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VLDC11 - Results!

yay I did badly

at least I wasn't disqualified
Originally posted by ECS.98

Originally posted by FrozenQuills
However, while the enemy despawning trick and enemy puzzles are cool, it's really not much different than entering a different room or just having a differently arranged set of obstacles.

I'd just say that this comparation isn't exactly fair. I mean, doing things like this by using two different levels has been done a million times before, even vanilla SMW does that.
The whole catch with my level was finding a way to do it without utilizing two rooms! Having everything happen in the same room, without having to use a screen exit, reset door or anything! That was the whole uniqueness of the way this gimmmick works!
And i don't think it's fair to just throw that uniqueness out and say it's similar to the "easy way" that everyone has done before.

I hope i'm not sounding rude with this, as it's really not my intention, and i did like your review! It's just that, as i said, i don't feel it's a fair comparation.

I did understand that the vanishing allows for simpler designs of rooms.

The best way I can put this is that while I did give a lot of creativity points for the vanishing gimmick, the gameplay experience itself wasn't that creative. It is a good embellishment, but it wasn't a core feature. The looping gimmick however, is great for a creative gameplay experience.

Take PURPLE WAVES for example. The gimmick is about manipulating the water level so that you don't die; this has huge implications in the gameplay where you either have to avoid or step on platforms in order to figure out how to progress.

Similarly, "Dude, Jill" has you figure out how to stay on smashing layer 2 or maneuver through very unusual arrangements of it.

That's primarily why those levels got a 30/30 in creativity for me.

You still did well in creativity though! A 27/30 definitely isn't bad, and I did address the vanishing and looping gimmicks as contributors to the creativity in my review.
When will be published? Congrats to the winners!!
Why the fuck am I disqualified ???
Originally posted by MaiK
Why the fuck am I disqualified ???

You submitted an .ips patch instead of a .bps patch.

Originally posted by MaiK
Why the fuck am I disqualified ???

I don't mean to dogpile, but-

Originally posted by Submission Rules
You must submit your entry as a .bps file. .ips files will not be accepted.
I was contacted by someone who let me know that I had accidentally done some addition wrong with a couple level's individual scores. These are specifically MY own errors along with one error from Ryaa. The Top 10 scores are not affected, but a couple levels further down the ranks have had their placements slightly changed by fixing this error. Let me detail everything:

Quiz Mario Academy, by Lsh0426:
-FPzero's Original Score: 68 => Fixed Score: 62
-Ryaa's Original Score: 51 => Fixed Score: 53
-New Average Score: 54.50 points => 53.50 points
-Change in Placement: 75th => 77th
Other levels affected by this placement change:
-Underworld Chapel, by Minimay: 76th => 75th
-SWEET DREAMS, by ThalesMangaka: 77th => 76th

Greystone Grotto, by Centipede:
-FPzero's Original Score: 91 => Fixed Score: 89
-New Average Score: 81.25 points => 80.75 points
-Change in Placement: 12th => 12th (No change in placement)
Other levels affected by this placement change:

Knuck If You Chuck, by King Boo:
-FPzero's Original Score: 71 => Fixed Score: 70
-New Average Score: 66.00 points => 65.75 points
-Change in Placement: Tied for 46th => Tied for 47th
Other levels affected by this placement change:
-SUPER MARIO BROS?, by Daizo Dee Von: 48th => Tied for 47th

Tangerine Wetlands, by MonkeyShrapnel:
-FPzero's Original Score: 40 => Fixed Score: 42
-New Average Score: Still Disqualified
-Change in Placement: Still Disqualified
Other levels affected by this placement change:

I greatly apologize for making these errors. I suppose I trusted my mental math abilities were fine and hadn't double-checked my scores before we published the results. In the future, if I judge something again, I will make sure I double or triple-check all my scores by calculator before we release the results. Thankfully the errors here did not result in significant changes to the final results.

I hope you understand. I've updated the Results spreadsheet accordingly.
I don't often comment on here, but having seen the results for this contest, I cannot ignore what seems to be some very dubious scoring on the part of Ryaa. Take the beautifully-designed 'Metallic Metropolis,' which receives a meagre 14/30 for creativity and just 6/10 for aesthetics; overly harsh and at odds with the scores of other judges. Moreover, the criteria applied by this judge, in particular, seems...inconsistent. This is just one glaring example, but you judge for yourself whether this level (and others) received the scores they deserved.
idk, thats the thing about numerical scoring, it's all arbitrary anyways. I'm sure that Ryaa and the other judges had similar feelings about the levels they played, but their ideas of what constituted an "average" score were just different.
ask me if i give a f*ck...
i wish there was hack
former toddler
Originally posted by vide0gameah
i wish there was hack

dude same
Layout by Mathos
If you guys want a hack just port all levels into the same rom :)
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A number of people have been asking about the 3-up moons in my level. They were thrown in as a joke because lives were disabled.

Also even though the contest is over I threw together a version of my level with the midway issue fixed for the unlikely event that somebody out there wants to play an unbroken version of my level.
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Originally posted by Emerald Shell
And the last, but not the least, shoutouts to anyone else who placed in top 10, in particular Christian07 and Dan Drigues who surprised us with amazing talent for designing levels as well as anyone in top 3, in particular those both users with white usernames!

Originally posted by ECS.98
And shoutout to everyone in the Top10! Especially Dan Drigues, for being new and making such a great platforming level; and Emerald Shell, you asked me if your level was Top10 quality, so there's your answer! xD

Originally posted by ft029
Wow, that far exceeded my expectations! Congratulations also to Lazy and idol for that wonderful level, as well as some of my favorites Dan Drigues, Pyro, Sixcorby, and ECS.98.

This is so sweet, I guess that playing around with SMBX, SM63 Level editor and watching level design tutorials really did help me at something!

Seriously tho, i want to thank Lazy's VLDCX level and give a congrats to everyone else that has participied this year, tbh my level for this contest would have been completely different if it wasnt for the inspiration that i got from Swiss Nazca; I just wish that i could have made the level a bit smaller because of the 500secs time limit and that i could have focused more on aesthetics, my original plan was to make the background scroll in the first half of the level(i dont even know if/how i could have done that #smw{-_-2})
Originally posted by Samuel Zuccati
If you guys want a hack just port all levels into the same rom :)

my comment was mostly just a jab at the comment I quoted tho (the way they worded that was really funny to me), but tbh, while I would want something like this anyway, it would be pretty unlikely to be finished anytime soon, especially with VLDCX still needing to be finished, so uh, yeah lol
Layout by Mathos
I am sorry to report that we discovered more scoring errors. This time we discovered that Ryaa had made a number of addition errors with some levels. Unfortunately, these errors do affect certain Top 10 placements (but not the Top 3). Please read on to see what we discovered.

Errors within the Top 10

Militarized Iceberg, by snoruntpyro:
-Ryaa's Original Score: 82 => Fixed Score: 72
-New Average Score: 88.75 points => 86.25 points
-Change in Placement: 5th => 8th
Other levels affected by this placement change:
-TRAUMEREI, by Tob & Darkdlp02: 6th => 5th
-Roaming Fiber, by Christian07: 7th => 6th
-Bouncy Ruins, by Dan Drigues: 8th => 7th

Technical Loopholes, by Super Maks 64:
-Ryaa's Original Score: 76 => Fixed Score: 74
-New Average Score: 85.00 points => 84.50 points
-Change in Placement: None
Other levels affected by this placement change:

Brown Block Factory, by Sixcorby:
-Ryaa's Original Score: 97 => Fixed Score: 96
-New Average Score: 89.75 points => 89.50 points
-Change in Placement: None
Other levels affected by this placement change:

Errors outside the Top 10

Plumbing Job, by MercuryPenny:
-Ryaa's Original Score: 81 => Fixed Score: 82
-New Average Score: 72.75 points => 73.00 points
-Change in Placement: 28th => Tied for 27th
Other levels affected by this placement change:

Cold and Colder, by Minuy600:
-Ryaa's Original Score: 47 => Fixed Score: 58
-New Average Score: 49.50 points => 52.25 points
-Change in Placement: 86th => 79th
Other levels affected by this placement change:
-Mountan Castle, by jesus: Tied for 79th => 3-way Tie for 80th
-Flying Fish Fort, by Fostelif: Tied for 79th => 3-way Tie for 80th
-NIGHT GRASSLAND, by monkey03297: Tied for 81st => 3-way Tie for 80th (See next entry)
-LOOPY LABYRINTH, by Caracc: Tied for 81st => 83rd
-BONEY BASIN, by Sparky: 83rd => 84th
-Cloudcracker Ruins, by kamekku14: Tied for 84th => Tied for 85th
-SUGARLESS CAVE, by tcdw: Tied for 84th => Tied for 85th

NIGHT GRASSLAND, by monkey03297:
-Ryaa's Original Score: 42 => Fixed Score: 43
-New Average Score: 51.00 points => 51.25 points
-Change in Placement: Tied for 81st => 3-way Tie for 80th
Other levels affected by this placement change:
-Mountan Castle, by jesus: Tied for 79th => 3-way Tie for 80th
-Flying Fish Fort, by Fostelif: Tied for 79th => 3-way Tie for 80th
-LOOPY LABYRINTH, by Caracc: Tied for 81st => 83rd

go directly to jail, by Dr. Tapeworm:
-Ryaa's Original Score: 88 => Fixed Score: 78
-New Average Score: 79.25 points => 76.75 points
-Change in Placement: Tied for 16th => 19th
Other levels affected by this placement change:
-PLAINS WATER, by Mr. Pixelator: Tied for 16th => 16th
-YESCROLL, by yogui: 18th => 17th
-VANILLA EMULATION, by Samuel Zuccati: 19th => 18th

Flames of Muspell, by Falconpunch:
-Ryaa's Original Score: 72 => Fixed Score: 70
-New Average Score: 74.00 points => 73.50 points
-Change in Placement: None
Other levels affected by this placement change:

bridge i guess, by Teyla:
-Ryaa's Original Score: 60 => Fixed Score: 58
-New Average Score: 69.75 points => 69.25 points
-Change in Placement: 34th => Tied for 35th
Other levels affected by this placement change:
-Buster Quarry, by GammaSlap: 35th => 34th
-BLUE DABADI DABADU, by turbofa: 36th => Tied for 35th

Once again I extend my deepest apologies for this and I especially apologize to those in the Top 10 who will have to have their trophy hover-text adjusted to accurately reflect the changes in placement that have occurred. As a result of these errors and the ones reported earlier, I wholly commit to mandatory double-checks by calculator or other reliable method for all judges in all contests we host on SMWCentral. Addition errors are something that should be easy to catch if everyone involved takes the time to check their scores. We will get better so that this does not happen again.

I'd also like to assure everyone that at this point we have double checked every judge's scores and there are no more errors to report. This should be the final time we have to report any scoring errors for VLDC11. The results spreadsheet has been adjusted to reflect these changes.
So to keep this completely clear, a good amount of mistakes on my end were also caught thanks to a user that has really helped us out here. There were levels that I made quick edits to after replaying a few more times when I finished my judging completely that I mistakenly updated incorrectly in our spreadsheet. For this I apologize and I am fully accountable for these mistakes. A very notable discrepancy is 5th place, “Militarized Iceberg”, being moved down to 8th place. I know it is very disheartening to learn that you are not in the top 5 because of this silly mistake. I am very ready to take responsibility for these mistakes and once again, I sincerely apologize and will do my absolute best to make sure this will never happen again.
I feel like I just got hit by five trucks lined up in a row.
this is really unfortunate. sorry, pyro, i hope future contests can take the thorough time to ensure that this stuff won't happen again ☹️
Originally posted by snoruntpyro
I feel like I just got hit by five trucks lined up in a row.

Don't worry ma'am. Being moved away from top 5 isn't as bad as being pushed away from top 10. Anyone in top 3, Lazy and idol in particular, would be even more disappointed if they were pushed back.
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