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What are some songs you can't believe haven't been ported to SMW yet?

Originally posted by las-atlantis

sup bro!

also, take me back to eden by sleep token. uncultured swine, the lot of you
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I think we need more ports of games like Dynamite Headdy sega mega drive has great games and soundtrack.
I'm surprised no one tried to do a better version of the Simpsons theme. The one we have right now sounds too underdeveloped, and it loops right before the "Marge and Maggie at the store" part.

If anything, I'd honestly love to see more songs from Rhythm Heaven get ported over to SMWC. :)
i'm mostly surprised by the lack of puyo puyo music, at least from what i've found.
i was really hoping for some puyo sun music ; - ;
Tales of Phantasia is a soundtrack filled with many hidden gems, and considering the amount of SNES JRPG music on this site, I'm surprised at how few ports it got.
There are very few ports from Final Fantasy I & II (NES), which is shocking considering the amount of ports for IV, V and VI and that ROM hacks of VI have lots of music from I & II that could be ported to SMW.