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2019 SMWCentral Userbase Survey: Staff Response
Forum Index - Important - Announcements - 2019 SMWCentral Userbase Survey: Staff Response
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My apologies in advance, this is a huge info dump.

This is separated into two posts. This post contains all of the responses to the survey, while the next post lists recent changes that have happened or are planned to happen in the near future.

Some quick notes:
- Answers are anonymous. The first question of each survey, "What is your SMWCentral ID/Username?" was not posted in the staff discussion thread and won't be posted here.
- One general survey response was an exact copy of an earlier response, except one answer had a little bit of information added to the end of one question. The earlier survey response was deleted. No other responses have been deleted.
- One user sent two responses because they had additional comments to add to a question; two of the number questions are required and they asked that their answers there be ignored (both were 6). Another user, through Staff Feedback, asked to change their answer for "how satisfied are you with the current staff team" from 7 to 8. This thread reflects both of these requests.
- When responding to some questions, some people refer back to their responses to previous questions. Since answers are anonymous, it's impossible to do so by just looking at the answers. A mod note has been added to all of these responses that either link back to or the relevant quote from the previous response. If you find any that need a link back, yell at me.
- This is a HUGE thread. There's simply no way around it. In between sections, there are links to each section for easier navigation.

General Survey - Site, Staff, and Administration

Do you feel welcome at SMWCentral? Are you happy to be part of the community? Why or why not?
(61 responses)

yes, everyone is very kind
I can't say. I'm fairly new and haven't really done much to be apart of it. But from a distance it seems pretty welcoming.
reasonable, pretty sure i became irrelevant after leaving for a long period of time but i'm sure i'll get back
no fun allowed = not welcome
I'm new within the last few weeks and have posted a few times on the forums but haven't found much interaction yet. But these things take time
I definitely feel welcome. I'm glad to be part of the community, albeit I've been less and less active recently. It's always been a creative home to me really.
Yes, I do. This website had it's ups and downs before, but I still really like it here.
I feel overall welcomed, most people seem nice-spirited and pleasant to be around and talk to.
Yes, and yes, because the site's resources are keeping me optimistic for my new hack of SMW to be eventually made.
this one is a bit complicated, in terms of being welcomed i do feel that i am as i can always ask for help or assistance, however this helpfulness doesnt really come from SMWC itself but from the discord where i can ask questions, and get replies fairly quickly, as opposed to the SMWC forums where it takes a long time to get replies or the more often choice is if i request something im usually turned away toward some obscure source or thing.

i do feel glad to be a member of the community however as everyone is generally nice and helpful.
i have a worldview that clashes pretty severely with much of the staff (and a good chunk of the main userbase) so it feels like i'm always walking on ice. much of the community is samey, largely everyone is either naive preteens, cynical young adults, and uninteresting popular people. the site itself is pretty dead and it's been over a year since i was last on the discord but from what i remember of it, it was pretty terrible and i've heard it's actually gotten worse lol. overall my answer to both would be no.
yeah its chill. weird at times, but usually welcome
I feel welcome myself, but can't say much about this because I'm an old user. I'm happy to be part of it as it's the most well-known place for SMW hacking needs. I made various friends in here.
Yes and sort of yes.
I exist mostly on the periphery, but I get along with everyone just fine.
I feel welcome! I haven't interacted too much outside of submitting hacks and responding to others but everything has been welcoming.
Not really. I'm not even part of the community anymore because, at the time, toxic people would often get a free pass on their antics if they were popular users. Now, I've seen that this is no longer the case (great! I actually applaud this change), but I still don't feel compelled to come back because people like Impetus are staff members. She's one known (only outside the staff apparently?) for taking decisions completely based on her feelings instead of rationality, not to mention she's also the one who ganged up on LloydJara with her friends so that he would change rules for his Pokemon tournaments just because she lost round one. Sure, this happened years ago, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. I saw all that because I always lurked the battles when they were shared in the IRC channel, in case you're curious. I've also heard reports from peers that she still acts impulsively instead of stopping to think with a cold head and discuss it with the rest of the staff. I just don't feel comfortable knowing that people like her have power in a site I used to love to death.

Aside from that, I've also heard that important staff members (EVEN A DAMN ADMIN) makes suicide jokes all the time. So nobody can say retard, but joking about suicide is fine? Talk about double standards.
not really, community is very circlejerky and feels hard to get into, always felt this way for as long as I can remember (10 years)
I do feel welcomed to some extent. I don't feel like I am part of the community (smwcentral) even if I contribute to it, I do feel like I'm part of the smwhacking community though, since people look for me for stuff related to that, and vice-versa. I'm not saying one isn't related to the other, but rather that I'm more business than fun in this community, kinda like that.
I distanced myself from the community largely because of the political bias I saw back in 2017, however outside of that it's still a nice place + people still passionate about SMW hacking, as I am.
For the most part.
I'd say most parts of the community feel relatively welcoming, however I feel like there's a general tendency to meet newer users with caution, lack of understanding and a sense of elitism because of their lack of experience with things that seem "mundane" to more experienced users. What doesn't help is that some of these experienced users are also staff members which makes this feel more like an official statement, rather than something uttered by a grumpy individual when it happens. I think a lot of potential new users still get scared off early on. Hacking is fucking hard and if we don't help people and aren't patient with them we shouldn't be surprised when they leave. The worst part is that some would probably prefer it if they did.

As far as being a part of the community goes I would say that within the past few years my enthusiasm has largely decreased for several reasons. I feel like the forums used to be a lot more open to just having fun in the past whereas today most things have to be serious and family-friendly. There have also been some things that I've learned about some users and dynamics on the site that have alienated me a bit from the whole community and put it in a bad light as a whole in my opinion (leod was a great example of this, but by far not the only one). All in all, I find being a part of the community to be largely incidental for me, I don't really identify with a lot of the values and views of the community but I am still a part of it purely by virtue of me having my work hosted and on display on the site and sometimes talking in the discord.
Yes I do fill welcome to SMW Central
Yeah, but I'm not that active, so I can't really say that much about this.
I felt for the past few years it has been hard to engage with other members. I used to be much more active and it bums me out I never had the chance to really bring something back to the community for enjoying it in its earlier years.

I lurked a lot because of some problems that honestly made me feel a bit uncomfortable with the state of affairs. I do believe this can be better and that the current staff team can be able to make it better and more engaging with the userbase. There's a lot of hope for this.
Not exactly due to a lack of support and focus on SMW Hacking.
Yes, I think we are a great userbase welcoming newer users, and for the other part it's great to be part of such a helpful community and contribute. Everytime I read the #help channels or I check the SMW Help subforum I see users helping each others, not to mention that there are a ton of resources made publicity avaliable for everyone. This kind of mentality is what makes me like this community this much.
Yes! This is one of the most fun, nicest communities I've been a part of.
I think I feel so-so. Could be that being a larger site makes it feel more impersonal.
I'm so happy to be part of this community! :D SMW is an awesome game, Rom-Hacks of it are even better and there are lots of cool people in this community! :D
Until some months ago, I wasn't so thrilled about continuing in SMWC; however, all the remoderation work and getting some of my motivation back were important factors that made me stay. Today I say I fell rather welcomed, after 11 years of activity; some users are nice, the staff opened to me (well, I'm one, so it's a good thing to the job description), the remoderations got me pumped, and other things.
Sadly, I don't feel welcome anymore since around the end of the 2017 because of the attitudes of certain staff members and administrators, which reflects into the community. I'm been a SMW hacker since 2009. I don't personally feel respected by a lot of people in the management team and I have no idea why -- they all seem personal for me. Some announcements, posts published and behind-scenes comments I receive makes me feel completely awkward to stay on a place that I used to like but people keep saying that I'm trying to sabotage and/or cooperating with people to take out the power while all of my intentions are just to contribute and promote a more healthy and happy ambience for all people by leading and encouraging new and old SMW hackers though the site. A good chunk of the management team does not have that touch anymore and likes to point their fingers to who still tries doing something different and innovative to the site. Yet they do nothing to change it, nor humbly asks the other people for help even if they offer so.

For that reason, I have decided that it's better to move on for my own health and for all people that actually cares for the SMW and SNES hacking.
It used to be a big no, but nowadays this community has become like a family with a solid enough ruleset to keep the true baddies away while not restricting the fun too much.
Yes, but I'm indifferent to that.
nope, but i'll keep being part of the community just to piss you off
Yes. I've been here for nearly a decade. I've seen the atmosphere today, and the atmosphere 9 years ago. These are two atmospheres that are complete polar opposites of each other. And considering how friendly the community is now, and the fact I've been around more than ever before, I think it's pretty clear which atmosphere I feel welcome in.
yes, i feel happy to be in the community because i can make more friends!
In the beginning, yes. In the end, not so much. Things have ended up getting more and more politically correct as time went on. While I think taking this step is necessary especially for todays standards, some of the rules put into place seem overly strict and really ended up killing what made SMWC so special in the first place, and many other users would agree with me here. I haven't logged in for nearly five months now and don't intend on logging back in any time soon.
I haven't really explored much of the forum yet but from what I've seen, people there always seem willing to help someone out with a problem including myself which is something I really like about the site.
I feel fine being here! I used to consider myself more part of the community than I do now, but I still like to be around. (SMWC has got kind of a weird reputation, e.g. "ooh there's cutoff this won't be accepted at smw central", but I can live with that.)
I suppose. There aren't many people still around that I know on a personal level, though.
yes, the romhacks are very fun and I enjoy reading the comments on certain hacks.
Sort of. Community seems elpful and kind in some areas but rude and toxic towards others.
The community has become such an unbearable radioactive garbage heap in the last few years that it has succeeded in breaking my autistic obsession with hacking for a while. Now I mostly use the Lunariville discord. It might be semi-dead, but it still has more hacking-related discussion than SMWC. You're also allowed to have an anime avatar over there, which is nice.
I've always loved this website. Ever since I first discovered a changed Super Mario World game in early 2009 (I was turning 11 at the time). I was active as a preteen and early teen but eventually found that forums wren't my place and vanished until recently. But I've always kept an eye on things. Nothing makes me dislike being a part of this community, aside from the occasional stray post on another website.
Well I'm staff I feel welcome. But if I weren't... I wouldn't. And I'm unhappy either way.
The stupid ruleset not helped by the stupid shitpost policy from back in 2015 created a schism within the site that's never recovering. People jumped ship to SNESLab and they're never coming back - cause of this isn't "sdfgsjdgjhusfhuhuhruhu boo hoo the sjw mods" it's because the rules are designed for a site of a population size of a Reddit (see: way bigger and where they would clearly be diversity) and applied in a community where it won't exceed like 500 active users (where most people that isn't staff knows each other and are at the least acquainted). The guys that left don't want to call newcomers niggers as an insult like how I bet happens in Sonic Retro or O64, we want to use a word that might be "reclaimed" as a friendly to refer to another user (even on Twitter, bastion of leftism, they don't attack you if you do this they just laugh at you). No one wants to create a more unfriendly environment and we fail to see how this remotely would cause that. At the end of the day, if someone can't take a joke they fucking won't - or will we start catering at Someguy712x because he gets PTSD after seeing the word fuck? Maybe the removal of that funny vid in woi was the beginning of that. And if you don't change this then warn idol for saying "fuck white people" but its a funny!! my balls: if I say fuck black people then that was taking it too far. Don't act like racism for whites doesn't exist (not white wanted to note this though)
We don't want so strict rules for NSFW either - yes Wakana might exceed it but sometimes the rules sound like they're designed for a child's forums. I bet you most if not all kids in this website at least know of porn. Again, don't outright allow explicit content, but be more relaxed with it. We don't want of course stupid stuff such as weird ERPing or outright sexual content of @romhacker-tier.
You also take it so fucking far with how can it be talked about members of the LGBTQ+ community. Yes using gay as a pejorative is bad. Describing something as a "gay disco" because it's pink colored is bad taste in the author's part, a stupid generalization; but it wasn't a jab at anyone in the community. It wasn't discriminatory. It's not something worthy of a warning. It's not something worthy of derailing #showoff with minutia.
Overall no I'm not happy and it's sadder that even from my position I gotta suck it and conform to the norm. We do feel like no-fun-allowed people - just how you exceeded punishment with LadiesMan which yes he took it too far but he acknowledged his mistake. I want off-topic convos in staff once in a while without having a randomdude999 coming and reminding me "this is the staff channel! don't you dare be forming a friendship or having fun!". And most importantly, I want to be able to make a change and have a more cohesive community. Something which I'm unable of as of now and probably forever.
Yes :)
I feel smwc is pretty welcoming. Its nice having a community active in both the community aspect and rom hacking aspect.
yes! there are many helpful resources and everyone helps out
Yeah I'm happy
yeah, but please react to the unnecessary drama quicker and dont be so quitet when you deal with it.
Mmmmm I'm not sure, since I don't interact much with forum users (and discord for that matter). I did have a few issues in the past, but nowdays, it seems better.
Yes. I feel like the community has improved since I first joined, honestly.
though smwc will be always a site where I know I can stay, I'm not happy at all with the direction the site is coming, at least culturally and socially (in what refers to the smwh itself it's okay though) and I don't think admins and/or the PR team are doing it well in this aspect. I've expressed my thoughts several times about the PC Culture and the Censorship topics, and how admins/PR are developing it in the site.
Yes! This community is pretty chill, and I'd love to make more friends on the site.
generally do, but people have disliked me for some reasons, some of it im readily admitting im at fault.

What do you think about the general design of the site? Is it easy or difficult to navigate? What would you change?
(61 responses)

the layout is pretty good, but many of the themes are cluttered, i'd recommend adding a simple dark and simple white theme
I think having a login link should be closer to the top.
easy i guess
It's fine.
no significant issues
Modernize it to work with phones please and update the design to something that doesn't look like it's from 1998.
Site feels fine to me. I like its uniqueness compared to other forums.
No problems here.
The site navigation is user friendly for all intents and purposes I have. No needed changes come to mind.
I like the general design. It's fairly easy to navigate, and as of now, I don't think I'd want to change anything to be honest.
in general the site is pretty easy to navigate, and the design is really good but minimalist, which works well for the type of site it is.

the main issues with navigation are things like the request forums (such as the ASM, MUSIC, Graphics requests forums) are some times hard to find with how many different kinds of forums and sub forums there are that sound similar to those, also the tutorials and information on how to do things are all very painful to work with as msot of the information is super out dated and its hard to find specific topics in every language, and often those that are found are either really out of date or super technical whihc makes it hard to understand at times.

if i could change some things on the site, i think i would move those forums mentioned above to a special area on the main page which is more often updated and tracked so new content can be created more easily, and people can have an idea what to look forward to and so people dont have to request the same thing constantly, and perhaps a section similar to that for those who create their own stuff to post on so it shows upcomming things.
i think it's fine but that might just be familiarity with it after using it for 5 years. there are some nitpicks to be had with the way the sections are coded (tags are weird and the formatting could probably be cleaner) but i think overall it works fine as-is.
only annoying thing is clicking the lil arrows to jump to the latest post but its been there forever and otherwise its ok
The design is alright, and I really like it. Wouldn't change anything in that regards.
It's ok in my opinion, I just think it's hard for those who dont know English, as the Forums my be too difficult to locate.
I don't have any issues with it.
I think the design of the site is pretty solid for the most part.
Is the banner clickable yet? That was my only issue with the design back then since the aesthetics are handled by site schemes.
it's fine
I don't like the search and tag systems, the new RAM/ROM search is super good though. I feel like clicking in the hide / show sections in the menus is kind of too easy and it's a bit laggy to toggle/untoggle. I also have no idea how you guys decide what goes into the front page as far as news go. I am bad with forums though, so it might be just me.
leave the site's design and layout as is, it's great
A lot of it looks like a dated fansite from the late 00s.
I feel like it's okay to navigate, but that might just be because I'm used to it by now. My only complaint right now is that the menu box should scroll with the page since it's quite annoying to scroll all the way back up just to access it if you have a large amount of posts per page set like me.
It is not bad
It's ok. A notification system would be nice (responses in threads I posted in, comments on my submissions etc.)
Navigation has been the same for the longest time. I never really have any complaints about it, especially since it has been the way its been for over a decade (darn I am old). I think only minor things could be changed, but I am happy to be reached further for comment.
It's fine the way it is I feel.
It's practical, so I think it's good enough. I suppose there could be details that could be improved, but right now I can't think of one, so that's good.
It's quite easy.
Haven't had any problems navigating the site, tho a search bar would be nice.
I don't think it's very difficult to navigate. ;)
For now, the design is acceptable. Nothing is difficult to access if you know what you're searching for; the only one thing is the memory maps, though. I think some duplicate filters are necessary there.
It's awful. The site design was made in 2005. Chrome didn't even exist at that time.

However, SMWC2 is been done since what, 2014? And nobody ever decided to implement in the site, even partially. The site backend is not that bad, the problem is the front-end. It looks like mess. Absolutely no mobile support. Confusing navigation, no search support, themes that looks like more amateur without a minimum designing concepts. A new site layout implementation, even if partial will give a new motivation boost to the people, will give a freshy ambience, will give a feeling that the site is renewing and certainly will make most of the members have a completely much better experience on the site.

I can imagine how many people would end up interested on the site if it had proper mobile support and a slight better visual look up and navigation.

Please implement the SMWC2 theme for yesterday. At least please respect WhiteYoshiEgg that did the whole effort and yet **FIVE** years passed and absolutely NOTHING was made. That's extremely shameful for all work he did and you didn't even tried spending a week on getting the theme halfly working for at least giving a message to the community that the sites is visually renewing and there are people worried with a better navigation experience for everyone.
Don't change a thing, I haven't had issues navigating it since the very start. Maybe C3 voting sessions could get a seperate button, though.
Pretty bad and hard to surf. I would start disabling custom layout to users who aren't logged on (I mostly access SMWCentral at work and don't bother to login), most of them are garbage and difficult to read, and they detract the attention from what really matters: Content.
dont care tbqh
It's as simple as a site should be in terms of navigation. While I believe there is always room for improvement, there isn't really much I would suggest in terms of changes.
the design of the site is good enough and i don't see anything that has to be changed.
I've never had an issue with the design. I kinda like the oldschool-ish design as it also reminds me of the old AcmlmBoard software. Could just be because of nostalgic reasons, but I find it much better than often used modern forum software. I will note that I don't like the main theme of the site, specifically the pixel grid in the background. (Yuck)
It could be a tad more organised I suppose if you put in the effort you could make your way around the site easily enough.I think it would be handy to have a search bar for finding specific forums. I like the design though, it has a sort of "retro" feel to it.
It seems fine to me. I'd like to have the SMAS memory maps back in the sidebar and maybe give Kaizo hacks their own section.
I would move the login/register buttons to the top-right corner.
It's easy.
The current aesthetic feeling of the site is pretty good, but I think it start to became old-school and not mobile-friendly.
I understand this website is designed for desktop-use, but sometimes I would like talk to the community on the go. I think build a mobile version just for the forum is enough.
The website is pretty easy and straight to navigate.
Very good. However, I've been there for such a long time that I may have become blind to its design flaws. I dunno. Works well, well organized, not bloated.
I give the layout an A+ good sir. Change nothing and I will be a happy camper.
It's ugly but it's getting better features. Drop SMWC2 already, Telinc. Make randomdude a coder already, Kieran.
The site functions and does the job it needs too. OK yeah, it would have been nice to see that new site design by WYE come to life from a few years ago but we've got what we have and it works. It's good to see we finally have a committed website coder to keep new features coming in and listening to the user ideas. In an ideal world, I'm sure it would be better to put the focus into a site revamp instead of the current one, but over 10 years of trying that and not suceeding sort of proves it's not going to work. Besides, I understand the logistics of rebuilding a website and not losing any data, especially one the size of SMWC. So, best stick with what we have, it works!
The design is fine, but being here for a little more than 10 years, I smell a revamp coming soon.
it's pretty simple to understand. i wouldn't change it.
It's set up quite well
no problems, only annoyance is that the page flashes white in-between when browser loads new page, Im not sure if it firefox's problem or not.
Easy. Not because I'm used to it, but in general.
It's pretty fine. Maybe new users should be redirected to the F.A.Q. and the rules given that not many of them care to read them.
It needs to be better organized imo. There is a LOT of front facing forums, things buried in subforums, etc. It's hard to dig through and find information, say, tutorials that are at all modern and relevant. This needs to be corrected.

I'm fine with the general look of the site, even if it's web 1.0 as fuck, because I can trust there isn't shady JS running in the background making the site slow and unusable.
It's weird that default layout has the navigation on the right, but at least I can set my own preference.
welp, I'm used to the site (after all I'm there since 2009...) so it's not really hard to know where the things are
I like the site design as it is, it's very easy to navigate. I wouldn't change anything.
allow skins to be changed as a guest. people have hated smwc's default thing before registerring

What do you think about the direction that staff is taking the site?
(61 responses)

it's improving the content
It seems fine
personally i think they're being a tad (just a tiny bit) overprotective of some stuff, like apparently there was an incident where self deprecation and saying "i'm re***ded" led to a punishment, which might be a bit over the top if you ask me
Unknown, last activity was over 2 months ago.
what direction? increasingly frantically throw out half-baked proposals to stem the tide of users leaving, then abandoning it and trying something even more farfetched and less successful next week?
No idea--still new here
I think its good.
Well, it's definitely going on a much better direction nowadays that's for sure.
I'm glad they're keeping it in great shape.
the staff on the site are actually doing a great job on both the site and the discord.
feels like it's being babied? lots of suppression of anything that could be considered "controversial" and it's generally slowly turning into yet another "safe space" no-one really enjoys. cracking down on cropped hentai avatars and skimpily clothed schoolgirls in layouts, ok, but you can be slapped with a warning for saying anything that contradicts common knowledge on transgenderism, or even just the word "nigga".

being more willing to accept freedom of speech more would be a step in the right direction imo
as long as they dont take it south i dont care
I think it's taking the right direction management and development-wise, though I feel a bit uncertain regarding custom sprite tools. There's PIXI, which kinda works, but gets constant updates, but there's also GIEPY which seems to be the next default sprite insertion program, even though it's still beta. For that reason, I'd rather not enforce a single X or Y program as a standard tool, but consider both, because some people like me still prefer using PIXI over GIEPY because most sprites were remoderated and, if working correctly, it's a pretty useful tool like the old SpriteTool was (and still is for some others as well).
I feel that theres a split in the staff because it appears to be an "agenda" type of division thing going on.(but I wont jump ro conclusions). But for the majority, the staff members seem to be moderately dedicated.
I like how involved and invested the staff is in engaging the community in various ways.
This is a topic I'm honestly not familiar with and so haven't noticed an impact on my usage of the site. (I've only been around for about a year.) I have not participated in any of the community hacking competitions or projects quite yet, but I'm glad that staff hold these events and would like to try participating one day when I have the time and resources!
I think that in general it's going great; Telinc is doing an incredible job and incorporating long requested QoL features to the site. The staff is actually making an effort to ban trouble makers without taking into account their popularity, which was a huge problem back then. I heard the site's design will change too, so that's a welcome change.

There is one thing I don't agree with though, and it's the stupid censorship policies. Despite me not being in contact with the site, I still get to know a bunch of stuff that happens over there because of my peers mentioning it to me, and I find many things that happen to be stupid. Like seriously? Programming a function to a bot so that it automatically deletes any message that contains the word "retard"? That's way too extreme a reaction for such a minor thing.

Not being able to use certain words even when explaining or asking for explanation on them is also stupid. I never find myself in a situation to use the bad words you guys hate so much (I actually don't like them), but censoring them this much doesn't actually do much for your site, in fact, that might even CHALLENGE people to try and get around it (with stuff like "nibba," for example) and in the end everything just ends up being more obnoxious for everybody. I'm not saying that people want and should be allowed to use slurs and other hateful/demeaning words, but instead of being trigger-happy with the censorship, try to take context into account. Is the word being used as an insult? Ban or warn the user depending on the severity of the action. Is someone asking why "fag" is such a bad word but "bitch" sometimes isn't? Explain it to them clearly instead of saying something like "you should know why."
too out of touch
I'm unaware of the direction you are trying to take the site to. In a broad sense, I think you lack objective as a whole. Well defined goals and actual backlogs towards it. I do think the event calendar is engaging enough, but I'm not sure that should be the main goal, I mean community-wise it's good in short-run, but lack of focus in other areas related to smwhacking resources and big projects is kind of hurtful. I'm don't really keep track of the forums, but I think you keep too much secrecy on projects and 'directions'. To the point a person like myself (that's pretty detached to the community) has no idea what's going on and feels like this site has basically stagnated.
It's growing a little too big for the VLDC contests to handle, and also sad to see VLDC collabs in the future will be less feasible; that was always fun to let's play whenever it released. Personally they were one of my favorite forms of representing the creativity of the community, and more or less what SMW hacking is.
I don't know.
I like that the site is actually getting pretty regular feature updates now, it feels like there's a good amount being done in that direction right now. As stated earlier I don't really enjoy the large change towards an atmosphere of family-friendliness on the site. I feel like something was lost on the way there that won't come back anytime soon. Note that I'm not advocating for usage of slurs, I believe slurs have no place in this day and age anywhere at all, however people getting warnings/bans for slightly nsfw/inappropriate jokes and similar stuff is pretty ridiculous and is likely part of why the site feels so corporate and serious in some regards now.
No they are not taking over the site
meh. I think most of the stuff is alright, but the problems with the current collabs, especially VLDCX should really be adressed more publicly/ make an internal release schedule or something like that.
It hold promise, and I know that the current (which is new to me, since most staff I knew is gone) staff along with some new members can more than for sure change the site for the better.

Things I liked: Staff page, Staff Comment, staff being better about what they say and act professional as role models to the community, and some other minor things. Oh and active codework on the site. Of course, I think it could use an extra member to code on the site.
A lot of things feel inconsistent over the years. There has been a lot of heated discussion about censoring of anime images. Also there are a lot of oddities when it comes to moderation where sometimes a mod will remove a hack for a number of minor flaws, but then a hack slips by with barely any quality. This goes the same for graphics or music.
That's a vague question. I think some things can be improved, such as the contests (which should be much more frequent to engage new users), but I think the staff does a great job moderating the forums and discord. I also think the youtube channel could get a lot more love in what it publishes.
It's going pretty well
No particular opinion.
It's nice! It's good, that they only take the good stuff ;) I uploaded a song once myself and it got rejected. But if i listen to it now, I'm happy, that it went that way, because it doesn't sound that good.
For now, I can see the staff trying to improve the site in their own way; I, for example, try to answer fast mainly to moderating stuff, whereas the others, among doing the same as I do, try to establish a better ambiance to all. We commit mistakes, of course, but I think our intentions are going in a good way.
To the site in specific? Sounds likely that SMW Central is a generic social network and not a SMW hacking site.

The site does not look focused for SMW hacking. Staff does not look very interested. None of the admins care about SMW hacks.

Sounds like that all people that were loyal to the SMW ROM hacking has disappeared and today we have a couple of generic people that the only thing that they can enforce are good messaging manners.

Taking months to decide about a SMW contest. Does not know how to take decisions towards SMW tools and yells at the people that ends up releasing tool updates because they were not aware of. You are all out of touch actually and should move on to a place that is not dedicated to SMW hacking, like Reddit.

SMW Central will be for SMW hacking until the very last day. Because the name IS "SMW" """Central""".

Aside from the forum/discord polities, which I can talk more detailedly on the proper survey sections, the staff is out of touch completely with SMW hacking.

It needs a proper leader that knows and is interested with SMW hacking at the first place. Good manners are important as well, but not the main focus. The community is not that bad to the team spend most of its energy just for that.

Stop focusing on what is not the most important. Stop spending energy with obsolete resource moderation methods and realize that we are on 2019 and SMW hacking changed. And a person with courage and competence is required to change how all SMW hacks sections works, how forum posting works, how contest works, etc, etc. and make SMW Central the primary SMW hacking resource once again.
Great. After an overdose of the 'bored shitposters with talent' type, 2018 changed a lot and generally picked out the best of the bunch for the tasks given. Even some very obscure members ended up surprising me!
Seems to be good, there is too much pointless drama that rises sometimes, but the staff apparently can handle them.
i think the site is going down the shitter cuz the staff team is filled with faggotry
Far, far better than it was before. The atmosphere here felt hostile 9 years ago. The staff there at the time kinda felt like they enabled said atmosphere. I just had a gut feeling that I was walking on eggshells, even if I wasn't involved much. The staff here feels a lot more involved and a lot more willing to make this community feel welcome.
they're taking the right direction into this site!
(I already answered this survey, here's another thought I just had. Ignore any numbers on the second page.)

I believe the intended goal of SMW Central is to advance SMW hacking. This means you should maximize the number and motivation of regulars and oldies, as they are the ones actually advancing SMW hacking.

Yet from what I've seen, your only concern is a welcoming environment for beginners.

Focusing on a particular group only means other groups end up worse off. This is a tradeoff that you are, at best, unaware of.

For example, let's take section moderation, where you have very high standards. Rejecting non-perfect submissions means less risk a newcomer finds a bad resource and deems SMWC a joke - but also risks offending resource authors; whether directly, by having your resource removed and being discouraged from resubmitting and/or submitting more stuff, or indirectly, by giving SMWC a reputation of being elitists. More concretely, ask the authors of Wakana Land and Diagonal Mario how they feel about your decisions.

Another example: strict moderation of Discord word usage. Censoring slurs means less risk of offending newcomers, but yields a chilling effect on regulars. (I haven't paid attention to the forums; their slower pace means more proofreading, so these issues are less intense there, though likely still nonzero.)

You believe that strict slur moderation is not an issue to people you want to keep around, and that those who disagree are those you don't want around anyways. I disagree; if you outlaw everything I don't want to do, I have to consider whether you've outlawed things I want to do, every single time I want to post something. If the laws are far beyond the border of things I don't want to do anyways, I can post freely, knowing that I won't accidentally break any rules. I believe this is the viewpoint of most people who believe you're too strict, including most of VileLAB: most of us don't want to post slurs, we just want to be absolutely certain that our posts aren't subject to arbitrary moderator discretion.

Finally, you're spending a lot of effort on external PR (Twitter/etc). This helps attract newcomers, but does little if anything to regulars. While harmless in itself, it takes a lot of effort, and I suspect you'd be better off spending that time on something else. Even if ignoring the time taken by the PR team itself, managing the PR team (replacing those who resign, etc) takes a fair amount of effort of the admins.

And, most importantly, do not under any circumstances scold anyone who dares attempt to advance SMW hacking without your permission. In particular, your response to LM 3.00 is bad and you should feel bad.
As a former staff member I've been able to tell less staff are able to come to an agreement with each other and most ended up leaving because of said disagreement. I left staff because I wasn't feeling motivated enough to keep producing video content and my general disinterest in SMW hacking as a whole, but also because of the stricter rules. I was too afraid to say anything because anything I could say or do could or would get used against me.

I can see all efforts into changing the staff team and its transparency towards the userbase are being taken seriously, and I truly admire that. This survey is definitely a step in the right direction, but there's still a lot of work that has to be done.
I don't really know what they are up to. I've only been Rom hacking since December last year and further yet just got an account in January.
Actually, what *is* the direction staff is taking the site? I haven't been paying much attention, but I don't see an official declaration of goals or principles. (Not saying one is needed, though, this is still all a fun hobby.)

I've never had much reason to complain. I've noticed that things feel more bureaucratic and less spontaneous than they did in the past (moderation overhead, site event planning), but I think that's a natural consequence when communities grow. It's very hard to avoid, and not inherently bad, just different.

Here's a thing I wouldn't have noticed on my own, but I've been hearing people talk about, and it's probably the main reason you're making this survey: the whole social issues thing.
I think it all boils down two the conflict between two main viewpoints. Allow me to try and present them fairly:
* intentionally causing harm with language is bad, and if it helps to not use certain words, then that's an easy thing to do. People who can't live without them are surely doing something wrong.
* unconditionally forbidding words feels like giving them more power than they deserve. When no harm is done - or even meant - it seems more disruptive than the usage itself, uncomfortably much like censorship. I think SMWC has been advocating the first view recently, and it seems like it would be wise to move a little in the direction of the second. There are a lot of people who hold that view. Even if one disagrees with it, balancing the views would mitigate the risk of people leaving or the community tearing apart.
I think I'd need more specifics. It doesn't seem like it's been much different from the usual?
It's fine
It's alright.
It seems they are doing trial-and-error things sometime.
I don't even wanna think about it. It makes me cry everytime.
Difficult question to answer. I find there are numerous staff that simply don't do anything, or if they do, aren't transparent enough about it (as in they do way too much behind the scenes). I'm hoping to express my concerns about particular staff members later in this survey.
See question 1 honestly. [mod note: link] Hacking-wise nowhere, which for a hacking site is laughable how much time we waste debating the morale of what you call a slur over the tools that could further take the hacking of our game to such extremes. You made the stupid LM3 compatibility thread which even LM1.7 that broke EVERYTHING didn't merit. You mostly pay no attention to the forum to the point I only check staff.
I definately get behind the more transparency there is now, with the ban logs being public etc. Makes staff accountable. Can't really comment on anything else as I've not been back for too long but, you're definately going the right way.
Hiring more PR and Discord mods is a good idea. With the community still growing having more bodies isnt a bad idea, obviously keeping everyone's worry about being "too pc" in mind. I see people mention the whole pc argument from time to time, but I never really see any concrete examples besides a few incidents. I feel like people say that as if its an ongoing problem within the staff and community, but when asking for an example it just always devolves into people just yelling at each other... Aside from that, having things like this survey is a great idea. Allowing people to vent their issues or praise is healthy i believe esp if they can do it without fear of backlash of other community members (being able to comment anonymously)
Seems good
no option
I'm very positive about current direction. Special shoutouts to telinc who does extremely good job supporting site, adding new features, fixing bugs and just listening to what audience needs. That's what I'd call "dedicated effort" in supporting things... unlike other minor things, like hack testing and featured hacks *shot*
Tough question. There are some instances where some decisions are questionable but on the grand end, I feel it's fine.
I think it's going okay. I feel we need to be more forgiving to beginner hackers though, make it more accessible. Improving our rejection log feedback, being more welcoming in directing people maybe? It doesn't matter how many great hackers we have now, people will move on, and without new people coming in willing to learn things will stagnate.
No Complaints
As I said in the first reply of this batch, I'm not happy at all. There is clearly a part of the staff that is changing the site cuturally to what they think it's correct, without even caring about others' opinions, even if this implies to priorize PC or Censorship over the SMW Hacking itself. It's really sad to see a lot of talented all all-time contributors and/or smw hackers leaving the site just because they don't feel comfortable there.
I think the site is going in a good direction.
to a more politically correct safe space direction. I don't want the staff to be that and should encourage all kinds of thinking beyond what is left-wing. alternatively don't allow politics be discussed. also finish smwcp2

How do you feel about the current state of Super Mario World romhacking? Do you feel motivated to hack?
(61 responses)

i'm working on a hack right now although i don't feel motivated to do anything because i'm extremely depressed
It seems really great right now. A lot of really cool unique hacks coming out. I do feel motivated to hack but I likely won't.
i guess i just have a lot less time than i used to, so yes and no
N/A, I'm currently too busy with other projects,
lost interest long ago, through no fault on your end
I enjoy watching people on streams play them, and I like playing the casual ones myself.
Romhacking is getting better and better. I don't currently feel motivated to hack (not due to smwc reasons, just for reasons regarding my own discord community), however I don't see why anyone else would be discouraged to hack when we have all this new neat stuff coming out (lm300 :eyes).
Well, it's mostly fine really, just don't like how the direction of hacking has shifted more around Kaizo and vanilla while chocolate hacks are being mostly left aside. And honestly, my main interest was always music hacking and playing hacks anyway.
Yes, it helps that most good (subjective but w/e) resources are kept up to date and with the times like updating everything to be SA-1 compatible.
It's pretty good, and yes, my motivation to hack is slowly coming back (from when my old hack was lost after my previous laptop kicked the bucket).
i think romhacking is a very fun and interesting thing, and when i first say what they were capable of becoming it motivated me to make a full game sized romhack myself, however i do feel its a bit unfair and difficult for anyone who isnt a coder, or has difficulty with knowing what things can do what or why, as its very difficult to know what you are doing, and you are generally much more limited in what you can do as you cant have as many cool things as other more popular rom hackers have because they have teams to help them.
dynamic level sizes are pretty great, but there haven't been the same revolutions that stuff like amk and gps were. part of it is all the talented people running out of free time or being straight-up driven away (rip alcaro and p4plus2) but there just isn't much to improve on either. all the tools are high-quality and intuitive, with tons of options and resources available. the problem is that once you've been in the scene for a while, you've seen it all, you know?

the renaissance of private team hacks is interesting, however, it's very likely that it will make the community even more clique-y and inaccessible than it already was.
nop lol. that said, its a good time to hack smw. lots of good stuff, good tutorials, etc
I don't feel very motivated like in the old days, but I still have some passion for SMW hacking despite my struggle for getting ideas for levels, music, graphics and ASM. It might be just me, though - I tend to overwork myself and always try to improve in every single aspect of it, which frustrates me whenever I'm not satisfied with my own results. On the other hand, the recent new features do motivate many others (see LM 3.x), so I guess it's not dying so soon.
It could be better. People have priorities and lives but on site there's alot of inactive users. Personally. I'm slightly motivated in terms of hobbying.
My hack is my life's work at this point. I love how many people contribute their knowledge and skills in order to aid the creators in making novel hacks.
With Mario Maker 2 on the horizon, I expect hacks to temporarily slow down, before experiencing another massive boost like we saw with the first Mario Maker. Personally, the SMM2 announcement made me even more excited to work on my romhacking projects, and I've recently done some stuff in Lunar Magic after not having touched it for a few months.
Not really motivated, no. I feel like this is because of people's mentality to shoot down ways of hacking they don't like and how stupidly high their standards are. Stop comparing everything to JUMP as if it was the definition of the best hack ever; stop trying to tell people to change the way they have fun while hacking like you guys do to Gamma V; let people make simple-looking vanilla hacks instead of criticizing them on how "generic" they are. I miss the days where people had fun hacking and wouldn't get shot down by the masses expecting the quality of a professional game from a goddamn hack made by somebody who only sees hacking as a hobby.

I know this has more to do with the community rather than the staff, but I still feel like you guys can do something. Intervene when something like that happens; encourage people to have fun instead of taking hacking so seriously; develop new tools to make hacking easier and more accessible.

Unfortunately, I don't have more ideas on how to improve this aspect since I've given up on hacking altogether, all because of the high expectations people have from hackers.
I liked it better before, I have low motivation due to being so far behind everyone and resources to catch up on whats hip nowadays not being available
I do not feel motivated to hack. I really hate the new wave of tools, pixi included. AMK by default destroys the original SFX system, which causes SFXs to no play as they were coded to. I think that's bad, I don't think a tool should by default alter how the game feels just by applying it, but that's probably just me, I already had enough arguments about this one with enough people to reach to a conclusion this community as a whole doesn't care about it. That doesn't change the fact that there should be compatibility flags and stuff. AMK still lack features people want and a lot of people use the AMK 1.1.0 BETA for cool features. There were a lot of planned stuff there that never got a release.
Basically 2 years after pixi's first release, I think a lot of simple routine bugs were fixed that a lot of people knew about the issues and didn't do anything. I gotta say it feels super bad to come back to this community to THAT.
Asar blows up tools. I'm really thankful it exists and a lot of features are super cool, but honestly I'm super fed up of messing around with contextual shenanigans in it for tool integrations.
Yes, as there's still a community to make romhacks for, even despite the occasional userbase drama.
It's come a long way since I started in 2007.
I do feel greatly motivated to hack at the moment and have for a while, however I don't feel like external factors contribute much to this. I haven't been excited about any tools, patches, sprites or other resources in years with the exception of the newest LM version. If anything what's keeping me excited about hacking right now is that even after all these years I still keep learning new things and improving at a steady pace, even though the amount of shiny new toys seems to have largely declined.
It is doing Good
Feel motivated, but I lack the time to do so. Recently romhacking gained popularity because of many streamer stuff, agqd etc., so that's nice as well.
Honestly, I always felt it sort of difficult to really complete something alone. I feel more inspired to work with someone, but I feel like there needs to be something to really show the whole process.

Like maybe staff moderation taking the tools and resources, and showing off how they can be used in videos. There's tutorials, but I feel so behind with current stuff that I never can catch up. Overall, I want to hack the game and will. Working with a good friend to hopefully turn that around.
I do still hack SMW myself, though I do it out of my own creative freedom. It's only been recently where I'm starting to become recognized as an icon, despite sometimes not getting the feedback I'd like.
I think it's a great time to start ROM hacking, with LM 3.0 and all the tools avaliable, and I have loads of motivation right now. And now we finally have a standard sprite tool (the previous state of things was pretty confusing for new users, I'm sure).
I do, but often I have a sort of "writers' block" when designing levels.
I think some doors have opened, tho motivation can seem like a roller coaster at times.
Of course! :D I'm working on a hack rn ;)
The whole SMW Hacking status seems to be in a place I've never seen since I started, back in 2007. Too much advancements were made too quickly, leaving the users trying, and sometimes failing, to adapt properly. As for my motivation... it fluctuates.
Absolutely not. The site has support from the time and there is nobody taking care of that. At least the site management team does not want to.

SMW hacking will be dead at maximum five years. Because at least Lunar Magic 3.00 gave some motivation to the community recently, but until then the site will keep relying on old SMW hackers instead of promoting and encouraging new generation hackers and players?

Real and competent SMW hackers should be in the charge because they at least know what to do for renewing the SMW rom hacking.

Please create a SMW hacking committee, with hiring at least 10 respected SMW hackers to discuss about what to be done though the next years and the changes required to the site in general for once again it have the proper SMW focus.
I'm a hard nut in terms of productivity unfortunately. I really am determined to finish my hack and VLDC stage before SMM2 and the deadline respectively however.
Very good! The hell I'm not motivated!
i think smw hacking itself is doing okay considering its age. it would be nice if we had an actually good website but some people are still hacking offsite which is nice.
I cannot say. I do have a romhack project, but it's been on the backburner for a long time due to time constraints, real life obligations, and general distractions. I do plan to pick it up at some point, but when that happens, I cannot pinpoint. As for the current state of SMW romhacking, I can't really say I've been involved much to know about the state, other than the fact that there has been a lot more kaizo hacks than traditional hacks. And while I don't mind kaizo hacks, I kinda wish there was a bit more of a variety. But if it can't be helped, then it can't be helped.
i think the state of smw hacking is amazing and i feel encouraged to make a hack too!
I've been uninterested in it for the past year or so and I've developed new hobbies along the way. Interests usually come and go for me but my main reason for this is described in the next answer.
ROM hacking can be troublesome to get working but very satisfying once you've got the hang of things although sometimes I get tired of fiddling around with something and go on hiatus from my project for a while but I always seem to come back to it. I also used to play Super Mario Maker when it was released but I find Lunar Magic a lot more interesting despite it being more difficult to make levels. Super Mario Maker 2 looks incredible, but I'll probably still do ROM hacking when it is released for similar reasons.
It's not the wondrous, childish fun it was years ago, I don't care as much about other people's hacks as I used to, and it seems to me like it's past it's prime. (Not like SMWC staff can help that much.) That said, hacking is still the best and most fun way to make a game. I'm still hacking, and enjoying it a lot.
Fortunately, yes, I do have a couple different hacks that I can work on. Starting one, though, that's the tough part. As far as hacking in general goes, it is annoying that we have so often run into issues with standardization, especially when it comes to sprite tools, shared subroutines, and enhancement chips. Of course, the site standards don't always match my preferences either; I'd rather use GIEPY or Daiyousei than PIXI and would rather use the UberASM patch than the tool.
The romhacks are pretty good. I would try making hacks but I don't have any good ideas.
It's dying. I'll still keep doing it though.
It's still improving quickly and got more fun elements.
However, I already given up SMW Hacking and forced to music porting, due to lack of creativity.
How can you be motivated when 99% of the work is fighting against the bugs of the broken "tools" we adopted to replace the ones that worked 100% perfectly? AMK still shits the bed with P-Switches and Stars, and PIXI and GIEPY aren't even stable yet. The only way left seems to be the vanilla way... But then you get shunned if you don't use undersaturated palettes or don't hue shift so hard that you can't differentiate the FG from the BG.
I've never felt particularly creative so motivation is hard for me. But I definitely see a lot of kaizo/speed running stuff coming out today which definitely shows that SMW hacking won't die, but it also shows that this may never again be a program that people use to make decent games.
Not motivated.
Hacking seems to be moving further, not because the staff of a hacking site furthers it but because we still have tons of people interested in its growth.
Yes :)
I feel there could be more project spotlights (ASM, graphics, music, etc), or challenges/contests would entice people more if not to hack, to at least be active in one of the creative aspects of romhacking. I'm swamped with schoolwork atm so my reason is unrelated to SMWC
it's a welcoming and large community with tons of helpful programs to do anything with smw
I don't feel as motivated as I used to be
the recent, constant re-modarations and changes to "secondary" hacking tools like the whole sprite tool changes is very tiring, and felt like it happened per-maturely and took forever to complete.
Yes... though it feels more personal, since I tend to lose motivation then gain a huge boost, but in general yes.
My motivation is pretty low but that's because I put a bigger focus on Yoshi's Island hacking, more specifically on the inner workings, not necessarily because of the site or other reasons.
I feel like it's okay. I'm not motivated, but that's a personal thing. I feel like we're in a weird spot though. Not really sure what could be done for it.
Lunar Magic 3 is great but some broader tools are missing ease-of-use
Lunar Magic 3+ definitely opened the doors to several smw hackers lost in the eternal plumber, and of course I'm in. The "technically infinite" resources' expansion of the sections is always an additional help too.
SMW hacking is doing really great in my opinion, especially since the recent popularity of kaizo hacks. I'm pretty motivated to hack, especially because of LM 3.0 which was a really great update for creativity.
SMW hacking is extensively hacked to the point where you "seen it all" from hacks, be it vanilla or like BM. That said there is still creative potential. What I want SMW hacking to do is to be able to have resources made for people whose ideas need the help they can get to show for....for the creativity of such to be akin to a more close-to-professional looking game. That is the next stage SMW hacking should take.

SMWCentral has officially supported tools for music/patches/blocks/sprites/etc, and these supported tools sometimes change. Each of the sections enforces compatibility with these supported tools and reject resources that are not made for them. How do you feel about this system? Should the resource sections approve resources made primarily for tools SMWCentral does not officially support?
(55 responses)

my only opinion is to add lx5's powerup patch as a resource, someone could probably make a script for it relatively easily and it supports custom powerups
It's fine
maybe create several sections for it, since some are obsolete now, and others are not
Maybe have a 'depreciated section'?
reject new tools that don't support existing items. or at least keep the old ones around, so people won't have to port (actually, that one is done already)
Yes, for hacking. No for patching. Patching needs to be simple and user friendly so people can easily consume the content. But competition breeds innovation and if there are more diverse toolsets being used for hacks then this should hopefully encourage feature cross pollination and more updates to the toolsets.
Personally I haven't really used a lot of the tools in the tool section besides GPS, AMK, and the basics like yychr and whatnot. I think a globally supported tool for each section is a good idea. It would streamline things and overall make hacking easier. Despite this, I don't know the complexities of making a tool work and making it compatible with every aspect of a modification (in this case, for example, maybe level sprites vs overworld sprites or something). In any case, this is perhaps a good idea but support for other tools shouldn't just vanish. Take this answer with a grain of salt; I kinda don't know what I'm talking about, but at the same time I do. Such is life as someone who doesn't hack nearly often enough. :p
Well, I don't think it's that bad per se, but honestly I'm not exactly sure how bad it actually is since I barely follow any sort of hacking stuff outside of music, but well, if it's for something for, like, a new AddMusicK for example, I think it would be wise to just wait until it's properly released or tested.
The current method is good as-is.
Ooh, tough question. I don't think so. I don't want to risk a possible incompatibility between two or more different resources.
SMWC should only support resources made for the tools they support, but they should also broaden their tools if there are other tools out there in the wild which might be more helpful to users of various levels.
accepting stuff smwc doesn't officially support sounds needlessly complicated and could quickly turn unintuitive for people just looking for stuff to insert. the site should be willing to adapt to new tools as they come, within reason. standardization should be a higher priority than appealing to obscure, potentially outdated tools with negligible at best advantages.
yes, as long as its made explicitly clear in the resource's info (like, it needs to be a big ol banner or something, because people are stupid)
For me, this is fair. As a regular user, I appreciate the effort put into all sections so everything is easy to search and, knowing there are specific standard tools for respective resources, it's much easier for one to download a handful of stuff and likely know how to implement them. And if someone has a problem on the resource or the tool's end, research is also easier than if there were many more varied tools with varied ways to implement a same thing.
Yes. Though there should be more communication and less duplicate tools in my opinion. I also don't see what's wrong with hosting third party tools since its been okay as far as I can tell.
Yes, the more resources, the better. But perhaps it could be made obvious, at a glance, if a resource is outside of the established canon.
To some extent, I think resources should stick to being for these supported tools, as an average user would expect that they would be able to easily utilize the resources on the site. I think perhaps the forums would be a good place for unsupported resources.
I think adhering to a standard is a good practice, BUT changing the standard too soon like with PIXI's case was really dumb. The tool was super unstable and would break ROMs at random, yet someone thought it was a good idea to migrate the entire sprite section to the new standard? What? Please don't do that. Also, while we are at it, don't make tools that break compatibility with older resources; do what Kipernal did with AddmusicK.
I think its important to incite uniformity or else it would be chaotic, but outright refusing other stuff isnt that cool, maybe having a list of "unendorsed" content
I feel like pushing away romi sprites was site. The fusoya pipes thing was also sad. A lot of smaller communities didn't stick to pixi due to A LOT (I would increase the font size here and add bold to it if I could) of issues, so they basically all quit or got pushed back like years of resources because looking for old sprites is bad in site. Music is a weird topic, since it literally breaks on consoles. But I must honestly say a lot of people don't give a damn about that. The people that play the game do, however. But as we all know, since we are mostly a community of people that make hacks and not necessarily play hacks, we get different goals in mind (some people are both).
Why not just add a tag for resources that aren't compliant, separating them?
I don't really have a stance on this. I still use Romi's Sprite Tool and code most sprites myself so I have been completely unaffected by the whole GIEPY vs. PIXI stuff and can't really comment on that.
It's good. The sprite tool situation was a bit unfortunate, I'm still not sure what to use, but everything else is fine
I don't have too much of a comment to add here, but with how fast things change, it does sometimes gets confusing on what to even reliably use and tutorials become defunct. What you know one year can be completely thrown out in a way.
It depends on the tool and how important it is to switch. The switch to focus on SNES compatibility and the ditch of ZSNES and Addmusic_E was a change that was necessary as there are a lot of people outside the community who wanted to play romhacks with SNES9x or Higan (formally BSNES) but found 90% of the hacks to likely break. It wasn't an easy switch, since at the time Addmusic4.5 wasn't userfriendly in the slightest, and AddmusicM was pretty inconsistent with breakage.

But of course, the switch from Sprite Tool to PIXI was a disaster, as there was really no reason to switch from Sprite Tool due to it not causing crashes or bugs... the opposite happened actually. What should have happened is PIXI sprites should've just been a separate category in the Sprites section and tested it fully before even thinking about converting every sprite into the PIXI format. What should've happened instead was waiting until Sprite Tool became unuseable before converting every sprite, since LM3 pretty much breaks every sprite regardless what tool you used. Now the new remoderation will be fixing every sprite for the new Lunar Magic... great.
I think it has a lot of sense, and the resources section would be a lot more chaotic without it. The only people that could complain here are ones that use an old tool (and it's not that it's that difficult to port a ROM). Old submissions with before-supported-now-unsupported tools could stay, however (i guess they can be converted and then backuped or something).
Nah. If there's a patch I can't use with the tools I have, then why should it be up on the site?
I think resources should be made with the updated tools in mind, tho if a user feels more comfortable using an older version of a particular tool for whatever reason then they should have some way to access that tool.
why not ;)
It's the best we can have. I mean, if I was a guest and found a resource that its corresponding tool is not hosted in the site, I'd get a bit frustrated in having to search for the appropriate tool afterwards. This particular policy feels fine to me for now.
The way section moderation and polities works today is terrible. Obsolete. Outdated. Energy draining.

I feel extremely bad for the staff members that works moderating though dozen resources every month and if they don't do the proper job they get either pressure from the section leader or from the sections itself (because the numbers will keep growing without stop).

It's a fact that this system won't work anymore. When I was administrator I tried one solution: make a extremely large staff team to reduce the amount of work per person but enforce the minimum amount of moderation per month. The results? While it worked for a few sections, the staff team absolutely not.

I bet some of them hate me and don't ever want to me be administrator again for that. Except a week before I have left the team I have reached a conclusion: "I have to completely change this because that system is definitely flawed and won't work anymore". But then I was having serious issues on my real life (I got depression for several reasons in real life, but which includes some toxic people on the team at that time like leod making my life a hell) and I had to leave.

I'm sorry Teyla, I'm not that bad person. Really, if someday if I ended up being administrator, the first thing I would do is end with the section moderation for once and all.

Tool resources should have 100% backwards compatibility with the previous resources. This is absolutely possible. You are reading from a guy that never required any of the resources to be re-ported or remade, with the exception of the SA-1 Pack v1.10 release.

Remoderation is not needed. Removing legacy resources are not needed. SMW Central was made for keeping the maximum amount of resources possible, not removing them gradually and making the whole staff team remoderate the sections again. I have a completely new section moderation system in mind for the future.
I don't know since I barely use any resources from the site, lol.
Standards are always good, I don't think we should stop people from trying things in other ways, but it's their job to prove the advantages by such methods so SMWCentral can follow suit.
I don't really have an answer that would really help here. If the tools used for music/patches/sprites/etc is the best possible tool for Super Mario World or other covered games, then surely, that should be the tool that all resources should support and should be compatible with. It wouldn't make sense to host a resource that is completely incompatible with said tool. If the resource helps in other ways, you could maybe promote it in some other way, but I don't really have a suggestion that could help with that.
sadly, i haven't seen much examples of this so, i don't know what to do for this one...
What really drove me away from SMW hacking is the fact there seemed to be some new sprite tool or music adder or whatever it is every few weeks, and the entire section undergoing total changes and renovations to be up to par with said tool. To this day I still don't understand how PIXI works and I honestly dislike using the tool, eventually I just gave up.

The choice to switch to PIXI support was also rushed badly seeing it still had a handful of bugs here and there. Whenever you make a choice like this next time, make sure the tool is actually ready and functional. This goes for everything, not just PIXI.
I'm kind of an outlier here, since I still use a couple of older tools and know enough to adapt resources to them myself. As such, I don't really care whether there are "officially supported" tools, at least not yet.

It does mean that, right now, there's a lot of moderation overhead. As far as I can tell, moderation in general is another thing people are currently disagreeing with. (Things taking really long to be moderated, so much need for remoderation - all that effort would probably be better off spent on other projects.) I guess it comes down to your perspective again:
* SMWC as a library (everything is curated and well-tested, but organizing takes effort, and resources with flaws are frequently rejected even though they can be useful)
* SMWC as an archive (everything is available, there's little moderation overhead, but individual resources might still need fixing by other users before they mature)
At this point, I agree that it would do SMWC good to err more on the side of "archive". (How much exactly is debatable.)
See above. [mod note: "As far as hacking in general goes, it is annoying that we have so often run into issues with standardization, especially when it comes to sprite tools, shared subroutines, and enhancement chips."] I think resources for nonstandard tools should still be allowed, with the possible exception of anything that is overwhelmingly in the majority (for instance, pretty much everyone uses AddmusicK).
So longas these tools still work and don't cause any major issues, yes.
I don't think it's a huge issue, since a hack project is not regular software required to maintain for a long time. Basically you can just build a toolchain with specified version of tools for a single hack project.
I have no problem with enforcing a tool. What I have a problem with, is when we switch to a tool before it leaves its pre-alpha state, and then have to eat shit forever because the author goes MIA. E VE RY TIME. Can you at least wait for the new tools to be better than the old ones before officially switching?
If the tools works, and passes testing, then why not?
Fuck regression to hell. Fuck every idiot who used ZSNES and disallowed p4 from making AddMusic 5 back in the day. Fuck still hosting ST1.40 in the section. The system is good, don't accept for outdated or out-standard tools.
No, we need a standard to adhere too otherwise anyone would submit anything for any old tool and compatibility would be a nightmare. Newer SMW hackers without advanced knowledge would want to use two different custom blocks and one would be a BIN file for BlockTool and the other an ASM file for GPS - they wouldn't know where to start (slightly exaggeratted but you get my point). However, while there needs to be standard, I have nothing against adding compatibility for older tools too. Example, a sprite is submitted for PIXI but they also add another version for SpriteTool, for older projects that still use it. As long as it works with the standard tool, we should accept backward compatibility too. Hope that makes some sort of sense.

With the standard supported tools, we're keeping SMW hacking accessible to new guys. Let's not isolate them and become a dying race.

The tools are in a good place now, I believe. I can't think of any reasons why we would need to change them drastically in the future.
If there are big tools that end up being made outside of SMWC that would have a big impact, I dont see why not approving them. Obviously taking user friendliness, etc into account.
i think they should show all resources they can find, as others might prefer them.
I've noticed over the years some resources were discarded instead of converted for use with new tools. Those resources are now gone for average user.
I think its better if there were only one tool instead of bunch, especially if they dont work with each other.
That's a hard question to answer. Support for older technology isn't bad per se, but it can slow things down a bit. See, if in real life Nintendo supported NES to this day, I doubt it'd be succesful. Moving forward is a good thing, if supported tools are more flexible to work with and are good with current standarts and environment.
Although there are advantages in supporting multiple tools, the biggest issue is that each which might . Years ago, SMWC used to host not one but two addmusics: romi's Addmusic or Addmusic4 and AddmusicM, each have got their own advantages. The issue is that the music section had songs exclusive for AM4 and songs exclusive for AMM. That means e.g. someone wants to use a particular song but they can't because they use the wrong addmusic and can't switch to the other one, either because they're working on the hack for a bit longer or they use songs which are exclusive ‒ and we really don't need that.
One workaround for that is hosting multiple versions but that would bloat up the moderation work ‒ not a good way either.

Another issue is that new tools often feature new functions the old tool doesn't support (e.g. extra bytes in PIXI and GIEPY). This results in an incompatibility issue which may not be even solved by supporting all tools, not to mention that there might be instances of tool Y doing the same X (including backwards compatibility) except they do it better. What's the point of hosting X then?

To keep it short, hosting multiple tools results in more downsides than upsides due to incompatibility between each tool.
No. Even if someone is a dedicated hacker that knows what they are doing, having everything in the section be compatible to a degree is incredibly useful. Just because there are people who can't move past Sprite Tool doesn't mean we should host legacy sprites that don't work, for instance. Perhaps make them available in remoderation/removal threads if people want to search them out though?
Remoderation sweeps are a lot of work for a small gain. Maybe I'm just nostalgic for 2008-era AddMusic though.
I don't know exactly what to think about this, but I know something: the lack of communication and the unnecessary speed to standardize something new can be brutal for smw hacking. We had the PIXI issue, a hasty standardization which only led us problems, even when we were fine with Romi's tool and sprites. And for a general thought: not because a thing is old it means it's bad. This is obviously not an absolute fact, sometime we had BTSD, which was really tricky to use and gave problems to several users, but, we've had YYCHR since the beggining and it has worked fine until now (even when Graphics Editor exists, some people still prefer YYCHR). Speaking about the hosting itself, people usually complain because some resources become lost in the process of updating them (just a reminder that NOT ALL ROMI SPRITES were converted to PIXI, being several of them lost), that's why people prefer to not deleting anything.
I'm not technically against forced tools, but it should be forced better. PIXI was forced before it was even finished, and that caused problems.
There's also sprites that got converted to UberAsm: some generators haven't been converted yet, and seem to be completely gone or hard to find (like the bg scroll speed modifier).
When a tool is forced, we shouldn't delete all the sprites and wait for them to reappear. We should keep them until everything is finished, and then replace them. Again, some generators are hard to find because of that.
And I think SMW Central should accept resources for tools not officially supported (maybe some people use Giepy? I don't really know). But it's preferable to make a resource for the supported tools for sure.
it makes practical sense to enforce submitted compatibility with the in vogue tool that is the standard adopted by the community. it was the case with gps and addmusick. However I don't want to seeing remoderation of like, resources already accepted into the sections by rejecting things that don't meet so-called today's standards...once its in you shouldnt have to worry about potentially arbitrary removals...and any remoderation that has happened and any future ones should be grandfathering in anything that exists currently and fixing them to be compatible for emerging standards of hacking and old versions should not just disappear, as there are a couple of musics and sprites that did.

Does the staff team do their jobs well? Are they approachable? Tell us how we can improve.
(54 responses)

yes, although sometimes they take a long while to respond to certain things
Yeah. The staff team does well.
mostly yes, but personally the only issue that i can think of at the moment is in the *What do you think about the direction that staff is taking the site? ** question above

[mod note: "personally i think they're being a tad (just a tiny bit) overprotective of some stuff, like apparently there was an incident where self deprecation and saying "i'm re***ded" led to a punishment, which might be a bit over the top if you ask me"]
too strict, why are the forum questions just a dozen variants of 'how can we be EVEN MORE STRICT'
You're all fine. Keep doing ya thang.
No problems here as well; in fact, the staff has actually been better than ever these past few months!
Yes, I find they do their jobs quite well, and they are quite approachable. To be honest, I'm not sure how you guys can improve since you're already doing so well.
the staff i have interacted with are almost all very approachable and they do their jobs quite well, ive had a couple experiences which were slightly rude, but it wasnt becasue they were a rude person but because they were frustrated at my inability to understand what they were trying to tell me, which is fair so that didnt bother me too much.

for improvement there are only a couple things i kind of wish could happen, but it would be difficult to do most likely in a functional way,
Firstly: it would be helpful if things were easier to ask about, or to ask for, as usually when i myself try to ask for or about things, i usually get the "this is how its done, so do this" or "do it this way, because thats how its done" type of thing instead of easier ways to understand the issue im having, or in the case im asking for something (like an ASM request) im usually refered to more obscure areas to find a possibly outdated version of that sort of thing that may never have been publically released, instead of someone helping or working with me to create a newer more accurate version of whatever it is.

secondly: similar to the first thing, but also different, it would be nice if there were a way to have a team of staff and/or knowledgeable romhackers work with people to make better quality hacks and sort out issues easier instead of havign to learn every aspect of LM and SMW romhacking solo, as it is very hard to do without help even though romhacking and the creativity it allows are a lot of fun, it does cause pretty serious burnout and frustration when its so hard to even get started when some more popular rom hackers can produce really cool hacks in less time that other people hav taken to even learn the basics.
i don't really have an opinion, everyone's kinda impossible to approach imo
some are approachable, some arent, and some dont do anything/seem inactive. but thats inevitable with any staff team. theres no easy way to improve. best thing to have is a good head admin (which smwc does have); the rest comes naturally after that.
I can say yes for sure, because when I was part of the staff, I saw how much and how well people worked regardless of the fact this is just a hobby for us all. And I really love to see how it's been evolving to make things more transparent to all users (staff status, staff feedback, logs, event calendar, site changelog and issue tracker), too. This also means that the staff overall is very approachable and hardworking. And I trust you all - I know that if someone makes a mistake today, this will be revised, discussed, and I'm sure it'll lead to positive results in the future. Keep up the good work.
Recently yes. There were times where I thought otherwise, but things seem to be getting better here and there (Though at the same time theres a noticeable division). Overall i feel part of being staff is agreeing to disagree when that happens.
I believe they do.
Again, while I don't have as much experience on the site, there's nothing I've seen or heard about that makes me feel as if the staff would be unapproachable.
I'm too disconnected with the site to tell how every single staff member is doing, but because of the image that I've formed based on what I've seen and heard, I don't quite trust you guys, so I don't think you are approachable. How to improve? Well, I already gave a few ways to do that in my previous responses, but if you don't mind, let me give your resource managers a tip:

STOP HIRING NEW PEOPLE. Make the existing moderators do their job before getting more staff. They aren't working due to X or Y for months? Fire them and find a replacement. This has been a problem for far too long that I hope it gets addressed soon; overworking a few staff members because the rest don't do anything will only work against you.

As a closing word, I really, REALLY hope you guys take this response seriously. I know very well that you guys tend to disregard anything that has to do with the censorship subject because "lol all they want to do is use slurs all the time, therefore nothing they say is worth reading," so please stop doing that.
too out of touch
The resources related team is very approachable. I think they do their job and I think that's part of the issue. I already gave feed back on this so I won't repeat myself. As for the other staff members, well I didn't really interact with them for anything I needed from them, specifically for them being part of the staff, I mean.
No need to tell you how you can improve; leod is gone, so that's a huge improvement right there.
I don't think I've really interacted with them.
It's tough to comment on a group of individuals as if they were a singular unit. Some are very approachable and fun to talk to, others seem a bit cold and annoyed at times. I think staff more than anyone need to really keep in mind that not everyone is at their level of expertise in their area, in fact very few are, otherwise they would probably be in their place.
Yes they do
more transparency regarding colab stuff, otherwise it's ok.
Problem here, is that I can't honestly make a 100% for sure answer if they do their job well. Much of the work is moderating submissions and it is usually invisible to me. I have heard that submitting has gotten a lot harder and feels imposing in away, especially to someone like me who never submitted before but wants to.

Now forum staff, it is sort of a mixed bag. Last year there was many changes in staff, people leaving, demoted, banned, and it is confusing at times. The transparency in staff change logs and user bans helps a lot I think. Could they do better? Well everyone always has room for improvement, but there's certainly worse too.

To be fair, I think staff are at least more consistent than they were back in 2008 or 2010-12. Now as for approachable? This is something I never was able to direct to staff. I wanted to comment about this for so long. I have felt it sort of difficult to approach them in general. There's been many good staff, but even with spotlight, I feel like I don't really know them.

There's that sense of somewhat familiarity and then complete newness. I think a staff AMA would be an awesome idea. Something that could work similar to a spotlight, but users can submit questions and have them (ones that are appropriate) be sent in. I also think that some new staff with some ideas could really help as well.
Not when there are no important events happening (I.E. C3). I have heard countless stories about staff not getting roles they worked hard for, and stories about how only one member is doing their job when nobody else is. There has been a lot of cases where hacks don't get fully moderated for literal months (Bits and Pieces being one). The staff should all collectively agree and decide together on each submissions in any of the sections so silly things like Super Wakana Land being removed due to "too many small annoyances" even though other mods thought it should've been accepted in the first place. This kind of lack of communication is what is really tripping the staff members a lot; it should be a team effort and collectively deciding, instead of what kind of moderator reviews the hack and going from "Oh this staff member isn't that fussy" to "Oh crap this guy nitpicks a lot, I'm not getting accepted for sure".

I only talk to a handful of moderators, so I don't have a big opinion on how approachable mods are. Plus, a lot of them are ex-mods anyway so.
I don't have a clue on how you guys could improve on the moderation of discord and the forums. I feel all moderators approachable and friendly. I think maybe sometimes the waiting section of some resource sections gets loaded with tons of unmoderated resources for quite some times, but other than that, it's good.
The staff most certainly does their jobs well.
I'd say they're approachable.
I think, everything is fine! :D
I'm suspect in answering this, as a staff myself. But what I see from the others... they work well and you see they have the best intentions. If they commit mistakes? All of them do, it's our human nature after all; however, until now, I haven't seen any REALLY serious flaw from our staff yet.
I am aware that the staff team does their best and are not directly guilty of any problem. The problem involves the system as the whole and is more related to the management team role and not directly with the people.
Yes and depends. Most of the issues have been ironed out as mentioned before so I can't tell at the moment what you guys could improve even further.

...Maybe be stricter on those who act passive-agressive towards furries? Or misuse the word 'gay'? Not sure really.
They are doing fine, never tried talking to any of them.
several of you could improve the site dramatically by killing yourselves lmao
Absolutely. I can approach the staff members here and not be afraid for my life. That's how much of a difference the staff today and the staff 9 years ago are like. I honestly believe you all deserve some kind of props for completely reshaping this community because this was the biggest reason why I've been active more than ever before. That being said, there is always room for improvement, and the staff today, while leaps and bounds better than ever before, aren't perfect. There have been days where you've crumbled under pressure, and I have seen flashes of that. Just try to stay as level-headed as much as possible. If you as much as simply show a glimpse of stress, and the community sees it, they will jump on it REAL FAST. I speak from experience.
the staff team does their job well even though i don't see them very often. i haven't tried approaching the staff before and i might need to see more examples before i say how they can improve.
There were plenty of staff members, both old and new, who were either questionable or really good at what they did and I appreciate all the effort every single staff member has gone through to help and improve the site and community as a whole. Kudos for that. I'm also happy I was able to be one of those people who could make a noticable change to the community.

If I were to share one complaint: ease up on the rules. Put the ones in place that are totally necessary, but please stop nitpicking on so many things. Punishing someone for making a "triggered" joke or including ecchi art in their profiles is ridiculous. It's one thing I've really grown to hate of 2018 and that is that apparently noone can tolerate anything anymore.

And I've seen the following happen a few times which could potentially damage the trust or likeability between two staff members: putting warnings on a staff member, it's just as stupid. Tell them this directly in the staff chat as the both of you are literally connected in one single chat room. Either that, or have an administrator take the matter with said staff member to a DM.
I can't think of any issues that have come up recently. (Though I do feel kind of bad that I didn't do very well when I was on staff...)
They seem really harsh when judging hacks. The entire system seems raather odd too. Instead of moderators saying "I like this" or "No this is garbage" perhaps the rating system could affect it. Sort of like Newgrounds where top rated hacks can remain while porrly rated hacks will be removed.
1. I think the resource managers do their moderation tasks well enough. Forum mods, on the other hand, oh boy. They need to be a lot more strict against shitposters, for starters. The main issue, however, isn't really the everyday tasks of moderation, but rather, whenever a large-scale decision is made. The Ban on Anime was fucking retarded, shitheads still got to keep their blatant cropped furry porn as avatars, but anything remotely attractive is instant ban. There is also the obvious issue on deciding to switch to broken tools, as discussed earlier.
2. I'm approaching them right now.
3. Bring back the SMW in SMWC.
Approachable? Hardly. To be honest a lot of the time the staff come off as believing they are above everyone else. I've always thought this. Ever since I first started here 10 years ago. You all seem like robots. No personality. The only place you people seem to have any semblance of emotion or even try to act nice is to each other in the reserved forums... Not that I would know that haha. But you all seem to get along relatively well. In my opinion, if you want a better staff/user relationship, post more in the public forums and don't act so darn harsh.
Approachable: Section leaders seem to be. Some admins seem to be. Staff as a whole well some don't want to deal with community which is understandable.

Do their jobs well: I could do Time to Shoot Some Staff Members Vol. 2 but that'd just shoot the credibility of these answers even more. So I'll say it as it is. You should hold a private talk with staff members so y'know, you actually gauge their interest in doing their job. Make a thread about low motivation and have the admins for all that's holy reply to it. And in all caps because this one just gets me personally HAVE THE FUCKING STAFF MEETING YOU PROMISED BACK IN NOVEMBER. STATE OF ALL THINGS IS NOWHERE NEAR A SUBSTITUTE. AND FROM THAT THREAD STEMMED NOTHING EITHER WAY. End rant. But you really gotta, y'know, do stuff.
Doing a good job :)
I feel the staff team is a lot more approachable than in recent years. Pretty much all the new additions are nice people and relatively active. Its nice seeing fresh and old faces being leaders in the community
yeah they're good and nice!
They all seem to be doing well, I can only think of one that doesn't seem all that approachable.
no problems
Shrugio. yes.
There are instances where resource moderation need certain standards like how nitpicking should be avoided (it will be cutoff and floating munchers all over again). The survey and staff feedback also gives a reason to approach the staff while not fearing the too much they would punish one.

Finally, one whom I really am thanking to is Telinc who has accomplished much for the site like opening a subforum specifically the site's coding.
Some people feel completely unapproachable, others are super friendly. It's really hard to say without calling out specific people.
I've had little interaction with them in the past years, no opinion.
The objective of the site is being the best place for smw hacking, and promote it. Nothing else. If you as staff, have other priorities, you're doing it wrong. People don't want a site that promotes PC or Censorship, and believe me, you are losing/have lost several people thanks to that. And please, be always positive about things, we don't want and don't need another bunch of negativity like happened with LM3 if a majestic update of a tool happens again.
The staff team does a great job in my opinion, and they're approachable. But there is an "injustice" that I want to point out.
Questionnable avatars are forbidden. When leod was still in the staff, he had an avatar roulette. However, some avatars were clearly cropped porn, but no one in the staff team pointed it out. Now that he is banned, it isn't a problem anymore though.
Now, look at LadiesMan217's layout. It's pretty questionnable in my opinion. I'm pretty sure that if a regular user used that layout, it would have been deleted. But I may be paranoid.
they are approachable but god forbid if you are an opinionated asshole or not who is blocked by other moderators but you need administrative recourse. that wouldn't be available that easily to such.

In general, how satisfied are you with the current staff team?
(60 responses)

1:	1 user (1.7%)
2:	1 user (1.7%)
3:	3 users (5.0%)
4:	3 users (5.0%)
5:	4 users (6.7%)
6:	5 users (8.3%)
7:	8 users (13.3%)
8:	15 users (25.0%)
9:	6 users (10.0%)
10:	14 users (23.3%)

(Agree/Disagree) The staff team listens to the community.
(59 responses)

Strongly Agree:		12 users (20.3%)
Agree:			29 users (49.2%)
Neutral:		11 users (18.6%)
Disagree:		4 users (6.8%)
Strongly Disagree:	3 users (5.1%)

(Agree/Disagree) The staff team thoughtlessly shuts down dissenting opinions.
(58 responses)

Strongly Agree:		5 users (8.6%)
Agree:			9 users (15.5%)
Neutral:		23 users (39.7%)
Disagree:		11 users (19%)
Strongly Disagree:	10 users (17.2%)

(Agree/Disagree) The staff team properly represents the SMW hacking community.
(58 responses)

Strongly Agree:		11 users (19%)
Agree:			21 users (36.2%)
Neutral:		17 users (29.3%)
Disagree:		3 users (5.2%)
Strongly Disagree:	6 users (10.3%)

(Agree/Disagree) The staff team properly represents the SMWCentral Userbase.
(58 responses)

Strongly Agree:		9 users (15.5%)
Agree:			23 users (39.7%)
Neutral:		17 users (29.3%)
Disagree:		5 users (8.6%)
Strongly Disagree:	4 users (6.9%)

Is there anything you would like to add regarding the staff team?
(28 responses)

some people were added not necessarily because of experience on the site but because they had influence elsewhere - this isn't me being salty, but just something i kept in the back of my mind since other sites/communities i'm in don't do it that way

by the way this doesnt mean i dislike them or anything, but just a note i thought of i guess
i love you
Not really.
the problem of shutting down dissenting opinions applies to the userbase as a whole rather than only the staff team. this is a cultural issue more than a site-localized issue so it's probably not going to change, but i still think it's worth mentioning

the staff team is good at listening to the vocal minority though - all the more reason for the silent majority to stop being silent, imho. this form is a step in the right direction. thank you.
add me
Thank you for making this public. The users need to know whats going on because keeping things hidden for so long brings suspicion and uncomfort.
Give Telinc a salary. He's the only reason I'm voting 2 and not 1 for the next question.
I wanna comment the reasons I strongly disagree about the staff listening to the community is because the major hack projects are not yet done and because tools (mostly pixi) and some resources remained bug for way too long, to the point people (like a lot of people) gave up on using them. So no, I can't possibly agree to it. Since I didn't get a field to say anything about admins, I will say it here, since you are also part of the staff. If the staff fails, the administration failed harder. So the whole issue about stuff getting bummed out of hacking due to bugged resources is even more the admins' fault than the staff themselves that didn't get proper directions from the administration team. That also goes along with the listen to users part.
Also I think most of the administration agenda is short-run benefits, so I don't think it looks too much into the future.
Still lamenting Skewer's resignation.
I don't pay attention to them.
They are grate
I want to add that the above "Neutrals" are a result of me overall judging the past few years as a whole, as opposed to current; which is sort of a point that many members will make; once you get stabbed, the feeling is still there lingering on. Keep in mind currently, it has improved but I still think there are some things that could really help.

What I have seen from that one announcement (we know the one) was something that didn't bode well at all. While it was made by the owner of the site (without talking to the staff time), at the same time it still did a big disservice to members who got offended and left. It should have been shut down instantly, regardless of who made it. No one is above the rules and guidelines, and staff need to communicate to each other and appear professional.

I also feel that staff should have more random events, and secrets of the old. I feel like that kind of thing kept me going in the old days. Sure it might have appeared unprofessional to some, but that goofy silly fun was amusing back in the day.

I also want to state that, the current administration seems like they're trying hard and having a survey like this shows a willingness to improve. I also must say that these are my initial thoughts, as someone trying to get back into the community more. Even someone wanting to help the staff if possible. I am willing to provide any ideas and thoughts you might want from me. Please feel free to reach me for further comment and clarification. I love this site and this is a home to me. I'm on the community Discord too! [Scrydan]
Heard stories about the unbalance of how hard the staff team actually works, and even lower-leveled mods disagreeing with admins but are trapped under their opinion due to the pyramid structure of how everything is handled.
It's something regarding to the admin team: I don't really know them, so i can't really answer the following questions.
All my thoughts were placed on the previous page.

Offtopic: Some questions were a bit hard to understand. Consider using simple English for them or some people will have a bad time listening them. Also this should have the first page first and you guys should consider using the Five-point Likert scale for all questions that had the linear grade of 1-10.
Thanks for accepting me as a person despite many, MANY earlier struggles.
Aside from improving even more on the conduction of dramas, nothing else. ;-)
retards tbh
There isn't really much I can add that I haven't already spoken about in a previous section of this survey. Just try to stay level-headed and try not to show any signs of cracking under pressure, and I see a bright future ahead for this site. As for the future of SMW Hacking and how much I think the admins care for it, I rated it as Neutral, as I'm not around enough nor aware enough to have an opinion on it.
I know you're not paid and you supposedly have a life outside of this. A lot of staff seem to actually care about hacking. The problem is, the decisions made in that regard are often misguided. I assume the administration has a lot to do with that. The community itself shitting the bed in terms of quality doesn't help either, and I'm not sure what a staff member can do to avert this. Overall, it's hard to pinpoint whose fault it is, since the staff/administration does everything behind closed curtains.
I would like to give very very brief summaries on my opinions of a few staff members, if I may:
Bruno Visnadi - Doesn't do anything - last moderation was June 2018 and had 2 reserved posts since.
Dode - Doesn't do anything - last moderation was August 2018 and had a few posts since.
Hinalyte - No personal opinion on her character as I would love to meet her, she just doesn't seem to contribute anything to the site whatsoever. So I'm not sure why she's an administrator besides the fact that she's good friends with the other staff members.
On a lighter note, I think FPZero, Noivern, Idol, Eevee, Giftshaven, MarioFanGamer, Thomas, and Impetus are doing a wonderful job.
Get rid if admin janitors. Have section leaders who can perform said actions. Limit them if you will. But having an admin, the main face of the site, as someone who only does namechanges and all that, is disappointing.

or you know an admin that only plays love live and oj and pretends to do job sometimes. :)

Get more head admins. "Less is more" doesn't work here. idol is busy as fuck poor girl will she even be free to read all of the responses? And get one that actually wants to do PR psst
Could have maybe more active admins? I know most are probably busy with life as is everyone else. Its not a paid job or anything but maybe 1 more who is relatively more active would settle people down a little?
Some are bit "stiff" but overall seem to be doing quite well.
SMWCentral has always been somewhat elitist and it can be off-putting to new members.
The fact that you guys make the effort to create a user survey to hear from us is a marvelous thing that I like to see more out of in the future as it does restore confidence in me that the site can improve.
As with such, there is improvement needed in regards to listening to people with dissenting opinions. because while dissenting opinions coming from unpopular users can be caustic bc of who they are, they do make sometimes valid points that shouldn't be discounted. and any banned members you have, they should be offered recourse in being able to rejoin the community and that they have their perspective about the website that can also be found among non-banned users. reach out to people in the sm64 community for example, who have been banned before bc of a few staffers before that do share the general-left wing perspective. you don't do enough listening to conservative or right-wingers who also want smwc to be the place to be about rom hacking smw and playing and curating hacks but in general discussions their opinions get shafted bc of such.

In general, how satisfied are you with the current administration team?
(59 responses)

1:	3 users (5%)
2:	3 users (5%)
3:	2 users (3.3%)
4:	3 users (5%)
5:	4 users (6.7%)
6:	5 users (8.3%)
7:	5 users (8.3%)
8:	16 users (26.7%)
9:	10 users (16.7%)
10:	9 users (15%)

(Agree/Disagree) The admin team cares about the community's needs.
(59 responses)

Strongly Agree:		15 users (25.4%)
Agree:			26 users (44.1%)
Neutral:		11 users (18.6%)
Disagree:		4 users (6.8%)
Strongly Disagree:	3 users (5.1%)

(Agree/Disagree) The admin team listens to and follows through on user feedback.
(59 responses)

Strongly Agree:		9 users (15.3%)
Agree:			24 users (40.7%)
Neutral:		18 users (30.5%)
Disagree:		4 users (6.8%)
Strongly Disagree:	4 users (6.8%)

(Agree/Disagree) The admin team listens to dissenting opinions.
(59 responses)

Strongly Agree:		8 users (13.86%)
Agree:			19 users (32.2%)
Neutral:		23 users (37.3%)
Disagree:		5 users (8.5%)
Strongly Disagree:	5 users (8.5%)

(Agree/Disagree) The admin team cares about the future of SMW hacking.
(59 responses)

Strongly Agree:		20 users (33.9%)
Agree:			20 users (33.9%)
Neutral:		10 users (16.9%)
Disagree:		5 users (8.5%)
Strongly Disagree:	4 users (6.8%)

Hacks Section Survey

Are the moderation standards for the SMW hacks section easy to understand? Are they too lax or strict? Why or why not?
(16 responses)

i hvaen't looked at them at all
It seems like it makes sense.
to an extent, too relaxed, but also just fine in other scenarios - there are many old hacks that have stayed around despite not keeping up with the rest of the standards, and perhaps they should be updated in some way (obviously excluding the ones that have "made history" like kaizo world 1-3 etc)
Easy to understand but a little restrict because some the "quality standart" is to much and can discourage new smwhackers.
Yes, they're easy and well-balanced, because it prioritizes quality and effort over everything. There's nothing that could possibly drive someone away from uploading hacks in there.
They are strict. I think this is a good thing.
easy to understand, not too lax, not too stict
Somewhere in between. Not as strict as contest entries.
2 lax 4 me
We are a SMW hacking community and therefore... while it's understandable that we need at least some minimal standards for submitting a SMW hack, everything we do is just a hobby.

What demotivates people, what makes them ends up taking a lot of energy and frustration, other than the currently SMW hacking tools that are far from the perfect... are the too high standards.

Most of them should be recommendation and not mandatory. The site must be welcoming for most hacks ever done since the 2000s because the public that will be playing them are just casual hackers. They will likely either use an emulator like Snes9x or sd2snes and have some fun playing the hacks even if it's just a hack that changes the graphics, has a few blatant edits or if it ends up crashing.

Instead, promote these higher standards for the featured hacks. If a hack accomplishes these requirements, they are automatically a featured hack as well. Because the author has dedicated time and effort for making it good.

Now who will like or not the hack are the public. There are many different tastes. Some intentionally likes broken hacks, others prefers some pervy-nsfw ones but uhhh, the role of the site is just warranting the minimal requirements and let the public play and pick them.

The policy of high standards and perfectionism that started since 2009ish years turned into a culture and elitism of people demanding too much and people easily getting frustrated and many leaving SMW hacking. SMW hacking is just a hobby and the hacks sections must take that in consideration. I know today is much better than it used to be in the way past but we need to make that in actual philosophy.

SMW hacking is for fun. Simple and easy rules should be the mainstream and somewhat higher standards for "special" or "featured" hacks.

and remember that most the people that play SMW hacks are completely different people compared to who makes SMW hacks and/or judge/mod them.
Yes, I would advocate for more emphasis on Hardware compability, too many users still don't care and use very outdated versions of accurate emulators.
I find the moderation standards easy to understand, and they're not too strict. I seldom have issues getting my hacks accepted.
Somewhat easy, maybe not so much for newcomers. Too strict for joke hacks. Fun is subjective. You rejected Diagonal Mario - let's barre the authors throwing a fit after the resubmission offer - under a crash but what's a crash in a joke hack to the actual fun?
they're easy to understand, general obvious rules mostly.
I think current standarts are fine.
Easy to understand

Do the SMW hack moderators apply the standards fairly and evenly? If not, why?
(16 responses)

generally yes, although reasonable exceptions are made for certain cases
I think so. There's certain mods that are probably better suited for certain types of hacks
haven't noticed anything except for the nitpick from the previous question [mod note: "Easy to understand but a little restrict because some the "quality standart" is to much and can discourage new smwhackers."]
One or two smw hack moderator have a vision of the standards and, in some cases instead of point solid reasons they just say "For me, isn't good enough".
Yes. No complaints here.
I have no reason to believe there is anything unfair.
As far as I know
Nope, because they rejected Diagonal Mario 2
I don't have the competence for answering that question since I never really watched how the SMW hack moderators applied the SMWC guidelines since I have left my admin position in 2017. But probably they do it fine.
Yes, sure.
I think they do, but I don't actually play many hacks.
See above for joke hacks, otherwise yes.
I think all hack mods apply to standarts fairly, I don't have any questions or complaints... well, I have one suggestion, which I said under "If you were made SMW hacks section manager, what would you change?". [mod note: link]

Are hacks moderated in a timely manner? What is the longest amount of time you think a hack should wait before it gets moderated?
(16 responses)

i don't know
Should maybe be a little quicker. Hard to say, depending on difficulty and how many exits.
no idea
No. Hacks need be moderated in max 1 week or dropped. I'm saying now the hack of Bandicoot "Princess Rescue 2" been moderate like 1 month and nothing. I know that staff need your time but to wait a long time to see your smw hack be rejected can be... frustrating. [mod note: Princess Rescue 2 went a month and a half between being claimed and being accepted]
Depending on how many hacks are waiting, how many exits they have, and assuming that all hack mods are free to do this job, I think that waiting two or three weeks for a hack that's under moderation to be accepted or rejected is fair game. As for hacks that aren't under moderation, I think that the time can't surpass a month.
I suppose. I only attempted to submit once and it didn't take long.
some with a lot of exits took quite a while iirc. (bits and pieces maybe?)
Around 3 month at most to be done with moderation would be nice.
Depends on the difficulty and length
Short regular hacks-maybe 1 or 2 weeks
Long regular hacks-Somewhere over 2 weeks
Kaizo hacks-a month sounds about right.
2 hours
Totally not, but this is a global problem in all sections because of the obsolete moderation system that SMWC keeps enforcing until today.
The time it needs... I'm afraid none of us is free from real life issues.
The last time I submitted a hack, it didn't take too long for it to be moderated, but a hack shouldn't have to sit in the queue for more than a week without being claimed.
Depends in factors such as length and difficulty, but I sure as fuck know it shouldn't be more than 2 months in a extreme case (Bits&Pieces). And I also know it shouldn't be that long for a hack like
i think they should try to moderate asap. it can be frustrating to wait long for that.
At least a week? Obviously the faster the better.
The hacks are moderated in a timely manner. The longest a hack should wait before it gets moderated is two days.

Is the SMW hacks section well-staffed? Does the section need more moderators?
(16 responses)

Maybe a couple more.
seems alright
Sincerily, the staff needs a good refresh. Some moderators look like that don't wanna do the job and the quality of the service will be poorly done. If you want somebody to moderate a hack, put somebody that PLAY and MAKE hacks.
Currently there are more kaizo hack mods than regular hack mods, which is understandable due to the amount of kaizo hacks getting uploaded to the site. But I do think there could be some more moderators for regular hacks to "equilibrate" the team (maybe two or three more people who really work hard and knows well about the core values for uploading hacks).
I think it's fine.
yes, no
Looks pretty well staffed to me.
Latios should be the next moderator
I think the more moderators the better. As long they are made of good and interested people. The site won't lose anything with more moderators, as long proper management is made.

Keep in mind the "management". Excess moderators may demotivate others if they end up not contributing properly.
Seems to be going fine.
Most of the hacks that are left hanging in the queue appear to be Hard, Very Hard, and Kaizo.
Only three normal mods two of which also handle admin responsibilities? Well that's obviously ideal! (you already solved this in the time you got the survey out)
yes, i think there are plenty mods.
Probably a couple more kaizo mods, possibly for more kaizo influx? Otherwise I think it's well staffed.
Yes. Maybe

How would you handle featured hacks?
(12 responses)

play them and try to find bugs/etc
i dont know how to answer this question (vague?)
owo what is this? lol
I like the current nomination system via posting in a thread, even though it's kinda dead as of now. Having one or more moderators to replay nominated hacks and judge if they should be featured is also good. And for that reason, too, that I think more moderators could be hired. This way, there would be actual moderators accepting/rejecting hacks for the section and others replaying hacks to decide if they should or not be featured in the section, simultaneously.
It would be neat to see in-progress hacks get their own featuring, as well as finished ones. Some unpublished projects are quite unique and deserve some hype.
moderators suggests hacks, community gets to vote, more than x votes equals a feature.
See my first response. [mod note: link]
Maybe a star next to its name indicating good it is.
Come up with a system that actually entices playing them. Promises of being a hack mod? Hell no, that's extra job. Give them fucking Steam keys we have like 900.
if a hack is popular or has good potential i would feature it.
By playing them.
Seriously though I'm not so sure. Seeing how featured hack subforum died and how current featured hack thread isn't active either, there should be a person or two who should actively support it (thread). They should have enough time to review hacks, and possibly engage others? How about score system, the same as in hack testing subforum? That could potentially make reviewing hacks for other people rewarding (though that didn't make testing subforum very successful, I mean it kind of did, but nowdays it's kinda dead, but shrugio). If not, we just need some dedicided people, who'll keep such things alive.
That would be cool

If you were made SMW hacks section manager, what would you change?
(16 responses)

better searching
archive and/or make a filter in the filter search thingy that makes outdated or "poor" (to current standards) hacks hidden or something like that
I think that the smw hacks section need a refresh in a good way. While bad hacks are not being approved due to simple rules, good smwhackers have fear of what they call "quality standart". Because if the moderator think that isn't good enough, is rejected. "Oh, you did something creative but i can't play because i don't feel for it. No problem: rejected". Did you see the number of good hacks rejected? This discourage people a lot. I have a good experience playing and making hacks so i know the community want mostly creative and newcomers smwhackers.
I'd not change anything regarding management.
I would establish a section (both WIP and finished) lspecifically for hacks which use SMW to build a hack with original characters and stories, as they tend to get lost in the shuffle easily and require a lot more effort to create.
Add a 'Kaizo medium' difficulty option
i would accept Diagonal Mario World 2
Together the SMW hacking committee open a thread discussing a major change in how SMW hacks sections work and if there should be philosophy change and/or if my points should be taken in consideration, changed slightly or anything else.

Discussion and talk is the key for any manager success. A manager should be open-minded and ready to talk about anything whenever possible.
Nothing really different.
If possible, I would suggest that Kaizo hacks be moved to their own section, independent of the normal hack section.
Figure featured hacks or kill it, get more mods, come up with a plan to have fair standards for joke hacks.
helping people share they're hacks easily
I'm not sure where this suggestion goes, but I'd ask hack mods to link to APPALLED tutorial if rejected hack had incompetent level design. I think some old rejection logs did, and it's kinda surprizing nobody does so nowdays. I saw recent "Learn swedish rejected, why?" thread, and realized that'd be helpfull for new(-ish) hackers.
Rating system

Graphics Section Survey

Are the moderation standards for the SMW graphics section easy to understand? Are they too lax or strict? Why or why not?
(11 responses)

i don't know
they're fine
When it comes to the overall moderation of the submitted files, seems fine enough, but when it comes to the quality allowed is a whole another story. Lax is a strong word for what I see here, they are pretty much non-existent, allowing almost anything of dubious quality as long as the file requirements are met. Stuff like this would not be allowed 10 years ago and it's ridiculous how back then there was a higher bar to reach.
It's straight forward.
I think they're just fine as they are
They're easy enough to understand.
I always had divergent opinions regarding the SMW graphics standards.

Once again, here's with a fact: do we have any limitation with hosting content? Absolutely not.

And another fact: what is the purpose of SMW Central? Provide resources for everyone.

And now, we should consider two different people/public here:

1) artists/technicians that have the ability to illustrate, draw, project, rip and adjust graphics.

2) people that are looking for graphics to make their SMW hacks more variety, but they don't have any specific knowledge on how to draw or rearrange anything other than palette and tileset mixing; plus of course inserting them.

With keeping that in consideration, minor graphics edits and simple graphics adjusts have absolutely no reason for getting them removed. Sadly, this is been a persisting problem and polemic for a long time. While I understand the graphics artists that smaller edits and adjusts should not be allowed, we have to consider that the section has the purpose of inspiring and simplifying the SMW hackers life and therefore and considering the two facts and the two public targets I have mentioned, there is no reason for the Graphics section having artistic level standards.

Add a featured graphics part with slight stricter standards for whoever is looking for more elaborated graphics.
Yes, they are pretty straightforward and well-balanced, as most rippers and drawers can follow these guidelines without issues, and even though occasional submitters may get stuff removed due to various different reasons, the core values are properly explained. In other words, the standards are fair.
They're ok.
I think they're fine, can't really tell if they've changed much.
I feel they are good. Maybe have a disclaimer somewhere about ripping someone elses graphics from a hack, or a spriting repo like mfgg/spriters resource/etc. I rejected someones submission because they didnt credit the original artist (and it was incomplete but thats besides the point)

Do the graphics moderators apply the standards fairly and evenly? If not, why?
(11 responses)

They do fine work considering what they have to work with.
There are certain instances where sometimes you submit something that is made to be either a fix or an extension of SMW that, in the end, is removed due to it being "a simple edit" even though new users will most likely won't know how to make said "simple edits" and would rather find all the fixes that are required to not have cutoff.
Most of the time they do, however some times they are inconsistent in what made a submission to be rejected or to be approved. For example, some submissions required to fix one color in the palmask and then the mods fix it, but when a level has extra exgfx slots unused by the graphic itself they don't fix it. It's weird, but I think they have their reasons to do it, I wouldn't know.
I believe the graphics section shouldn't have problems with applying their standards and considering that I have not been watching should moderators are applying the standards, I am not competent for answering that exact question...
Yes. Whenever there's something obviously low-effort, or is missing something relevant, removals are justified.
What "good" graphics is obviously is up to the mod criteria. I feel like in cases of original GFX the opinion of every member should be consulted.
Yes :)
I think so. the rules of required palmask etc are there for a reason. Ive never seen anyone complain about having their stuff rejected for no good reaosn.

Are graphics moderated in a timely manner? What is the longest amount of time you think a graphics submission should wait before it gets moderated?
(11 responses)

perhaps slightly slower, i'm not a genius but i'd expect maybe 1-2 days tops, especially since we're not exactly talking about full canvases of work
I haven't uploaded a thing in quite a while to be honest, but considering currently there's about 23 files awaiting for moderation and there's 6 mods as far as I know, it seems kind of slow.
Graphics should only take a half a week to be moderated at most. However, even to this day there are submissions that have been there since the beginning of the month for what looks to be just backgrounds that only takes 10 minutes to insert.
Graphics is probably the most "spam-able" section in the site so it's normal it's always with waiting resources, but that doesn't mean moderation should be lazy, there are sometimes when moderation is really slow (kinda like in the moment when I'm writing this, 23/02) and sometimes it is fast. I'm saying it should be always fast, it just should be as consistent as possible.
Often it takes a long time for graphics and music to get moderated, it seems.
Applying agile moderation metrics and changing how moderation works currently, it's fairly possible to simply not have direct graphics moderation at all and instead encouraging people to report bad recently submitted resources which then would require actual moderator action. So 0 days. And 7 days in case someone flags a submission.
I don't check on this section often so I can't measure how long moderators take to check on submissions. But depending on the submission type (FG/BG tilesets, player/sprite tilesets, etc.), I think that a single week is enough time for a claimed submission to be moderated. As for still unclaimed content, a month should be the maximum limit until someone claims them.
I peek two files waiting for 2 weeks, which should be the max unless it's a giant total reskin or something, in which case 3. Most times timely I guess? But it ties with the point below.
Like, I guess? I don't really submit them now but I've never really been a fan of the "wait for them to build up and them moderate a load in one go". As a user, I'd rather my submissions were moderated sooner than "when there's lots there". To be fair though, I'm not really sure if that happens any more. Besides, they don't take too long to moderate.
Graphics get backed up a lot. sometimes because people like me get swamped with real life work, other times theres just a LOT of graphics. One more eventually might not hurt to have?

Is the graphics section well-staffed? Does the section need more moderators?
(11 responses)

probably not
dont know
6 should be enough, but they need to pay more attention to the section itself.
It needs more members who are willing to do the job.
The people in charge just need to do their job, if not, they should get demoted and find a dedicated person to replace them. I'm not targeting anybody, but I think every person in the graphics team knows how and when they moderate.
I don't think so. It works as-is
This section is well-staffed in my opinion. At the moment more people aren't required for this task.
No you don't need more mods, you need to actually get the people to moderate without having to be reminded every single fucking end of month. Responsibility starts with disposition; if you have to be told each time "hey buckaroo you're at 0 rn and its 29th!!!" you're doing something wrong. I won't call anyone here out, for I hope they're all self-aware in doing this. Again, if you can't peek in for yourself, you're better off leaving. And maybe then you can get mods who actually give a fuck about their jobs.
Sure, but I guess that depends on the above answer too.
Like i mentioned before one more may be needed as it seems were getting even more graphics than we had during/after C3, as strange as it is

If you were made SMW graphics section manager, what would you change?
(11 responses)

dump as many graphics from other games as possible
literally nothing because i dont know
Add more guidelines related to the quality of the graphics uploaded to the site, while also adding a point for optimization of the .bin files as I feel tile optimization was forgotten ever since LM 1.7 became a thing.
I'd get involved in the moderation, give the most hard working moderators a recommendation for the "section manager" position, and report any graphics that have not been moderated for a while for someone to pick up. Basically, make it a requirement to moderate something sooner than later with no excuses unless hospital, exam, or funeral notices (even then, if you're so busy with school, you shouldn't be a mod in the first place).
Definitely expanding the tags, they are too way limited to the vast variety of graphics we have/will have on the site (again, I'm more of the idea of a freewill tags)
I'd update all of the old submissions to include palmask files, because it's annoying as hell without them.
Discuss with the community the following changes I have proposed. [mod note: link]

Once again, the key for managing is conversation.

Without talk and negotiation, there is no point in having a manager role. Keep also what I have said in the SMW hacks. SMW hacking is for fun.
There isn't anything I'd change in management.
Not give heads-up that end of month is coming. Fire who I see isn't doing their job efficiently or isn't motivated enough to do job without being reminded. Also might just be me here, but I feel like it isn't clear enough for newcomers that GFX hacks go here instead of in the hacks section.
That's an... interesting one :) To be honest though, I can't really find anything major that's changed since I left so nothing.
The only real thing that maybe could help are pixel art challenges (general pixel art or exgfx) every once in a while. Basically smaller than contests but more specific. (i know we already mentioned this but yea) the graphics forum is relatively dead so having some reason to bbe in there more would beb nice

Music Section Survey

Are the moderation standards for the SMW music section easy to understand? Are they too lax or strict? Why or why not?
(12 responses)

dont know
The rules are easy to understand and they aren't too lax or strict
Well, I'd say that while there has been a much tighter quality control compared to, like, 2011 or something, I'd say they have just the right amount of strict and lax. That may be either good or bad in some cases, however.
I actually think moderation is kinda lax, yeah. There are recently approved ports that clearly doesn't meet the standards, and just that the fact they are "correct" they are accepted (example: the wind sfx version of this port:, my ears aren't refined but that's noise here or anywhere)
The standards are easy to understand, and I think they're pretty leinient about minor things. As in, they won't reject a submission if there's a little thing like "hey your tags are a little messed up" or "this was a tad too loud so I made it less loud"
The moderations in the SMW-Music Forum are quite okay some soundtracks where it did not run so well might need some new edition or improvement. Just my opinion I do not want to blame or insult anyone or anything like that
It seems like they have gotten a bit strict. While accuracy is good for ports, lately it seems like even if people are at least trying, they get dinged for not paying attention to things like subtle volume and panning differences, or in unsampled ports, not finding the best ADSR to emulate the original sample.
The standards are alright, and rules are properly explained even though they might look strict at first glance. Porting is a complex task, and there are many details for users to take in account before being able to submit an acceptable song/soundtrack. For me, this is no problem, though, because even when stuff is rejected, the logs explain reasons pretty well.
I think most of them are easy to understand. Sometimes I ask questions for the moderation standards, and they can explain it clearly.
The standards expected of submissions are well-explained and easy to understand. There's no issue with them right now.
They're good.

Do the music moderators apply the standards fairly and evenly? If not, why?
(12 responses)

Yes, I think so
Well, I have seen a few submissions that went by that kinda made me confused as to why they were even let in, but other than that I'd say that most of the judgement was fair.
I think they do, except in examples like the one above (which I'm sure there are several more examples but can't remember any, sorry)
I can't say whether they've been applied evenly with much force, as I haven't been the most active in terms of submissions. Buuuut I feel like any time something's been rejected it was fairly so.

There was one time when Pinci rejected a port of something I did for.... it was either accuracy or volume, but then I told him it wasn't supposed to be accurate and he accepted it and then I was happy

As long as mods explain why they do things, which I feel they do, things are fair.
Fair they are on any case. No idea what the question would like to tell me
It's hard to say. I think I'd have to study recent moderation over a period of time to have a good idea.
I think it's fine for now.
The standards themselves are laid out well, and quality of submissions that are accepted is half-decent, I'd say. The current moderators are doing a serviceable job, except for one in particular who I think is too lax with the submissions he accepts.

Is music moderated in a timely manner? What is the longest amount of time you think a music submission should wait before it gets moderated?
(12 responses)

More or less not really, it depends on whether or not the mods choose to be active. A song shouldn't be in the waiting section for more than a week in my opinion, and sometimes submissions end up in the waiting section for weeks at a time.
Well, it does take a while sometimes, but it depends on the moderator itself, and how busy he is to actually do anything; honestly, I dont have much of a problem with that anyway, and I can wait for as long as it takes. But uh... I think less than two months of waiting time would be nice already. haha
Not sure about what to think here, but I guess less than 5 days for simple songs and maybe 1-2 weeks for soundtracks. I don't think there is much a difference between music and asm or graphics resources so the more the complexity of the resource the more time is needed to moderate it.
I have no idea what the moderation process is, but last time I waited about a month after submitting for two ports to be accepted. Sinc-x told me they were busy and I tried not to bug them too much about it, but I'll be frank. That was a reaaaaaallllly long wait.
Not more than a month or a week to review the soundtracks. (By the way the Super Mario All-Stars of LadiesMan217 is already almost Two months in review no idea who is there responsible for)
It seems okay. Ideally, submissions wouldn't be in there for more than a week or so, unless they're soundtracks or the queue is particularly large (such as during C3), but I would accept up to a month.
I don't check on this section much often, but when it comes to a single song, a claimed one shouldn't take more than a week to be accepted/rejected. As for soundtracks, this can vary, so up to three weeks under moderation is alright. Since this section is one of the biggest of them all, and sometimes receives lots of content, unclaimed songs can wait to be moderated for up to two months.
I am not sure. But I think in most cases you can just look through the txt file to see if it works properly in-game (eg. sample list, channel arrangement, etc.)
I believe the longest a submission should wait is around a week or a week and a half. But an ongoing issue (for years now) with the music section is how long many submissions end up waiting for. Heck, at the time of me typing this, there's a few right now that have been waiting for over or almost a MONTH (though in the past I've seen them go on far longer).

The SMAS soundtrack? Hey, I can understand that, it's a massive one and there's a lot to go through. But a port of a random Mega Man song? I don't really see why that would take longer than a week. Why claim a submission if you know you won't be able to get to it for a long time?
One week if it's a song, up to three if it's an OST.

Is the music section well-staffed? Does the section need more moderators?
(12 responses)

There are a good number of moderators but some are less active than others. Either more moderators should be added to the team or the least active members should be demoted and replaced by members of the community who are willing to be more active.
Well, honestly, I have no qualms with the music staff in that case, but in my opinion, it could still be better. I dunno if having more moderators would solve the problem, but I still think having more active members would make it much better.
Uh, good question. Moderation in music seems to be very unbalanced, in the past months I noticed the user LadiesMan217 moderated a lot compared to the rest (that can be easily noticed by looking at the approved songs' comments + removal logs), and also Giftshaven being almost the only one who actually cares about the music remoderation (Nameless did some of them, but still a pretty low quantity compared to Gitfy's).
Make everybody a mod! You can never have too many mods.
Just kidding. See

Allow me to check the list of moderator people... ah here we are, 5 people? The other mod groups (excluding YI mods) have at least 6. If I was in a position to add more people, I'd add one or two more to the music group.
At the moment we do not need several moderators yet. The location is ok
It's probably fine right now?
It's well-staffed at the moment, and doesn't require any more people.
Yes (for now) and no (for the past). I was a bit disappointed because these music moderators seems to do nothing but not moderate ports in the section. (I DO understand staff need to handle things for their real life, but there are several moderators do nothing at the same time!) However, the staff team now mostly solved these issues.
Currently I don't think we need more musical staff. But I think the staff team need to be located in different time zones and regions, so we can avoid the "all of mods are busy at the same time" issue.
The amount of music staff is serviceable, and the rate of submission moderation is, I would say, about 60% proportional to them.
It's good right now.

What are your thoughts regarding tags in the music section? Are there any tags you'd like to see added, removed, or replaced?
(10 responses)

if there aren't tags per-game-origin of dump, add them so people can find their favorite songs more easily
i thought tags were custom and you didnt have to choose from a selection or am i just being stupid
The tags are fine the way they are.
Well, I do think there's quite a few weird tag choices, like cloud instead of sky and fire instead of lava/volcano, and I also think more tags would make it much, much better to label something, especially ones with less confusing meanings like those I mentioned. I don't have much of a idea right now though. heh
I'm sure the list of tags can be expanded somehow (considering like for example, the graphics' one is kinda limited in my opinion) but I don't know so much about music so... (though I'm of the idea that tags should be somewhat freewill)
General no. That's up to the user
Nope, I think the current tag selection is pretty comprehensive, as far as I can think. If anything, it feels like too many tags get used in music submissions; I've had plenty of occasions where I'd be looking for music for a certain theme and turn up plenty of stuff that didn't sound even slightly like what I was after.
I wouldn't change the tags list - I'd just change tags for newly accepted songs so they fit the themes/mood/etc.
I think the current list of tags is fine.
Where's the "snow" tag? Other than that, seems good.

How would you promote the BRR section?
(8 responses)

purchasing billboards and hiring mrbeast to put up campaign signs
I would promote it as a way for porters to have easy access to samples so they don't have to go rip samples elsewhere.
educate people on how samples work, and encourage people to make more sampled ports using some of the samples found there.
With ideas or own suggestions
Maybe do something with it on the SMWC YouTube channel? I do think it would help to have more widely useful samples in the section; quite a few of them are either things that would never have any sort of use in 99.9% of hacks (such as the meme sound effects) or take up ridiculous amounts of ARAM (such as the all-piano pack).
Ropebox, maybe?
I would make an in-depth, easy-to-understand tutorial on how to rip BRRs or create them from WAVs, and spread it around, maybe even link it in a blurb of text at the top of the section. The more people who know how to create BRRs, the more people who are able to contribute!
Maybe have Idol rounds focused on samples?

If you were made SMW music section manager, what would you change?
(12 responses)

dump music from games if i could figure out how
maybe make the filter work a tiny bit better, dont know how many times i've searched for something, nothing coming up, and then 20 minutes later finding it in a bunch of nonsense in a search i had no intent on finding said thing
I would encourage the other moderators to put more effort into moderating the BRR section so that submissions don't linger for months at a time (I would take part in moderating the BRR section as well).
Well, I would mostly just try to have a less lax sorta policy for ports that very clearly have many problems. If that person is a beginner, I'd make the advice after the removal/acceptance of the port to be much more detailed and explain in a proper manner exactly how to improve on it. After all, nothing good can come from holding back on something I'd say.
just make sure mods does their job, and of course giving the example of that
First, I'd declare myself the best musicisna (I can type) and then I'd make myself king of the music world

...okay now to be serious As the self-proclaimed king, I'd put in a "If it takes more than a week to moderate a non-soundtrack submission then it's up for grabs by another moderator to moderate" policy.

Not to shit on sinc-x but frankly, that was unacceptable wait (great now I sound like a jerk). If you have stuff going on that will delay moderation, let somebody do it who has the time. If unexpected things come up, the week-long grace period will make sure that the wait isn't super duper long.
I'll seldom change anything. Although I almost every day here
Maybe make the guidelines more precise as to what is considered acceptable and what isn't.
I wouldn't change anything in its management.
Speed up the moderation speed in a reasonable waaaaaay
I would be at least a little more strict with how long submissions go unmoderated, by setting a time limit of, say, a week, and if the claimed song isn't accepted (or rejected) by the end of that period, the submission goes back to unclaimed, and the claimee (is that a word...) would be told to be more careful with the songs they claim if they're never able to get to them in time.

Especially during busy submission periods like C3, I believe this would definitely improve moderation rate and user satisfaction. Everyone wins!
Stuff's good other than the BRR section getting no attention.

ASM Sections Survey

Are the moderation standards for the SMW ASM sections easy to understand? Are they too lax or strict? Why or why not?
(15 responses)

they are just right in my opinion, although some areas are lacking in dumped content
For what I understand, the rejections are only when something breaks too much or when something is incompatible with some important tool, or when something is overly unoptimized, so I think their are fair.
Yes, and no. I don't find the standards too lax or strict, simply because I think they're just right.
the standards seem fair and easy to understand
I honestly think they are fine, aside from the performance and better space usage policy. I would like you guys to actually think if that's an actual issue before rejecting potential good features or bug fixes.
This and the other questions I'll answer based on my normal user experience before being an ASM Mod. I find the moderation standards to be fine for now; the only thing I should point out is the optimization obsession; it got to a point that some ASM mods tend to forget some instances of, for example, LDA #$00 : STA !Define cannot be simply condemned or modified because of them forgetting some of 65c816's limitations (example, INC and STZ do not work with long addresses).
Too strict. They need to allow small useless things to be uploaded because a lot of people find use in trivial asm files.
The rules are okay and not hard to understand. They're what they need to be to keep a semblance of quality in the section.
It might not be a bad idea to specifically say whether or not resources need to be SA-1 hybrid and what tools they can be made for.
Yes, they are easy to understand, and are well-balanced. Even though not all ASMers (read: mostly people starting with ASM) can properly solve performance issues or optimize code as much as possible, there's nothing that I could say that drives away people.
Too strict in blocks, good everywhere else. Maybe too exaggerated when it comes to rejecting due to optimization.
I guess they're fine
They're adequate. I don't really feel like there's any way to improve on what's essentially "code that runs on a console, doesnt waste cycles". Furthest I'd go is suggest coding guidelines for readability and whatnot but the majority of SMWC is more attuned to level design over asset creaton.
Not that I would complain.
I think they're fine, they promote optimization and quality like all other sections. Though, I think simple ASM can be accepted, since there are people who knows NOTHING of asm, and even he simplest resource ever can be useful to them. It's still weird that, thanks to the non-specific ruleset, people like Greenhammerbro can submit "splitted" resources which works like a unique resource, which sometimes is not really user-friendly, even when the resource itself can be useful.

Do the ASM moderators apply the standards fairly and evenly? If not, why?
(15 responses)

they seem to.
I think the asm mods stick to what's expected of them. I don't think that's necessarily good though.
As an ASM mod, I try my hardest to apply the standards, while doing minor alterations whenever necessary. What I've seen from my colleagues... they tend to be fair, almost all the time.
Yes. Whatever gets approved meets the standards.
No issues here.
I've never seen a problem with this.
I guess yes. ASM moderation is one of the most prone to errors due to subjective interpretations of codes and stuff, but when it comes to analyzing effort and functionality in general, they're well applied.
Dunno, I never really submit stuff
Pretty much. I'm just glad that the ASM crew is starting to grow in recent times because the ASM sections tended to get ignored quite badly due to people lacking time and short staff.
The biggest issue is that some moderators take certain issues more serious tha other and some removal reasons boils down to pretty much nitpicking (e.g. minor optimisation, false SA-1 conversion, etc.). But I haven't seen other issues.
Despite the fact that, as I said above, simple ASM should be accepted and the resources should be the most user-friendly possible, yes, they do the work well.

Are submissions moderated in a timely manner? What is the longest amount of time you think a submission should wait before it gets moderated?
(15 responses)

yes; 1mo
I think more or less yes, however some resources sometimes get stagnated in the waiting section a bit too much. I think two months is already a lot of time, so I would say that.
It generally depends on the submissions, but generally yes. As for the second question, that's a tricky one, but I'd say at least an hour.
they seem to be moderated in a timely manor, some do pass through faster than others, sometimes in weird amounts of time but i havent seen it as an issue
I don't really think stuff are moderated fast enough, specially for widely-used resources, such as sa1. I don't that's the mods' fault either. It's the process and the lack of communication with the devs.
This is a really though question: it depends on the resource itself. I mean, some simple codes should be moderated fast (no more than a couple of minutes, in cases), because the tests needed are small and fast to do. That's why I tend to moderate simple things, so I can get, in a day, more than 5 of them, to be fair to the other, more complex resources; in this case, some days or even a week or two is acceptable (I think it's only fair to moderate a patch like the VWF Dialogues in two weeks, at least).
No. There's a retry update that's been there for like a month, I highly doubt it takes that long to test a retry patch. I'd say a week or two max for waiting time. Users can go inactive in a months time.
No. Patches from 2018 are still waiting to be moderated. Major Flare is everywhere in the moderation forums but everybody else needs to step up. Staff applications should help with this too.
I think it depends on the submission, mainly the complexity of it. It's hard to give an exact figure or scale.
ASM moderators need to take care of lots of sections, and each submission has a huge difference from one to another, making this job even more complex and time-consuming. For most basic stuff which doesn't require testing tons of variables, defines and whatnot, two weeks are enough for a claimed submission to be moderated. And due to the amount of sections... unclaimed resources can wait two (maybe three) months until they get claimed.
Three weeks max, and patches suffer from slowdown in their moderation a lot which shouldn't be the case no matter if its complex or no.
Sometimes it looks like stuff piles on, until a mod gets free time to moderate. Which is fine by me.
Pretty much, I'd say about a week?
Some resources, mostly patches, stay in the waiting section a bit longer than they should. A speed up would definitively be nice (an understatement, btw).
Not sure if a strictly bad timely manner, but I noticed resources aren't being moderated via FIFO, and some of them can be postponed overly thanks to this (I recall Dynamic Z' last updated being like about 8 months in pending state). That said, I think the complexity of the resource itself determines how many time you need to moderate it, but that doesn't mean it has to be one month or more waiting.

Is the ASM team well-staffed? Does the team need more moderators?
(15 responses)

they are fine
I think more moderators would help a lot, also currently there is a mod who is also a site coder (Telinc1) so that leaves him with less time to moderate stuff.
Yes, and I think the team has enough moderators, so no.
it seems to be fairly well staffed
That depends on whether you guys want to stick to the current standards or not and whether or not you guys decide to do work with a set schedule. Which is completely understandable if you don't, we all aren't getting paid here, so yeah.
For now, we need moderators for the memory maps. It won't do for me, for example, to be practically the police of the hijack map when almost all the waiting submissions are mine. Also, we're still in the patch remoderation; one more or two should be fine to accelerate the whole process, while trying to update the Hijack Map to the most.
We can always use more ASM moderators. ASM is the most important part of SMW hacking and probably covers the majority of questions on this site.
The team needs more mods, but you're already taking care of that.
I at least recall it being understaffed at one point, but I don't know how long ago that was.
While the current team does the job well, the heavy workload demands too much of it, so more people are required for this task. Maybe 4 or 5 more folks.
More mods and cut the ones that do nothing or have to be poked to the last days of the month - there aren't many but there are.
It mostly needs better direction regarding game-changing decisions, such as switching to unfinished tools without guarantee that they will ever reach a stable state.
As of this time, I think they're good, but I wouldn't exactly shut out the thought of adding more if necessary.
There are four ASM sections and a patch remoderation is on going. As such, it is the moderator group with the most amount of people (10 people of which 2 have been recently added). I'd say that's enough for the work they do.
As I said in the other surveys, as long as the people do their job, they are fine. You only need dedicated people, you don't need to have a lot of people if nobody is actually working.

Should simple blocks be accepted into the blocks section? What about blocks created with Blockreator? Why or why not?
(15 responses)

absolutely! i find blockreator's interface all but unusable and it is completely unintuitive, and deconstructing simple blocks could help users create their own, more complicated, blocks to upload
I don't see why useful, simple blocks can't be on the site, however I understand why blocks that can be created with blockreator are not on the site: they take up space that could be better used for something else.
I think simple blocks should be accepted into the blocks section as long as they're not too simple, as for Blockreator blocks, no, because there's just no need for those kind of blocks in the blocks section if they're not so complicated because of Blockreator.
simple blocks, and those made with blockreator should be accepted, or at least the code for them should be up so anyone can recreate them should the want them, especially for anything simple blockreator cannot make as it limits what people have access to otherwise
Absolutely. Simply because even if it's too easy for almost everyone around, if I was new to this community I would probably just not ask anyone about anything and waste a gazillion amount of time trying to do it myself and then bother someone with something stupid and basic. People are even defensive when they ask stuff in #help and #asm sometimes.
The whole simple block depends; some of them are not this intuitive. About Blockreator... I'm inclined to maintain the restriction, in order to not pollute the Blocks section. Again, I'm suspect in this question, as I'm currently trying to improve the very tool this question discuss.
Back in the good old days, with Jonwil's blktool, blocks gave you ideas for levels not the other way around.
Yes and yes. The ASM team greatly overestimates the competence of new hackers looking for resources.

There's no way for a new hacker to know that the simple block they're looking for was rejected because it was a simple block. All they'll see is that the block they want isn't there. They'll give up because they don't know how to create it themselves.

Blockreator is not the answer to this. It's not mentioned anywhere in the blocks section at all except on the submission page, where people looking for blocks have no reason to look. New hackers won't know it exists. Even if they do know, now they need to know two tools in order to insert a simple block they could have easily downloaded from the section.
For the former, probably. Newbies might not know that a certain block is simple and wonder why a certain block isn't in the section. For the latter...I'd say a tentative no? I'll admit, though, that I've never used Blockreator, so I don't know the limits of what it can do.
Only blocks that have potential to be used in more global ways (like on/off blocks, P-Switch blocks, underwater coins/Yoshi coins), but not too specific ones (like passable only when having X powerup/coins/whatever and so on). Simple general purpose blocks are way easier for people to get without the need of using Blockreator (and let's be honest - most newbies don't even know about this tool's existance), and even other experienced hackers can find them useful. But if they really need these specific ones, then Blockreator is the way to go, in order to avoid cluttering the blocks section.
Yes to the first and for the second one depends. - No matter how simple a block is, if a newcomer has no idea of how to code he won't be able to recreate it. - If a block is oddly specific in Blockreator's case then I feel it should not, but if it's made customizable then it should also be good.
There is no reason to reject simple blocks. It simply makes it harder for beginners to figure it all out. However, I agree that blocks made with a tool shouldn't be accepted, no mather how simple or complex they are. (Same reason why we don't accept straight petiteMM-to-submit ports, it at least needs some optimization)
It kind of defeats the purpose of Blockreator for them to be accepted. In an ideal world, I'd rather just have people try and learn the basics of ASM to do basic blocks so they could later work out their skills to make more and more complex things such as sprites and patches, but I do realize how absolutely unrealistic that sounds with the current mood of the community.
Maybe the blocks section should have some simple blocks from old Block Tool ‒ under one condition: They're highly customisable and submitted in packs. This is what we're still doing and simply blocks like On/Off passable exist in the form of Switch Pack and a normal hurt block in form of Directional Hurt Blocks. A list of all common and useful blocks would be pretty helpful too.
Yes, simple blocks should be accepted. I don't know what to think about Blockcreator, though I guess the tool is fine I've heard people saying that is easier to do blocks manually than with the tool (I don't 100% agree with this because after all this tool was made for people who don't know asm and for making blocks manually you need to know asm lol)

How do you feel about the ASM team's decision to standardize PIXI over GIEPY as the supported sprite tool?
(15 responses)

giepy is pretty awful in my opinion, but pixi could use some work
I would have prefered GIEPY by a number of reasons: capability of insert a hella lot more sprites, and replacing the vanilla ones, no macros, a super intuitive gui... However, I also understand the decision, because the remoderation would have been a big one for the small asm team to undertake, and I guess the big majority of people on the site will not care about the differences between pixi and giepy
I applaud the move; I could never see myself using GIEPY over PIXI in my upcoming hack, so I am so happy that PIXI is now the standard for custom sprites.
i am a bit neutral on this, as i used to use geipy sinse i started trying to use romhacks, because Pixi was broken for me for a long time for unknown reasons, but i recently updated to the newest Pixi, and LM and everything works evn better than it did with Geipy so thats a good thing, but its still a bit of an odd choice as Geipy seemed to have a lot more capabilities compared to Pixi overall so it seemed like a better option for a tool. but the choice is fair either way.
That's a weird one for me. I don't like pixi exactly, I needed it to work, that's all. It all comes back to the decision of standardizing pixi, instead of evolving romi with proper compatibility. I do think giepy has great features, but I also think the incompatibility was kinda heavy (you had to choose whether to get some of giepy features or compatibility with pixi). Making giepy compatible with pixi would probably be hell down the line too. I will see if I can at least get some of these good feature into pixi. I was really hyped when giepy got announced.
I think PIXI was a rushed one, in the time of the sprites remoderation; then, we got GIEPY and a whole expectancy... only for boldowa to get inactive, Telinc being so swamped of jobs in SMWC that he can't pay attention to the tool... and Tattletale updating PIXI so it's stable. GIEPY has this nice feature of sprite groups but... for now, I don't see it competing actively against PIXI.
"Waaah where's my GUI??"

I love it, it's a great tool.
PIXI is behind GIEPY in features. Active development is great but they should have waited to standardize PIXI until it caught up. If PIXI never catches up the ASM team will look like fools.
I don't like it. PIXI may be better than Romi's Sprite Tool just by virtue of supporting extra bytes, but it's worse than GIEPY (and Daiyousei) in literally every way except for having level-specific sprites, which have caused problems anyway (and seem rather moot in a tool that would support a full 0x400 sprite slots; I doubt even I could fill up that many, and I like to use a lot of custom sprites), and supporting JSON files, which really doesn't seem that important a feature to me.
GIEPY is still in beta while PIXI already works (and got updated various times recently), so it would be fair that PIXI was the standard tool. On the other hand, there are already many GIEPY users, and there are some ASMers releasing sprites for this tool. Summing up, I'd not define PIXI alone or GIEPY alone as a standard tool. Both could be - hackers will choose which one they want to use in the end.
GIEPY as good as it were would've always been trumped by PIXI either way, so it's good.
Neither of them seem in a stable, usable state as of now. None of the features they claim to support over Romi's actually function properly, and mostly serve to make the whole thing more complicated with little to no payback. The whole "going back and forth between two insanely unstable tools" shtick is getting old. It wouldn't be so bad if sprites in the section still worked with Romi's, but hey, bad decisions were made, as usual.
Whatever gets standardization and tool updates going the fastest. The Japanese community has an issue with spotty online habits, not in any offense to them.
Although GIEPY is on the grand scale the better sprite tool (e.g support for more sprites), it shouldn't be enforced now. The remoderation is still pretty recent and the primary reason GIEPY was supposed to be the new standard was because of PIXI's bugs and these are now fixed.
The thing that, somewhat "annoyed" me was how the asm managers simply decided to seize with PIXI's update, ignoring completely GIEPY and the work Telinc was doing with that, and also without explicitly giving the deserved thanks to Tattletale, who was the one that worked the most with PIXI to make it an actual reliable tool and compatible with LM3+. Other that than I felt frustated at first, but I guess it's fine for now to stay with PIXI.

What are your thoughts on the recent sprite remoderation?
(11 responses)

I'm definitely liking it, not to mention that some of the custom sprites have been made better than before, like the springboard for example.
I think remods should be an on-demand thing. With proper user requests and a request system, just like with bugs.
I participated as best as I could; a pity we had this whole GIEPY fiasco. Also, I should point that we still have Romi's Sprite Tool sprites.
I'm a fan. I enjoy PIXI and can't imagine going back. Would like to see legacy stuff reuploaded though for ASM scavenging.
How recent are we talking? Because if it's not the one from 2017, I guess I wasn't aware of it. If it is that one, then cleaning up the section and removing old, obsolete sprites is a good idea, though archiving them somewhere might be wise.
I agreed with the sprite remoderation because PIXI over the old SpriteTool was a promising tool. Plus, the old tool hasn't been updated in ages to include Extension support (which has been around in LM since version 1.80, wow!). Not only that, but many low-effort content got wiped, while almost every remoderated and accepted sprites got optimizations, SA-1 support and even new features. So, the remoderation was a huge step forward. The pros outweigh the cons, that's for sure.
There are still SpriteTool sprites... there are still no conversions of the original SpriteTool sprites submitted...
See above answer. I'll also raise my "usual" complaint about the AMK music remoderation here. Another (earlier) example of smwc making old tools forbidden before the new one is even usable. Call me when AMK doesn't shit the bed with P-Switches, Stars, and the Overworld in general. I would've filled the Music poll for this, but I don't know much about music porting (despite my "only" submission being music), so I dump my thoughts about it here.
SMWC is a site where custom assets shared by others are of the utmost importance. Streamlining the sprite section to fit in with the most used tool is a no brainer.
It was badly handled, tbf. That isn't the removal of all sprites but rather that the new version is replaced without submitting an update (meaning that the old version is pretty much lost forever in the sections and are only accessed by the legacy folder), removal of generators of all kind even if some generators make more sense to still exist as a generator and not as UberASM and there didn't exist any kind of double check of edited code.

That being said, a cleanup definitively was needed. Many older sprites are blatant edits of already existing sprites and it wouldn't make much sense to still keep them in the sections or merge them with other sprites if they're useful enough.
It brought a disaster in the beginning, of course, but after giving time to time, it was a good advance. It's still inexplicable how a lot of sprites became lost, and some others are still not converted though.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing patch remoderation?
(12 responses)

It's pretty good so far, although I'm thinking certain patches will be pointless to have on the website, like the direct page processing patch that the SMB1 Bowser Redux sprite requires. I mean, if that sprite was made to be better than ever before, I'm quite sure it won't need that patch anymore.
I think remods should be an on-demand thing. With proper user requests and a request system, just like with bugs.
I'm trying my best to update some patches while moderating the simpler ones, to maintain the project going; it could be faster now, when the waiting lines for the other ASM resources are empty.
Again, I want legacy stuff back: acmlm, 2005 era smwc, whatever. It's the ASM that I want to sift through to reuse.
Also probably a good idea. (Hey, at least there's not really any standardization issues here...)
I have no complaints. Asar also works way better than xkas, and not only that - after the remoderation is done, the patch section will be much cleaner and will have more optimal resources compared to previously.
It's slow as fuck right now. Good to see SA-1 getting attention though. Patches getting UberASM conversions is also good.
Good. Asar has had years to prove its stability and its superiority to xkas, so this move is logical. Good job in general.
Patches have long been a huge mess and something that, if a new editor arose, I'd love to see phased out in favor of disassemblies (as in editing code directly in an asm file, it'd be a lot less messy and a lot less crash prone). For now, I'm glad that the Hijacks map is being put to use. I'd maybe suggest teaching novice users how to combine patches that they want to use together that clash in terms of Hijacks, but that would involve actually getting into the nitty gritty of ASM so...
Given that the mistakes on sprite remoderation are avoided, I can say it goes pretty well.
It's better in execution than the sprite remod, clearly. I wonder if the guidelines for the remoderation ( are being applied though, because I don't follow every patch in the section, because I've seen some patches being removed with the reason "can be replicated with uberasm", without giving the proper uberasm code itself.

Would you like to see more ASM-oriented contests, like the Mad Scientist contest? How often would you like to see these kinds of contests?
(12 responses)

Definetly yes. I think it would be cool to organise them one time each year, but making them smaller and very focused on something specific.
It doesn't really matter to me, since I honestly don't have much interest in the ASM contests. But, I'm not against them being on SMWCentral, so even if I decide not to participate in one, I like to see the finished products.
we need more ASM contests as it allows more stuff to be created, and if it were possible a small asm contest every month or every other month would be kind of nice as the speed of new stuff would be a nice improvement
That's a weird one. I feel like part of the community gets angry every time asm-only stuff gets going. I really wish I wouldn't feel that way, the stuff that goes on is really cool in these.
At least 2 a year should be fine, really.
Contests are one of the best things on this site! As long as people are on board you should give the people what they want.
They'd be cool, if difficult (I didn't feel confident enough to enter the last one, and I'm at least decent with ASM).
I would like to see more, although coming up with ASM challenges for people can be sometimes... challenging, too. Maybe hosting ASM contests in parallel to some other contest (let's say there's an OW or Choco/Special Level contest going on - ASMers would code stuff for designers to use in their maps/levels and would be judged for these separately) could be a good idea? I dunno how something like this could work, though.
Once or twice a year. I feel like an ASM oriented contest should involve actually usable by the community resources which implies their code be submitted to the sections.
Yeah. Also, a workshop would be great. There was one a long time ago, though sadly I couldn't participate due to time constraints. A music one would be nice, too.
Contests that encourage ASM coding would be great, especially if they're made to encourage more people coding their own gimmicks. I'm not saying this to like go all Sonic hacking style "i got my code fuck all y'all", I mean so more people on the site become ASM coders, giving them chances to add special stuff to their hacks that no one else had before, while also providing more assets for the common user who can't get into programming and prefers to refine their skills in some other aspect.
An actual ASM contest once every year or two years is enough (CLDC often seemed to replace it). The biggest issue with Mad ASM Scientist was that it wasn't really beginner friendly (*cough* coding a boss on second round *cough*) and I'm sad that a similar contest which also avoids the mistake still doesn't exist.

If you were made SMW ASM section manager, what would you change?
(15 responses)

dump stuff from other games
I don't think I would change that many things really. I think things are fine the way they are.
Man, this isn't going to be an easy one for me to answer. I honestly don't think I'd need to make a change.
i would try to update all ASM not just some so that it fits with new tools and coding more smoothly as many things are very outdated and are partially or totally abandoned and many people have no idea about the older stuff, this is a big issue with dynamic sprites as even most staff know nothing about dynamic sprites as they are not used much
More on-demand work. Better focus on finishing what we started (that includes the collab / contest hack projects).
Well, I would specialize at least one or two staff in maintaining the Memory Maps; the best team would be one for SMW, one for YI, one for SM64 and one for the Hijack Map.
Re-upload literally everything that was discarded because a new tool came out and put it in a legacy section. Then people, if they want, can go in there and do what they want. Having jonwil's blocks back would be a dream.
I'd change the general focus of the section entirely. Focus on user-friendliness as much as possible instead of strictly enforcing a minimum standard of complexity. And I'd light a fire under the team to clear out the patches section. Patches from 2018 still going unmoderated is unacceptable.
As I mentioned in one of the other surveys, it might be nice to call to attention in the submission guidelines what is acceptable when it comes to tool and enhancement chip compatibility.
Hmm... I think I'd not change anything here. There aren't any issues in management that I could be aware of.
I'd get more moderators and helpers and not keep people in the dark regarding stuff such as OW sprites as uninterested as the community is.
The damage is already done, I'm not sure what can be done to fix it tbh. If a backup of the old sprites exist, then I'd just roll back to that and convert the sprites submitted since then to Romi's. Then, I'd put back Romi's as the official tool and label the other ones as "experimental", as this is what they are right now.
I'm banned so no way in hell would that happen. But honestly I'd focus on finishing the ROM Map and try to encourage a better atmosphere for complete newbies to learn ASM. Anyone who can pick up programming can "become carol", it's just that a lot of people are very scared of how strange ASM can be, especially if they tried to understand it through old, admittedly shoddy, nonsensical code from 2ch, so an atmosphere that kind of "softens ASM's edges" and gives ample room for mistake and experimentation would honestly benefit the community.
Difficult question. Maybe enforce a faster moderation and clearer moderation rules.
For everything that implies updating resources, organize everything very well before doing it. And make sure the team works as well, of course.

Non-SMW Hacking Survey

Is SMWCentral doing enough to promote the hacking of games other than Super Mario World? Should it be?
(8 responses)

it's not doing much, but it is called SMWcentral
well, the name is "super mario world central" so personally i dont think it should exactly be an issue. maybe as a "on the side" but there shouldnt be priority as there are other sites potentially that can arise
I don't know anything about SM64, but for Yoshi's Island it's already impoving: we already had an official contest and an official music section which are good steps. But it's still weird that, for example, the tool for inserting music isn't uploaded to the tools section... Also there is a lot of information vomited in the YI forum and even hacks. SMWCI hasn't been finished yet also, I'm sure a lot of people would want to play that hack and probably it'll inspire people to hack YI more.
Not really. I think it couldn't hurt to do more promotion. Even tho this isn't hacking, I think we should acknowledge Super Mario Maker 2 once it comes out.
It doesn't have to be, but it would be nice to have support for other games. It's always a nice extra.
It probably isn't, especially games other than Yoshi's Island and Super Mario 64.
No, it's not; not for SM64, and yes for Yoshi's Island.
The main focus on SMWC is SWM, duh. That being said, larger non-SMW projects like SMWCX and SMWCI exists, though the latter has got the issue of being in a limbo state.

What other games would you be interested in seeing on the side menu in the future?
(8 responses)

super mario bros 1
Don't know if this is possible to do, considering most of the mario games has its own communities or doesn't have enough material to supply themselves.
Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario All-Stars.
Super Mario Bros. 3. And when tools get developed for it more, Super Mario Bros. 2.
Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario RPG, New Super Mario Bros., and I suppose games like Donkey Kong Country if there are usable enough tools for them.
SMAS when MushROMs is finished.
Maybe SMAS. It used to have its own forum but due to lack of interest because of the lack of level editors, it got scrapped. However, SWR is currently working on an SMAS editor which finally starts a proper hacking scene and SMAS might get its own section back.

Is SMWCentral a notable place to find Yoshi's Island hacks and resources? If not, why not?
(7 responses)

yes, it was the first result when searching so i guess so yeah
definitely, most of existing released YI hacks are already on the site (some of them are lost, but that's not a site fault lol)
Not really, but it doesn't have to be. Yoshi's Island hacks are very few in supply, and with the limited pool of tools utilized for Yoshi's Island, the games (and by extension, the romhacks itself) pale in comparison to what Super Mario World has in comparison. That's not to say they aren't impressive in any way, it's just I wish there was more done about Yoshi's Island.
Seems okay.
I mean the only reason it comes to mind is because I can't think of any other place where it has a community.
Yoshi's Island is another game whose hacking scene hasn't got much interest compared to SMW. It has for a similar issue as SMAS except there is a notable level editor, albeit one which hasn't been updated for years and has its own issues (e.g. it displays only layer 1 adn background colour, no layer 2 and 3, no proper sprite display, etc.). Either way, SMWC seems to be the notable place of YI hacking because it's the only major one AFAIK.

What do you think we should do to promote Yoshi's Island hacking?
(8 responses)

put more of its content on the front page
get billboards and mrbeast to make campaigns and all that nonsense
Finishing SMWCI, and if possible trying to develop or impove the tools used for hacking (I know this is SO restrictive to actual coders + people who knows YI very well so not a strong point, but still valid kinda).
Yoshi's Island Kaizo level design contest
There's no answer I could provide that could help. This falls entirely on the tool selection for Yoshi's Island. Until there's more to play with, there's really not much that can be done.
More development of resources, especially tools, would be a great start. Golden Egg hasn't been updated in ages, and Kipernal's tools aren't even in the section, nor is AddmusicY.
Give XenonZed and BTD6more freedom to move stuff around to get people's attention on it. There's not much else to do as the hacking scene is held first and foremost by its level editing tool, which isn't good.
The biggest issue with Yoshi's Island hacking is the lack of tools (no block tool, no sprite tool, barebone addmusic), we still don't really understand Yoshi's Island's (but progress is made, not to mention that the majority of WRAM and SRAM is documented too) and the 2MiB limit also exists (although DiscoTheBat found out that this only applies to Super FX itself whereas the SNES can theoretically access 8MiB).
Either way, YILDC might have sparked interest for the one or another user but what really would spark interest in YI hacking would be the release of SMWCI.

Is SMWCentral a notable place to find Super Mario 64 hacks and resources? If not, why not?
(3 responses)

no, wasnt the first thing that came up in a google search
Not really, but it doesn't have to be. There's actually a large quantity of Super Mario 64 hacks, but the game is grand in scale, not to mention very difficult to maintain, so the hacks tend to be very short in comparison to Super Mario World. That doesn't mean they aren't impressive, but it kind of leaves an empty feeling of wanting more.
No, the community is more centered towards their hacking subreddit and (God forbid) Origami64.

What do you think we should do to promote Super Mario 64 hacking?
(4 responses)

make kaizo a thing i guess, that super ultra kaizo road or whatever really peaked my interest not gonna lie
There are actually a ton of tools for Super Mario 64. However, a large portion of them aren't very user-friendly. We still don't have a reliable music player for Super Mario 64, just to cite as an example; mainly due to the music format. There's really not much that can be done about it sadly. But, off topic, I really suggest there should at least something to be done about the SM64 Music Section. Maybe have the submissions include the music file *and* an .mp3/.ogg file for the site to play on its music player. (or the staff themselves could provide one) That way it's far more convenient to be able to preview and experiment. If the other sections can have a working music player, I don't see why the SM64 section can't.
Just kill this poor suffering child already. Pablo was a horrible moderator back when he was initially promoted and now that he's leader he's even worse, doing nothing to further the section. queueRAM doesn't even exist. The community would rather thrive in O64 - like it or not - or in their own Reddit community. There's too many newcomers and not enough (unbanned) people who's actually knowledgeable. Holy shit I'm staff and I keep forgetting these guys exist, which says a lot about how much of a shit Pablo gives.
Maybe have got a SM64LDC. The biggest issue is whether the userbase of SM64 hackers on SMWC is enough or not, especially in comparison to YI hacking.

Forum and Discord Survey

Do you feel like you can and would approach moderators and report posts you have an issue with?
(9 responses)

Somewhat - While I'm here would someone please update the damn Hack-Testing scoreboard?
i guess, never done it before though apart from some memes
Yes, I could - but it is sort of confusing to know specifically who to go to off hand. I also believe that a report post button with the ability to display a list of reports would be a good addition as well!
Maybe? My idea of what counts as trolling or otherwise insulting might have a lower threshold than what the moderators would say, but I'm not as active on the forums as I was in the past anyway.
Not really in forum. Yes in Discord somewhat.
Yes, absolutely.
Most of them, yes. But I wish they don't go on DnD on discord when they do bother to respond to a conversation bc it opens themselves up to be contacted.

Is the forum team well-staffed? Does the team need more moderators? (If you don't participate in the forums, answer "N/A".)
(10 responses)

Yes, I think we could use more moderators online at times (seems to be few to none when I am online at hours at a time).
I think the forum team is fine. Only recruit more moderators if the need arises (increased workload, absences, stepdowns, etc.) but otherwise things are fine.
I'm not sure, honestly. Sorry.
I believe so. There's plenty of people, and if need be you can get a hold of someone.
Too much staff. Why do we need a large staff team when it only needs a few users.

Do forum moderators catch infringing posts quickly enough?
(7 responses)

i dont see any so i guess (i dont participate but i do skim read from time to time)
As far as I am aware, they are decent, but there's been a few slow responses I noticed. Even one thread sort of had ongoing replies in it until someone finally trashed it.
Good enough as far as I know.
Faster than I can lol
I think so
They do.

Are there posts which forum moderators should have responded to, but missed? Please provide examples.
(3 responses)

None that I can think of at this time, or relates to (current) staff.
Not that I know.
I wish I had some examples of such.

Is the discord team well-staffed? Does the team need more moderators? (If you don't participate in the discord server, answer "N/A".)
(910 responses)

the moderators generally don't seem to reply to requests or such very much
seems good
I recently joined Discord, so I cannot say for certain. I do think it too could use a handful more as well.
I barely participate in the discord server, but I do notice there's always at least one discord staff on when I do check in. So I think the staff is fine on that front.
Isn't "Discord" capitalized? I would assume it's fine, though it might be worth double-checking time zones and typical waking hours for them (which also applies to the forums, while we're at it).
The server has grown larger and it could use more mods but you guys were so slow with this that applications already started and ended.
I believe so, yes.
Maybe more mods in the discord. Kind of it seems like there's a lot of shitposting in #general Idk if that matters just thought I would put it out there.
Too much staff.

Do discord moderators catch infringing posts quickly enough?
(7 responses)

See above/Unsure [mod note: "I recently joined Discord, so I cannot say for certain."]
Not sure. Haven't participated enough to give an opinion.
Not in #world-of-insanity (citation: I've told them to watch closer)
They do.

Are there posts which discord moderators should have responded to, but missed? Please provide examples.
(6 responses)

yes, i've asked about some sprite stuff in #asm a few times but never received help
not that i know of also i might be stupid and read it wrong but "responded to but missed" sounds like a contradiction
See above/None [mod note: "I recently joined Discord, so I cannot say for certain."]
Haven't participated enough to know.
A lot of memes in woi which unfortunately due to the super strict rules aren't allowed in the server are usually caught up to two hours late BUT then you have this guy warning someone for a video which says "fuck" and apparently that's wrong now. And then you let youknowwho have his fucking meltdowns everywhere which is unpleasant and I'm sure not a formal warning has been handed.
I wish I had some examples of such.

Event and Public Relations Survey

What kind of contests would you like to see in the future?
(10 responses)

chocolate level design contests
vanilla kaizo, kaizo, pit, single level, any% working hack
There are several contests that would be very good to bring again, such as Secret santa, Winter LDC, Kaizo LDC, Halloween LDC, Automatic LDC, etc. All of those are very good! although I haven't participated of many, I still love contests and would like someone to organize and bring those good contests back to life.
A contest for levels inspired by and using ExGFX from other games, like Sonic, Yoshi's Island, Castlevania, Mega Man or something
VLDC. I know that's always been a contest, but never cease this contest. It's wonderful.
I don't know, because I suck at all of them.
24hrsmw, kaizo level design because duh, automatic level design.
ASM normal
ASM 48 or 72h
24ho Submap
Every three months a 24hoSMW
Thematic Level Contests outside of the chocolate-vanilla dictonomy, such as contests based off of holidays or based off of earth's axis. Additionally I would want to see the return of the 12 days of Christmas contest najeraldo hosted a long time ago. And also consider having cash prizes.

Should the Public Relations team host more hacking events? (e.g. most 24hr and big level design contests) How often would you like to see these kinds of contests?
(10 responses)

dont know
Well, I think it would not be so cool to make big contests with big frequency. Besides giving enough work, I like them but I think they could give more attention to the smaller contests as well.
Yes, 100%
I don't see why not. Being more interactive isn't always a bad thing. Just try not to burn yourself out on these contests and space them out how you see fit.
Well, aside from the above comment, more contests would be all right if there are people willing to run them.
Yes, and as regularly as can be afforded.
Yes, two big contests per year with side kaizo or themed and a 24ho every three or four months.
24hr is a nice format but maybe you could try a 48hr or 72hr format? just saying. also having at least 3 hacking events in a year seems enough for me
They should, and it should be every 1-3 months.

Should the Public Relations team host more events not related to hacking? (e.g. Pokémon Showdown, Chess) How often would you like to see these kinds of contests?
(10 responses)

how can you hack chess
quite often, might spice it up, but perhaps in the offtopic sections
Particularly I'm not so a fan of non-SMW Hacking contests, but I believe there are people who still like misc. contests, and would also be a great idea to relive those contests too!
I might not participate in these, but it'd be nice to see some so I could judge whether I like them or not.
I'm not opposed to it. It may not be as popular as some hacking contests, however, so maybe not as often.
I'd love to get involved in these! I'm not particular good at chess but I'm decent at pokemon. Not that I wouldn't participate in a chess tourney. That would be fun.
Yes, more (Non-)VGM or otherwise. Maybe like once every 4 months or something?
yeah definitely, maybe one or two per year
I don't care for those.

What kind of content would you like to see from our social media platforms? (Youtube, Twitter, etc.)
(10 responses)

don't care
mario world hacks
I don't have twitter, and facebook I rarely visit. Of course, sometimes I follow the SMWCentral channel's and I really enjoy trailer hacks, event lives, greatest hills, let's moderates, let's buildings, let's plays, etc.
I dunno. Longplays of featured hacks, I guess?
VLDC entries on YouTube, if they aren't already covered. Maybe even ones that don't place?
Announcements, staff spotlights and Member of the Month, featured resources, and perhaps some Let's Plays or Let's Moderate are some things that come to mind.
Content Spotlights.
Why is this obligatory I don't use social media
Do more funnies instead of just being automated event announcements. Post about new interesting hacks or resources. Pray Sephazon is back soon to miraculously fix the YT.
I think showcases are enough
Let's Plays of any and all hacks.

How should the Public Relations team interact with the community?
(10 responses)

provide updates on popular patches, hacks, etc
Pay attention to what is happening in the community and forums, whenever have a fight, find some way to stop it.
I'm not really sure.
This is probably a vague question, so I can't really provide an answer that would probably help. But being interactive would probably help a lot. Being interactive shows that you care for your community.
Acting as intermediaries between the staff team and regular users, such as when it comes to site plans (recall the recent sprite tool controversy), would be good, being the first people to come to for questions, and going out of their way to get to know the users.
Posting more and being less morose
PR as the face of the community should actually make a try to form bonds with our newer users. PR doesn't involve hacking too much to my eyes, but it'd help to display said skills. Right now Ryaa is the only one who strikes me with that vibe. Why is Katerpie still PR Why is someone who has admitted doesn't want to deal with PR stuff still PR
more polls and listening to the community
Not silencing people with radically different opinions


The hacks section was hurting for new mods, but with the most recent staff applications this has been fixed. At the top of the to-do list are improving the filtering system in the section page and working to make removal logs more clear, thorough, and objective.

The team is also discussing what to do with featured hacks.


Originally posted by Gloomy
SMW Graphics Manager's TO-DO List

1) Add a Core Values section to the submission guidelines concerning things like graphics not difficulting gameplay in any possible way, graphics agreeing with how they're supposed to be interacted with the player (example: a Spiny reskin must look dangerous from above, an FG object that looks solid must be solid, BG objects must look not solid, etc.), simple edits avoidance (with proper reasoning) and avoidance of eye-searing colors, broken gradients and other bad practices.

2) Add a submission guideline about including original content creators, such as MFGG artists, in the Authors field for Original Graphics submissions, as in, those that don't come from released games and other media. Failure to follow will be reason for instant rejection.

3) Encourage the userbase in some way or form to report accepted submissions with below minimum quality, so they can be remoderated with proper team discussion. Similarly, encourage the userbase to report rejected submissions with above minimum quality.

4) Add a submission guideline about .bin files optimization and avoiding submitting more .bin files than necessary.

5) Add a submission guideline about Layer 2 and 3 BG submissions having to have the best scrolling settings possible in their sample level.

6) Ask around for possible new tags for our list.

7) Hire a group of helpers to update old submissions that have a .pal but not a matching .palmask file.

8) Push for the creation of a Basehacks section so Graphics Hacks can be moved to there.

9) Help with the development and launch of ExGFX/Pixel Art challenges and other graphics-related contests.


Originally posted by Nameless
  1. Continuing and expanding remoderation
    this one sort of doesn't pertain to the survey since this was going on before it even dropped. however, things it covered involved some responses we had gotten (specifically, the one for new tags, of which we added two).
  2. Changes to the music section
    once a decision has been made regarding the samples classification (of which i've already decided on) and the potential for a remix distinction (still up in the air, but), this will become another duty to tack onto remoderation. though these weren't changes that came from the survey, they did come through various feedback via the forums and staff feedback, so i'll loosely count it.
  3. Maybe some BRR-related stuff?
    i want to find a way to increase participation into the brr section again. a survey question actually did pertain to this stuff, and there's definitely something to be derived from there. participation is a low priority to remoderation plans, but i do aim to develop something soon. i liked the idea of a tutorial, maybe we can do something like that?


- Begin accepting simple blocks.
- Develop a clearer standard for code optimization and when unoptimized code will be accepted/rejected.
- Work to more often moderate tools and resources in a first in, first out manner.
- Host an ASM workshop. (tentatively scheduled somewhere in May-June).
- Host a more beginner-friendly ASM contest.

Super Mario 64

Real life commitments have prevented Pablo's Corner from doing much of anything in the section until recently. Now that that's out of the way, he plans to rework the section, including changes to the SM64 forum and it's structure.

Yoshi's Island

Originally posted by XenonZed
SMWCI is nearing completion. Expect a public beta to release sometime in the near future. After we have that out of our way, my primary focus with the section is encouraging the development of new tools. Plans also include consolidation of all the information and resources just floating around in the YI forum as well as starting a series of tutorials relating to YI hacking. I also plan to hold more YI-related contests in the future.


A rewrite of the rules is underway right now, helmed by Impetus.

Discord is in a pretty good spot. Hiring more Discord moderators has really helped. There is the possibility of adding a ping-able Helper role, but as of right now there are no planned changes to the Discord server.

Events/Public Relations

PR is focused on three things currently:

- More and more varied site events.
- Revamping the SMWCentral Youtube channel (this has been Sephazon's thing but personal issues on his end have prevented things from happening).
- Revisiting our affiliations and possibly making new ones in the future.
I think overall the survey turned out really well. And it helped discussion and gave some ideas for improvement.

Overall, I think it could be good to make this like a yearly thing to do from time to time. Thank you to those who were able to submit good answers! They were indeed helpful.

Be a cool person and check out this thread and comment on it!
There's custom dimensions and really neat sorcery you can enjoy!
Scrydan does Datapack things to Minecraft - 1.16 Minecraft Java Datapack Requests

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
That's one huge ass thread.

Overall I like the changes that are being implemented/discussed in regards to the hacks and resources sections (especially music because y'know), but let's be honest, what people are really expecting is what you guys have to say in regards to the community complaints & feedback (aka the bigger part of the first post).
LINKS Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud | Fortaleza Reznor
to hear birds and see none.
Seconding what Maxo said, I think it's the most important part of the survey and shouldn't be missing (as it was the survey which received more answers in general), and I'm sure a lot of people wants to know about this aspect.

Now about Graphics section (the section I care the most, obviously):
Originally posted by Gloomy
3) Encourage the userbase in some way or form to report accepted submissions with below minimum quality, so they can be remoderated with proper team discussion. Similarly, encourage the userbase to report rejected submissions with above minimum quality.

6) Ask around for possible new tags for our list.

7) Hire a group of helpers to update old submissions that have a .pal but not a matching .palmask file.

I really like those proposals. As you (Gloomy) may know, I've reported some submissions, but doing it via PM it's a bit ambiguous, so if a eventual Report system become official would be good. About the tags I have some ideas to add/remove/rework some of the current ones. Adding .palmask files would be really good, and as we can see some users have been doing this lately, so having a proper helper team to do this job would be good, and of course I'd be willing to help.

I'm assuming there will be later a proper discusion thread where we can discuss about this topic specifically, so I'll wait for that instead of cluttering more here.

2021 TRENO vibe check thread
A lot of my replies mentioned other replies to the feedback we got (there was a lot of "I agree with Gloomy" in the graphics section) but I would be willing to post some of what I said here after I get home from work, especially the pr/Twitter stuff.

Though I think it's easy to see why we didn't want to just dump what was essentially an entire other thread of discussion into this one. The survey itself is already super long.

Compared to the giant wall of text that is the survey answers, the staff response seems... underwhelming? I feel like it would help to summarize all the points people made, maybe rank them by frequency or importance, and respond to each with an "official" statement, including what action will or won't be taken.

In general it's probably helpful to gather feedback like this, and it'd be cool to have more surveys every so often.


Like I said I would, here's (most) of my responses.

I responded to the Graphics and PR feedback we got, and it was posted after a lot of other people posted theirs. I've scrubbed out responses I thought went over stuff that were staff sensitive... or were just me going "I agree with ____ *shrug*"

And I did have a response for the feedback that mentions me directly. I'll be trying to deal with that when I can get over my anxiety a bit.

It's worth noting almost everyone who responded, did so in long form like I have, and what noivern posted that isn't a direct quote from a team leader's plans for the section is -heavily- cut down.

Originally posted by Teyla
This doesn't really live up to our standards, imo. Just because something was used in a game doesn't necessarily mean we need it in our section.

Question: Why tho? Is it too realistic, does it eat up all the foreground space? Without checking the file itself, it almost seems like you're saying it's useless because nobody will use it. The whole "Just because something was used in a game doesn't necessarily mean we need it in our section" doesn't make sense since that's the point of a background rip. If nobody uses it, who cares? It's there to provide an option.

(Doesn't help people thought it was cool in that very comments section)

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Question: Why tho?

Because it looks like a mountain of feces with those colors and barely readable stone formations. The river at the bottom looks like it's made of chocolate, because it's not really trying to emulate how sunset water looks. And last but not least, the sky gradient heavily clashes with everything else with how choppy and saturated it is.

It wasn't brought to question because it's "realistic" (it's not, paragraph above) or because it's a background rip. It's simply because it looks bad.
Originally posted by Gloomy
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Question: Why tho?

Because it looks like a mountain of feces with those colors and barely readable stone formations. The river at the bottom looks like it's made of chocolate, because it's not really trying to emulate how sunset water looks. And last but not least, the sky gradient heavily clashes with everything else with how choppy and saturated it is.

It wasn't brought to question because it's "realistic" (it's not, paragraph above) or because it's a background rip. It's simply because it looks bad.

While I can agree with Tyty's assertations stating that "Just because something was used in a game doesn't necessarily mean we need it in our section.", I only agree with that statement not on the idea that the graphic that was used in a generally commericial game looks bad (which is a subjective judgement), but that the original context of which they were made for that was ripped would not always translate to a side-scrolling platformer game of which Super Mario World belongs to (e.g. if the background or tileset in question uses an isometric or overhead perspective when used in a level, and if the background cannot seamlessly loop using the variable scroll setting, therefore has limited to no practical use-cases for SMW).

The other reason would be if the rip would only be able to be rendered properly in SMW outside of any downsampling (which is a necessary evil to do especially for graphics of games that appeared in console and handheld systems after the SNES that aren't going for a faux-retro aesthetic such as NSMB for the Nintendo DS and there are more than 16 colors used that you would have to trim down similar contrasting colors just so that it can convert for use in a SNES game) if it effectively takes up the entirety of the available graphic bypass slots if it cannot be optimized further due to the way it was drawn in the original game. (e.g. if one was to submit this SMRPG bg into the graphic section Id imagine it would be rejected bc of that reason alone. Correct me if im wrong, Gloomy and co.).

That said, all of that being stated by you, Gloomy (and by extension Tyty above) has never been explicitly enumerated in the Graphic Submissions Guidelines that graphics that have generally bad pixel art practices (e.g. pillowshading, low contrast, stray pixels when downsampling higher bit images) is a valid removal reason. Instead, what is on the guidelines are more or less hardline removal reasons treated as a core value such as not overriding important functions such status bar palettes, player palettes, and the "global" map16 pages (first 3 for fg, first 2 for bg) which is perfectly fine with me bc those are objective standards SMWC has and should only be enforced...basically what can be inserted into your SMW hack with minimal to no problems.

When you start removing graphics for the more subjective aspects such as this (yes im aware this was resubmitted with updates and got accepted but like, the point here on why I disagree with the removal in the first place is that the moderator in question literally described generally the kind of artistic style the author uses in her already submitted tilesets and that one is as useable as any other tileset from that author and others) among others like the strolling stu incident a few years back, you make the moderation process more subjective as a process than it should ever be. The reason being is that you are gatekeeping the kind of artistic styles that are allowed to be hosted in the section for people to download outside of any technical problems and best formatting and usability practices outlined in the submission guidelines (which btw, even the shittiest-looking graphics have their uses depending on what the hack author in question wants to use it for), which id rather leave that determination for the individual hack authors to download for their own use if it can fit their hacks over a centralized authority to make that determination.

TL;DR - I agree with what Tyty said that we don't need to host every tileset or bg used in a game but not for his reasons of bad quality art in other games, my reasons lie on limited usability by virtue of the source game not translating well over to a side-scrolling platform game bc of different artistic perspectives for their own sort of gameplay and the fact that some graphics would leave you with virtually no free bypass slots left. That is as far as where I would go with that on removing graphics that aren't explicitly said as a reason in the guidelines (e.g. pillowshaded graphics, low contrast, artifacting), bc the moment you begin to remove graphics based on your subjective determination of what is bad outside of a generally objective metric that focuses on whether or not a graphic can insert into the SMW ROM without overwriting stuff like the status bar and "global" map16 pages is where I have problems with you all on that one because that should be left up to the individual hack author to download or not for their hacks in the making. Your job should only focus on whether or not the submitted graphic files insert as intended on what the guidelines currently written say, and terrible graphics that meet the explicit guidelines should not be removed outside of the stated exceptions I have suggested out of my concurrent agreement with Tyty's statement.

On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

I don't want to elaborate so much in just a single example (considering how big is the graphics section and probably there won't be so many examples besides this) but I don't find that valid your points to calify that background stricly as "bad". Yes, the details may not be the best, the river is bad, and the gradient is clashy, but I don't think those are necesarily bad just by themselves, and I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people who actually like that background (even if just the minority likes them, clashy hacks still exists). Also not a relatable reason but still for consider: for being a downport from an Arcade game (a very famous one, by the way), the background still does the job well in my opinion, even looking that "unrealistic" in execution but "realistic" in essence.

Though, as I'm not a graphic artist, probably I'll never understand your reasons so I'm not the best person here to opine, but wanted to give my point of view anyway. The fact that I love clash doesn't help neither as that's probably something that makes me think different (I'm sorry).

2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I've seen far worse submissions. Lookin' at you, Windows-themed foregrounds. But what we perceive as good or bad is merely subjective.

If it works, it works. Just as long it's not killing anyone's eyes and causing epilepsy. Which, as far as I know, the Killer Instinct background rip is completely incapable of doing so.


That submission wasn't removed for a reason. The general consensus among our team for that submission was: if it solely depended on us, it'd be rejected. But we know that sometimes what we think of a submission isn't exactly what the userbase does, so we just leave it alone. There are many other submissions that we accepted even though we were not super excited in doing so.

I don't think we push our standards to the point of concern, otherwise the answers we'd get for the moderation standards question in the survey would be mostly negative instead of what we got, which was mostly positive, with one of them even saying we're too lax. If the community in general is satisfied with the current standards, I see no reason to make any changes on that aspect. I also don't see how the pros of lowering them outweigh the cons, so I'm happy that things turned out like that.
To add on to that, the response in question that even brought up the topic was entirely my own opinion. I didn't see much use in that background, even as a clashy one, because it just looks like a pile of brown to me... But that doesn't actively decide what gets in. That's not up to me. It was my response to the feedback we received and other responses, and I was really the only one to mention maybe raising the standards a bit. We do have standards for original graphics, and I felt they should maybe be applied to rips as well.

I would like to say though, that pulling up submissions from 2014 doesn't make much of a strong case. The standards change, and if we did end up enforcing a stricter quality standard down the line, they'd likely still remain on the site until a remoderation. That's how it's worked in other sections to my knowledge. We won't just up and remove something unless it gets obsoleted or turns out to be plagiarized. Gloomy's plans also mention a way to report below-quality accepted submissions (and above-quality rejected ones!) for us to review, in which case it would be a remoderation of that specific resource. That's very much an idea I agree with.

I feel user curation on its own won't work for any system, but users being able to decide what is up to par on an already curated selection is a great idea imo. It keeps us in check but also allows us to keep the system from getting flooded like, say, what's been happening with Steam recently.

I must've forgotten to hit submit on my entries 'cause they aren't there. Oh well, here's the...

Delete if inappropriate.

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Bumping this thread because it has been more than 3 months since the survey's results and still there isn't an official response to non-resources aspects of this:

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
I feel like it would help to summarize all the points people made, maybe rank them by frequency or importance, and respond to each with an "official" statement

Originally posted by Maxodex
what people are really expecting is what you guys have to say in regards to the community complaints & feedback (aka the bigger part of the first post).

Will there even be an official statement of staff/admins about this? Given the time this has been without a response made me think you are basically ignoring everything negative.

2021 TRENO vibe check thread
the point was less official responses so much as heeding the feedback and showing it through action. we evaluated the feedback - and while we can't really do anything about the people who said they hated the community, our discord moderation has become more relaxed regarding issues of speech and word choices, and our forum rules are in the process of being revamped.

that aside, i'm not too terribly sure what kind of response you are expecting? our responses were primarily "yes i'm happy", "no - the site is too politically correct" for whether users feel welcome, and we've decided to work on making our rules more clear while being more relaxed on the punishments we've had within the past few years.

for the section regarding the site interface - it's an open secret now that the site has had a ui update in the makings for a few years now. expect some more info on this on a later date.

if you're curious about any other specific forms of feedback you'd like a response to, i and the rest of staff would be happy to clarify here.

Originally posted by idol
that aside, i'm not too terribly sure what kind of response you are expecting? [...]

Wasn't it simply a matter of explaining what new policies the staff was (or wasn't) gonna adopt from now on regarding how they will deal with the community? That's literally what was done when it came to responding to the resources feedback. Ever since the staff response came about, nothing really tangible was expressed about the whole thing so it's not surprising there were people (like me) who felt that it was all, at worst, entirely ignored.

Your post right here is finally bringing some clarity to it, since it's explicitly saying what was done and what's being planned, and I really appreciate that.
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Yeah, basically what Maxo said, exactly what you did in the first reply of this thread but with the points missing (New Site Policies/Rules, Community Handling, Site Interface, etc...). That's what I was expecting.

2021 TRENO vibe check thread
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