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How do I get Super Kitiku Mario to work?

I am using this version:
7hero, Cheep, FF6 and Overworld Demos:

What are the necessary components to get this work? Does this hack work on your computers?
Did you patch the hacks into a .smc rom? You need Floating IPS which you can find in the Tools section, then a SMW rom and finally, ZSNES emulator because it breaks on SNES9X and other accurate emulators.
Hope this helps!
How do I convert the hack to a .smc rom?
1 > Download Flips
2 > Download clean, unedited, smw english rom
3 > click the bps file that you want to patch in your cheap_demo zip
        4 > click the clean rom
        5 > Save the new, modified rom somewhere
6 > enjoy
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Yeah, it's as Plasmodium said.