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VLDC11 - Results!

It's been a long month of judging, but the results for VLDC11 are here! This post will also cover the results of the VLDC11 Music Remixing Contest, so scroll past the level results for those! Thank you for being patient with us as we judged everything. How did you do? Read on and find out!

Before we start the results, let's recognize the hard work the judges put into scoring everything this year. There were a lot of entries, but it was a very pleasant experience and we had a lot of fun with it. FPzero, Ryaa, FrozenQuills, and morsel will each be receiving a VLDC Judge trophy, designed by the lovely Eevee.

And now, what you've all been waiting for.

Rounding out the Top 10, we have:
10th: "HARMONIOUS HEAVEN", by Emerald Shell, with 82.75/100.00 points
9th: "Technical Loopholes", by Super Maks 64, with 84.50/100.00 points
8th: "Militarized Iceberg", by snoruntpyro, with 86.25/100.00 points
7th: "Bouncy Ruins", by Dan Drigues, with 86.50/100.00 points
6th: "Roaming Fiber", by Christian07, with 87.00/100.00 points
5th: "TRAUMEREI", by Tob & Darkdlp02, with 88.50/100.00 points
4th: "Brown Block Factory", by Sixcorby, with 89.50/100.00 points

In third place, we have:
"PURPLE WAVES", by ft029, with 90.25/100.00 points!

In second place, we have:
"Crystarp Hollow", by S.N.N., with 93.25/100.00 points!

And finally, first place. The winner of Vanilla Level Design Contest 11 is...!
"hunted as wolves, folly and brey", by idol & Lazy, with 95.25/100.00 points!

Congratulations to the winners and our Top 10! They will all receive the trophies shown next to their positions. The Top 3 winners will also receive a game code from our big list of game codes. Send me a PM or message me on Discord and I'll let you know what we have available.

In the interest of not pasting a huge table into the results post, I will be directly linking to the spreadsheet we used for judging. This sheet contains the rest of the level placements, as well as individual score breakdowns from each judge, so be sure to read over it to find your level. The level names with colors are the matching judge's Favorite level. The rightmost column full of numbers is just the internal numbering system we used to randomize our playthroughs.

Unfortunately, there were six disqualifications. They're all located at the bottom of the spreadsheet against a black background. Hover over their level names to read why they were disqualified.I've been told that you can't see comments in View Only mode, so click the collapse tag on the end of this sentence to see the disqualified levels and their reasons.

Click Here for the whole Level Scoring Spreadsheet!

Additionally, here are links to each judge's individual level scorings. These will have detailed score breakdowns by category as well as comments, feedback and reasonings for why each level was scored the way it was. I highly recommend reading them!

FPzero's Scores
Ryaa's Scores
FrozenQuills' Scores
morsel's Scores


VLDC11 Music Remixing Contest results:

I want to thank Sinc-X for hosting this contest, as well as Robyn, Moose, and RednGreen for helping him judge the remixes! Sinc would also like it to be mentioned that one of the judges accidentally used the wrong scoring system, but they were still still content with their overall scores after using the correct one, so their initial scores were kept.

Only now am I realizing that we should have some unique trophies for this contest, so we'll be working on some to be handled out to the winners, participants and judges shortly. I'll update this thread and this post when they're ready. Stay tuned!

There were seven entries this year, so let's begin with the entries that placed between 7th and 4th:

7th: "smw city", by bebn legg, with 38.25/60.00 points
6th: "Cave", by Ultima, with 38.50 points
5th: "vldc11_smp", by Ruberjig, with 43.00/60.00 points
4th: "mountain2", by Gloomy, with 47.25/60.00 points

In third place, we have:
"hills", by Giftshaven, with 47.75/60.00 points!

In second place, we have:
"11th", by Blind Devil, with 49.75/60.00 points!

And finally, first place. The winner of the VLDC11 Music Remixing Contest is...!
"vldc11night", by Pinci, with 52.25/60.00 points!

Congratulations to our Top 3! The three of you will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies once we finish designing them. The other participants will receive a participant trophy. The Top 3 also win game codes from our list, so PM me or message me on Discord and I'll help you out.

Like with the level results, I'm going to link the music judging spreadsheet so you can see the individual judge scores.

Click Here for the Music Scoring Spreadsheet!

And lastly, here are all the individual judge scoring docs for the music contest:

Sinc-X's Scores
Robyn's Scores
Moose's Scores
RednGreen's Scores


Thanks once again to all the judges and hosts for both contests, and to everyone who participated in them. I hope you all had a fun time making levels and music. I sure had a fun time returning to host the contest I started long, long ago.

Until next contest!


5/3/19 edit: Top 10 scores have been adjusted to reflect the errors discovered on 5/3/19.
idol is hot

this was a good contest! had fun
now about that collab...
Remix downloads when

Congrats to the winners!
Originally posted by Ruberjig
idol is hot

good job hobz on getting 38th
ask me if i give a f*ck...

It was a no-brainer that Idol's would win. It's amazing. I can't believe it was done with just vanilla SMW graphics. I know it's not guaranteed, but I hope there's a VLDC compilation hack like there was with all the previous VLDCs.
"Glauben Sie nicht alles, was Sie im Internet lesen." - Karl Marx
ok this is epic
gloomy you almost made it.....

congrats to the other participants and to the vldc winners too :D
Not bad for a rushed level

Congrats to the winners.

So, I did a little better compared to VLDCX. That's good at least. Surprised to some extent.
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Seems like I'm seeing results of some older contests. idol wins again, and I get 2nd place in a music contest lol

I'm satisfied! For someone who hasn't been participating on this kind of level design contest lately, 14th is hella great. Congrats to the winners, of course, let's not forget that.
I was informed that you can't see Comments while in View Only mode on google sheets, so I've added the Disqualified levels and their reasons to the main post under a Collapse tag.
Wow, the limit of only one exit per stage really helped a lot at the moment for ranking the levels, isn't it? #smw{._.}
Even so, it's still pretty impressive how you judges managed to rank all the 117 levels in such a small amount of time. Congrats for the winners!
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I guess I have a lot to learn about doing executions properly. I was pretty confident about my idea that I held it for almost 2 years. At least I was slightly more than a third of the 100 total score, because they were just too many levels with scores so close to each other.
Man, if the time limit cap was 600, it would've made my life so much easier. Because I can't make a challenging yet enjoyable level, due to my brain incapable of doing things consistently in terms of reaction, so I assumed they play better than me.
I just missed my goal of hitting the 25th percentile. Oh well. 87th place isn't bad at all--honestly I feared I would place much lower. I'm glad I left a semi-okay impression, if only on a few judges. Maybe next contest I'll give myself more than a week, lol.
Contratulations to all the winners!
btw shout out to bouncy ruins
ask me if i give a f*ck...
24th place. That's really good, I say. Congrats to idol for being a last-second participant and winning!Unfortunately, I'm not very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now. Thanks for understanding.
There were a few opinions from the judges that bothered me or seem questionable, especially my accuracy OCD. I find some of them moot for a Mario Expert such as indicators that's suppose to make challenges logical and give you a sign to react.

The time limit cap, all it did is just make my life difficult in terms of maintaining the level being interesting and casual.
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oof I'm rusty lmao, first level since 2012. I'm gonna listen to what the judges had to say – should've taken one idea and made it the level. Seems like everyone thought it had lots of potential though which makes me excited to hone my craft #smrpg{:D}
I was hoping these results would come thru quickly since I was basically waiting for feedback before I started making my hack.
I cant express how HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW
I'm bummed I wasn't able to finish my level this year, but a big congrats to all of the winners (: