, not fitting in nicely. The lead in the main part, on #2, has a really grating loop, would've been good to use another sample or fix it (or make it less striking with good FX usage) somehow.

9party || I really like the chords and their sample! I don't really get the bass, would've liked that an octave lower. The kick and snare are 100% side and 0% mid, which is really off-putting; for the best 'surround' effect, you could've done well to mix this surround kick/snare with a normal mono kick/snare, you'll suddenly have proper stereo! This does miss something though; instrumentation, but also better volume balance (the mix is very soft).

drwily3 || There's not much wrong with what's in here; it's mostly what's not here that could've been better. The noise is maybe a little bit unfitting with the rest (mostly the shaker), volume balance is too soft, and this just suffers from a general lack of body. Great base to build from though! For what it's worth, the stereo balance is quite nice (maybe a bit too much on the right?)

1989 || The fill in the intro (and wherever it returns) has too fast notes, I feel like they could've been better off being l24 instead of l32. Even though the bass should be the vocal center of the tune, I feel like the background soft pads are too quiet; the volume balance is a slight bit off in general. I also think there could've been a better sample selection; I don't know what to do with those plappy percussions.

sor2_expander || I can hear what could've been really nice sounds; there's some cool panning, potential of a nice arp, and I like the chords, but this port suffers from bad samples, bad volume balance, and a very off-putting lead notation. There's potential, but a lot of work left to do.
nutshack remix.spc: sick, clever reimagining of a 2016 meme into a weird funk tune, not much more to say

ffmqbattle.spc: this is pretty good! the pitch bends on the synth brass could be better but it's a great arrangement overall

sonic2sms_-_skyhigh.spc: i like it

Blast Hornet.spc: pretty good, straightforward port - the @17s are a little sus but there aren't a whole lot of options when you're going 99% unsampled. nice work

honnou.spc: not much to say about this one. pretty nice sounding

gimmick_happy_birthday.spc: nice and easy on the ears. pretty sure those are broken triplets at 0:25 though

drwily3.spc: i think you straight up forgot the bass channel LOL. its an ok arrangement otherwise but the bass is a pretty important omission

1989.spc: the synth pads are too quiet, and the @6 adsr used here doesn't work as a replacement for the synth brass imo. the intro's pan slide is off too, and whenever the slap bass does the iconic riffs it gets a lot choppier and loses its concrete sense of rhythm

sor2_expander.spc: pretty impressive technically but i just don't enjoy the song itself

9party.spc: kinda mediocre and thin instrumentation. i have no idea what the original is but i get the sense that @5 is louder than it should be, and it could definitely use some more bass.
nutshack remix.spc





Blast Hornet.spc

ffmqbattle.spc: aka rip headphoneusers.spc




Well, I went through all 10 tracks. Overall, the ports were pretty good for being made in or under 3 days. Though it's now time to give my opinion on them. This is my first time voting here, though the commentary on my choices should be mostly clear. Anyways, onto my thoughts:


10. ffmqbattle : A masterful port, and very well-executed. I especially like the guitar and electric piano samples; they compliment each other very well- making an amazing beat and tense tone.

9. sonic2sms_-_skyhigh : A very well-done port with a great beat. Not the most heart-racing track, but certainly a welcome track with its soft tone.

8. nutshack remix : A well-done port. It sounds much like something from Super Paper Mario and makes good uses of the samples. A good track overall.

7. Blast Hornet : Though using mostly vanilla samples, this sounds very good. Just as tense as the original track, and is a treat to the ears. Though there are certainly tracks better than this.

6. 1989 : A amazing port- sounding very close to the original track! Though it's not the most upbeat track and is a bit empty. Still good, but not good as those upwards from here.

5. gimmick_happy_birthday : A good port with a catchy feel. It also has good use of samples. Again- though- it's a bit simplistic.

4. 9party : A good vanilla-ish track. I really like the beat here; it's an easily rememberable track- if not simpler than most tracks here.

3. honnou : Though it has good-sounding samples, it's not the most organized track in existence. It's good for what it is though.

2. drwily3 : A really empty port with an okay use of samples. At best, it sounds like an decent 2012 port.

1. sor2_expander : Honestly, this port really doesn't sound okay. There are some good parts, but the execution is bad overall. And some of the sample usages aren't not good.

The results have been tallied! There were quite a few high scoring entries, and the top three came down to the wire!

For third place...
is Yung Gotenks, with sonic2sms_-_skyhigh!

Taking second place...
Ultima, with ffmqbattle!

And at first place, by a single point, is...
Wakana! With nutshack remix!

It was very close, so give yourselves a nice pat on the back for good work! Wakana, DM an admin and claim your

We'll be holding another 72hoSPC later this year, so keep your eyes (ears?) peeled! Thanks for participating, everyone!

1st: Wakana - nutshack remix: 54 points
2nd: Ultima - ffmqbattle: 53 points
3rd: Yung Gotenks - sonic2sms_-_skyhigh: 51 points
4th: tcdw - Honnou: 34 points
4th: Ruberjig - gimmick_happy_birthday: 34 points
6th: Decoy Blimp - Blast Hornet: 27 points
7th: bebn legg - 1989: 25 points
8th: Fullcannon - drwily3: 18 points
8th: Ugaps - 9party: 18 points
10th: crm0622 - sor2_expander: 16 points
Dang sixth place isn't half bad given my @17 shenanigans (not to mention I got last place the last time I participated in one of these). Congrats to the winners!
Third place? Nice!
I honestly didn't expect my song to get voted that high, so it's a nice surprise. Thanks to everyone who liked my track, and congrats to Wakana!
Also, has no one realized that Wakana's ""nutshack remix"" is actually King Konga from Crypt of the NecroDancer? I don't think anyone's noticed that.
worth a shot. if i knew i could use samples outside of the required ones, i would've done it.
it was fun tho. congrats to the winners!

also yeah i knew the "nutshack remix" is actually King Konga from crypt of the necrodancer cause i just got thru hearing the ost lol
a head banger indeed.
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

sigh I'll take second place I suppose; it's more than enough for me anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

congrats to Wakana and Dippy as well I suppose
Layout by Mathos
4th: tcdw - Honnou: 34 points

I did a try at least lol

I actually didn't even realize I am the ONLY one used the Distortion Guitar sample 😳

Also, congrats to Wakana, Ultima and Dippy!
Formerly known as tcdw (2011-2021)
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Rip, I was hesitating between Electric Piano.brr and @1, but I guess I should've gone with the former after all #tb{D'X}
But slap basses and the number 7 are both blue in my mind so I guess it's fitting hehe.

Congratulations to Wakana, Ultima, and Dippy, and everyone else too! It was a great contest!

Also, it's funny but I always know which entry is Ultima's, he has such a distinct arrangement style.
I'd have participated, if I knew about it in time XD
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