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Super Mario Travelers - Discontinued, please close


Originally posted by 7 up
Good progress, BTW! Silhouette level and 1-2 look A M A Z I N G!

thank you
Originally posted by 7 up
I can assume world 5 is cave?

nope, it will be some kind of mountain world and there just happens to be a volcano. It's the last level of world 5.
Originally posted by Stivi
Here's a level a bit later in the hack
it's in world 5 but it's not actually a lava world

You have spawning drifting platforms that fall when stood on, and a lot of lava and fire enemies.

Gotta really LOVE the detail and HDMA on that level!
It's... so sick man!

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Where's my lasaga, Jon?
Originally posted by Stivi
Thanks for all the feedback!

Originally posted by Amine Retro
Looks good. Will the title screen be updated?

Yes, i showed this off on aswell,
and someone called "Metalwario64" was nice enough to change up Mario in it.
So credit goes to them.

Yep, that was me. I'm glad you used it. I was actually thinking about that post and how awesome the hack looked (I've begun streaming SMW hacks on YouTube, so I was reminded of your RHDN thread), so here I am, back to the forum after 10 years or so (and maybe I'll try to get started with hacking again?).

That new palette for the sunset level looks amazing as well. Really, loving everything you've shown! Very much looking forward to this hack.
Here's a level for world 3, since world 3 isn't 100% done yet.
Here you have boost platforms, cannons, and thunder. All on a rainy beach.

It might just be my laptop not rendering the gif right but did you change the lightning vs when you first showed it on discord with the small bolt getting darker before the big one like DKC3?

The level itself and what you've shown looks really good and I'm really enjoying the progress you've been posting keep up the great work.
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
did you change the lightning vs when you first showed it on discord with the small bolt getting darker before the big one like DKC3?

Yeah, MarioFanGamer suggested it.
Excellent palette work - it looks like the colors in real life by the sea during a storm. The color fade after the flash was a brilliant move to prevent the appearance from being jarring and I love that the small bolt gives a warning that the damaging strike is coming in just enough time to get out of the way. I adore the pillar (though the direction of the level's shading suggests X-flipping it would make it more consistent) and the mountainous tiles used in this level too. Your platforms that rise after you jump really give incentive to time your movement around the lightning strikes. Nicely done.

While very common of rain in SMW, I can't help but notice the uniformity of the rainfall. It's still quite nice since it doesn't have the awkwardness of ending above ground or around bushes and trees like some other hacks have done in the past. I imagine it would be easier to vary the rain tiles with a straight downpour since you don't have to worry about seamless animation from all directions, just vertically, but it comes at the expense of the appearance of wind, which is both a seaside constant and an indication of the storm's strength that isn't worth the compromise. What is great about your rain too is that though it is presented at highest layer priority, it is passive enough that it doesn't hide anything and is just the right color to look believable, and it does not distract the player. You're a creative guy - if there is something to enhance the rainfall even more, I am sure you've got the solution.

The gradient seems to be low-definition. Your shades are suiting, but color depth and less height of each row I think would look even better. If you are using the layer 2 background instead of HDMA, I recommend creating new 8x8 tiles with dithering if you are at your color limit. While dithering may be very obvious on emulation, it looks very good on a CRT television with composite output IMO; and I do believe consoles of the day had that, RGB, and S-Video in mind, and does a great job of faking more color depth if an HDMA gradient is not an option for this level.

I love your work. It's very rich in atmosphere, action, variety, and unusual mechanics.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I am impressed by the ghost that accompanies Mario and something else

Where do i ver a ASM like this
Originally posted by Sonck's entertainment
I am impressed by the ghost that accompanies Mario and something else
Where do i ver a ASM like this

RussianMan made it for me.

Here's a new level for a bit later in the game
It's all snowy, with a bunch of dangerous snowflakes

Holy crap this looks good.
Nice design integration of the suspended donut blocks and wall-climbing. I like the fog effect over everything near the bottom and the slight bluish hue shift of everything above it so you don't have to obscure the whole screen to simulate it, and the slightly lightened look makes boxes and trees look frosted over. The great dithering on the mountain also helps create this illusion that at whatever altitude you are, visibility is low.

The wind speed carrying the snow could suggest blizzard-like conditions, and I wonder how it would enhance the sense of danger if the animated snowfall had smaller spots but greater density of distribution if it's not too taxing on the system. Light, dusty snow blows around easier and lends itself to the "low-visibility weather" condition and I think it's possible to add more without unfair obscurity. The way it is now seems like a snow squall just below freezing (usually produces the large, wet clumpy snow and the wind needs more energy to blow it around so aggressively.) I can see this sort of thing maybe lending itself at some point to a believable pushing wind+slippery ground gimmick which seem all too natural in icy mountains, frozen lakes, or glacier levels, even if "slippery" is delegated to specific blocks only and not the whole stage.

It's cool how your particle effects enhance the atmosphere and you're not using them all with the exact same velocities in each level, so it stays fresh. With snow precipitation and accumulation alone there's so much you can milk because of the ways it transforms its environment (whether it becomes slippery or you are slowed down by sinking into buildup, whether it is tough to see or blindingly bright post-snowfall) and what it tells of the air around you in its size and speed. Looking forward to seeing more, especially if you've got a full ice/snow map.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
So, originally, the story for Glubita was that she shrunk herself with a machine, so she can survive outside of the planet.
I scrapped that and decided to give her a much bigger role than she originally had. But not in her "blob" form, but in her true form!

RussianMan made a patch for his own hack that lets you switch between characters, like in JUMP half.
So, now you will be able to play as Mario, Luigi, and Glubita!
Currently he's attempting to make it work for this hack.
Who knows, maybe i'll add more characters in the future

I'm currently making her player gfx with MM102's character creation kit. Tob drew her dress.

Here's a bit of gameplay with her so far
Wow, nicey-nice! Someone other than Mario and Luigi :D
Very good! one more unique thing to this hack, hope she plays differently.
Oooh, I'm very interested in this supposed patch! But also, since this is my first post in this thread, I'm also very interested in this hack! It looks pretty cool!
Project: Learning How to Not Suck

Originally posted by Amine Retro
hope she plays differently.

Yep, i will give her and Luigi unique, but simple abilities, nothing that can break a level.
Here they are! You can now switch characters on the overworld by pressing L or R, like in JUMP half!
Huge thanks to RussianMan for modifying and giving me the code he made for his own hack!
Right now the sprite on the overworld doesn't change, but we'll work on that.

You can now play as Mario, Luigi, and Glubita! (watch the whole gif)

I've seen some progress on Discord, but I figured I'd comment here as well.

It's nice seeing an opportunity to choose a character, which isn't seen too often. I only know it from JUMP1/2 and Super Russian World. Giving each of them unique features makes it even better.

Oh, I need to add human form of Glubita is extremely cute.

Astounding work, RussianMan and Stivi!
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
Here's a new level for world 5!
A cloudy mountain area with lots of exploding platforms, fuzzies, and precise platforming.