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Super Mario Travelers - Discontinued, please close


I realized that I watched your GIF over 30 times. Haha.
Your aesthetics and level design are always on point.

I love how much water is in this ruins, yet there aren't any water for Mario to swim in. That's a new and interesting approach.
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Starting to rework some levels, with better level design, graphics and palettes. (this is the second time i'm redoing 1-1... lol.)

I don't very often comment on hack thread as I never really have much to say lol, but I had to stop and just say that the grassland you posted looks damn pretty, the whole hills+HDMA and the lens flare you pulled off all together looks amazing! Love it #fim{<3}
Here's the first level of world 4, a silhouette level.
It was supposed to be the second level but it's a lot easier than the other level

edit: now with parallax
Getting some major DKCR/TF & Rayman Origins vibes off how this level looks.
Consistently great visuals are always nice to see. #smrpg{:D}
The 4th level of world 4.
It's based entirely on balloons.

You have balloons that drop enemies, balloons that come from the bottom of the screen, big and small balloons that float up and down, and spiky balloons, that hurt Mario. There will also be big ballons that you can bounce on. I'm not sure if i'll include the P-Balloon.

For now, It's still a bit empty though.

Can't say I really like the larger more flat balloons they just look really off since that's not how balloons work. As an alternative you could maybe make them into blimps since those are kind of balloons? You could make it look like a goomba or something is piloting them.
Added more to the balloon level and replaced the big flat balloons with platforms that get carried by balloons

Just stumbled across the balloon platforms on discord and man those look really nice.
Looks good. Will the title screen be updated?
I am seeing alot of epic progress with this hack #smw{<3}
I love the hdma and ASM of this hack!

I hope there are more to see out there from this!
I am very pleased!

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Where's my lasaga, Jon?
Man I'm so in love with that balloon level. I have to admit the big flat balloons were oddly shaped and ticked me off to no end
That said, I love everything! I see a lot of effort and polish.
Thanks for all the feedback!

Originally posted by Amine Retro
Looks good. Will the title screen be updated?

Yes, i showed this off on aswell,
and someone called "Metalwario64" was nice enough to change up Mario in it.
So credit goes to them.
WeightWatchers is really working for Mario, eh? (Even given the perspective, he's a lot skinnier than I remember him but I think this is a canonical transformation given official art.) Your RHDN pal did a nice job on that artwork.

I'm impressed by the level concepts. The balloon level is in constant motion; it's practically a living level. While your levels are eye-popping, this one especially stands out. I also really like the foggy mushroom jungle one, the ruin with the SMAS SMB1 hills, and that silhouette level looks like the African savannah. You've got good taste in tilesets. First OW map is very bright and full of variety and I like the depth and darkness in the second map. Everything around a level dot seems to suggest the setting of the level you are entering. The underwater level does look a bit drab. Is it intentionally murky? It's not bad but everything else around it is just so colorful that I'm wondering why even though it's deep water it's very grayish.

I think it's cool you put in transformations to gather hidden stuff and the way you handled it reminds me of how it's done in Yoshi's Island: the reward is geared on the proper use of that transformation and little is doable to bypass that need.

Your gameplay seems frantic with action seemingly at every jump if the poison forest and water temple are anything to go by. I see those water spouts could drive a potential profit for the swear jar. Are you aiming for a "Hard" difficulty? It's brimming with ideas and you have a lot of different gameplay mechanics. It looks like one of the fresher challenging hacks I've seen lately.

Since Mario has a persistent partner and you have an ASM guy, consider releasing an "Omochao Edition" of this hack before you submit the real thing.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Reworking 1-2
With different level design, my own sand graphics, and a new layer 2 background

Looking sweet, especially the palettes. You rarely see a dusk effect be pulled off that well - I see you took the time to treat just about everything, other than the player. Maybe it's worth using the Mario palettes patch to finish the job?
Gave Mario a different palette and added parallax scrolling
Here's a video of 4-1, Shadow Plains, the silhouette level

Here's a level a bit later in the hack
it's in world 5 but it's not actually a lava world

You have spawning drifting platforms that fall when stood on, and a lot of lava and fire enemies.