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Unnamed hack about collectin' coins (NEW DEMO AVAIABLE PLS TEST)


New demo is available to beta test here

(VERY creative name and title screen, NOT final)

So this has been my boredom project for while now, idea is that player needs to collect 100 coins(well its customizable but so far i've stuck with 100) to beat the level. There are more collectibles like yoshi coins and m00n.

As for levels, I deiced to do something completely different with each of them. In demo, there are three(current plan is ten levels at first).

Like this level, very creatively named "linear", is like your typical level, but you need to explore to find all the coins.

This one, called "corridor" is very creatively maze-like cave, where player can use amazing items like p-switches and spring boards to find items. Because some people have complained about it, its been nerfed so its optional.

Last level is half-land half-water. I used über asm code that allows player to item-swim by just holding X, so its way more fun.

I have more ideas planned, like vertical climbing level, auto-scroller like one I made for obscure hack called 100s challenge, one-screen with bunch of different rooms and bunch more I wont be spoiling.. yet.

As for aesthetics, for now its 90% vanilla, but tbh dont expect miracles.
Well I just found out theres older hack with nearly identical name, so Im gonna change it. Since Im not that creative with names, Im open to suggestions if someone can come up with better one before me. It doesn't have to be coin related, I can change coins to something else.

But since WhiteYoshiEgg's hack is similar, but is more focused on smaller levels with time limit and mines the opposite, I dont feel like Im copying or ripping it off and I think the idea is generic enough(I wasn't aware of his hack when I started making this).
For what it's worth, I'm not claiming any copyright or anything on The Coin Hunt and its concept. No need to apologize as far as I'm concerned. (Though yeah, you may still want to change the name to avoid confusion.)

What you have so far looks promising, if a little empty. I like the separate underwater background, though maybe you could try some tileset mixing and use a cave foreground for that part.

Perhaps "SMW: Seek The Coins" would be a better title, if you're looking for suggestions
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

really reminds me mostly of the Purple Coin Challenges from Super Mario Galaxy
Little webm teaser of next level, which is automatic level, as in Mario automatically walks forward. I tested few other similar ideas(like plan old autoscroller, "cage'd" layer1/layver2 autoscroller etc) but I liked this one most. It also loops which also has some gimmicks attached to it(not gonna spoil it).

Next level (work in progress) is gonna be ice level, where player has to use fire flower to melt frozen coins.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg

What you have so far looks promising, if a little empty. I like the separate underwater background, though maybe you could try some tileset mixing and use a cave foreground for that part.

Aesthetics is currently low in the priority list, but I am planning on something like that when I get around to it.

Next level, an ice level is done. Gimmick in this level is that everything is frozen, and that fireballs are limited. I added item that increases ammo, but the ammo is limited too. Mario however always has fire power even if he gets hit(HP isn't infinite tho').

The fireball counter appears/disappears depending if you have fire flower or not. This also applies for old levels too.

No tease for the next level yet, I have some asm weirdness to fix before Im done this level and start working on the next level.
Lets necro my own thread, shall we?

After almost an year last few days tbh I've been working on this on and off, and its almost finished.

There are some notable changes since last time:

On Level "automatic" I fixed the lackluster/overly-long end selection with shorter one, but with same idea.

On level "Maze" (formerly called "Corridor") I adjusted visuals/tileset little, its probably too subtle to see on the tiny screenshots but it should make it look less samey and make navigating it easier.

The level "Aerial", the one I struggled with most got its fourth re-do is finally finished, now its one-screen long medium-autoscoller, kinda like the original SMW winged yoshi mini-game but more deadly.

I also finished the rest of the "Metroidvania" level, well I think it needs some adjustments/tinkering still but its passable for now.

And finally brand new level, currently unnamed. Its one-screen, and you have to collect as many coins as possible before timer runs out(the goomba on bottom of the screen).

It also replaces the old level "Bizarre" as the original level was rushed, and I didn't like it. I did try to remake it but it just didn't feel right, too similar to the "Maze" level but with gimmick that just didn't work that well.

Also theres gonna be new beta available for testing sometime tomorrow(24h when this is posted), maybe.
New demo is available to beta test here