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Hack 5 Released!


Hack 5 out now!

What is the Hack series for those unfamiliar with it? It's a collection of hacks where you play a variety of levels, each with a unique and unpredictable gimmick/challenge, and Hack 5 continues the tradition.

STORY: Foes Mario and Roth have been trapped in a strange, dark land by an irritatingly enthusiastic Boo named Boolian. Boolian claims to have brought the two to his land in order to have them mend fences. Boolian presents Mario and Roth with a variety of levels with unique challenges, and the two enemies must work together to overcome them and be liberated from their captivity. Is Boolian genuinely interested in helping the pair put their past animosity behind them, or is something more sinister going on behind the scenes?

Video of Ruins of Reversal level

Video of intro cutscene

Video of Frigid Fitness level

Thanks to all those who helped with the release, whether it was testing, troubleshooting, graphics, etc. (Please see full credits list in the hack's zip file)