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What are some songs you can't believe haven't been ported to SMW yet?
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Discussion - What are some songs you can't believe haven't been ported to SMW yet?
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You definitely have better wording than me.

I guess this thread is a great resource of "What song should I port" stuff. Some of them are actually even not that hard to do.

Originally posted by Emerald Shell
Well, no MIDIs are available in VGMusic and I don't think there's someone who would be interested in porting a song by ear from this game. It's the same reason as for why there are no songs from Super Mario Odyssey.

The term "porting with ears" is... hard (at least for me?). It's literally disassembling a compiled program with your musical brain, and you can't use a computer program to do such a boring job, due to the nature of music.

I am not saying it's impossible. I use other ways to achieve it: disassemble the music binary code directly (if the game using MIDI-like format to store music), asking help for people who have better ears (eg. taking MIDI from sites like or even asking the original author for the music score.

Also, there is an interesting article about "porting with ears". Sadly it's not in English, but I guess Google Translate works here.
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- Title theme (Touhou 6) [I keep forgetting the name]
- Final Boss (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) / Title theme (MMPR /MMPR The Movie)
- Angel Island Act 1 & Act 2 (Sonic 3) [Has no one even thought of this. It's the first stage of the game]
- Strange World (Mega Man 9) [We have stages 1 and 2. This would be a good addition]
- Sting Chameleon (Mega Man X) [There was one years ago. It was used in Super Pika Land: Chocolate Version. I'm surprised there's not even an accurate one yet]
- Flame Stag (Mega Man X2) [The song is so short. It wouldn't even take up much space. Plus, it's upbeat as hell.]
- Crazy Frog (The Internet) [Just the main melody... nothing more]
- About half of the Rudra no Hihou tracks, such as evil eyes. [Do I need to explain]
- At the End of Spring (Touhou 12) [Again, there was one years ago... we want it back] [[1 month later EDIT: Wakana, you son of a gun!!]]

And last, but not least...

- Abandoned Memory (Mega Man 10) [Yet we got No Turning Back, Against the Pressure, Wily's Boss Phase 1, and that goddamn Wily's Fortress Boss Theme I highly doubt anybody thinks first of when they think of the Mega Man 10 OST!]
N E V E R - L O S E - Y O U R - E D G E
Originally posted by Hooded Edge
- Strange World (Mega Man 9) [We have stages 1 and 2. This would be a good addition]

Originally posted by Hooded Edge
- Sting Chameleon (Mega Man X) [There was one years ago. It was used in Super Pika Land: Chocolate Version. I'm surprised there's not even an accurate one yet]


Originally posted by Hooded Edge
- Abandoned Memory (Mega Man 10) [It's literally Journey to Silius Stage 1 with Mega Man vibes. How could no one do this.]

Roberto zampari has made a port of this, but it was rejected. You can look at its removal log here.
Originally posted by DPBOX

Wow, I didn't even know this area was accessible to people who weren't admins and moderators. Neat! Thank you.

Also, kinda surprised that we only seem to have 1 JoJo port. I expected at least Bloody Streams or Roundabout, but we only have Vanilla Ice's theme. Same thing for Smash songs. We only have Ness' victory fanfare rather than Bramble Blast, SMW Title Screen/Credits Medley, Target Test, and so on...
Link to an old post containing songs from Freedom Planet that anyone wanted to port because why not.

Other than Freedom Planet songs, I am expecting to see more Puyo Puyo ports (meaning the ones from Puyo Puyo Fever and Puyo Puyo 7), like this one.

Also, Bayoeen BRR sample when???

EDIT: Don't forget to include Splatoon, too.
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It would be interesting to see pors from Doki Doki Literature Club. LadiesMan217 made one, but there are more. Also, some Fortnite music stuff. Another one would Concrete Man from Mega Man 9. This one was ported but it's not available.

There are definitely some songs from DDLC that I'd love to hear on the SNES besides Dreams of Love and Literature. And I agree, it'd be lovely to default dance on Bowser's corpse after dunking him into the storm.
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Thread for hack I might not finish due to poor time management
You also got to consider that some of the lengthy songs take up a lot of space, and especially for those of us who use 4 mb+ roms, that's something that you gotta take in, so some soundtracks like "The Messenger" can be considered impossible to replicate for space... but that's just my thoughts on some ports that we haven't had yet.
N E V E R - L O S E - Y O U R - E D G E
Pretty much any Bowser final boss theme past Mario 64 needs to be ported.... seriously.

(this isn't a request, I'm just surprised there isn't more of 'em. King of the Koopas was ported a couple times but not publicly available)

Oh yeah and also Kirby: Planet Robobot needs a port as well. Hell Star Allies already has a song ported by Pinci. Again, we got close with the opening stage theme and the bonus theme (forgot the names), but again no releases...

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There could be more Metroid songs tbh, even if its music is more atmospheric. It's usually either Super Metroid (with the advantage on being on the SNES) or the most famous songs (Kraid's Lair, SR588 Overworld (understandable, though), Sector 4 - Underwater, Brinstar and Submerged Temple).
Songs from Mario Odyssey also are entirely missing.

Okay, my layout looks ugly.
Hi, I'm new to the forum, I'm a speedrunner that doesnt know much about hacking roms but love SMW rom hacks:


And I came here with some ideas,

I was surprised that my prefer childhood 16 bit games had their musics absent on SMW hacks, so I came with some suggestions:

The Thread that brought me here:

I have some particular songs in mind that would fit so well in SMW hacks (Like I have songs in mind for wood levels, water levels, snowy levels, Sky levels, etc) But I'm not much experienced on FL studio, although I could try (if no one feels interested), but here we go:

Please. tell me if there's any problem to post youtube links here:

I don't think there's any problem with posting YouTube links, so you're good!
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Thread for hack I might not finish due to poor time management
Originally posted by TheEvilKingBowser
I don't think there's any problem with posting YouTube links, so you're good!

Thank You!

By the way, I was informed that a porter is giving special attention to this thread? How many beloved users are actually trying to port the suggestions and who are them? #w{=)}

Deserve millions thanks from the start!


- Song:
Aero Acrobat 2 - Bell Castle Act 1
- Perfect for:
water levels (or stages with rivers)
- link


- Song:
Asterix - Cliffs (this got a scottish bagpipe feel on it)
- Perfect for:
mountains, plains, cliffs
- link


- Song:
Asterix - Helvetia Snowy Mountains
- Perfect for:
Snowy mountains =)
- link


- Song:
Joe and Mac OST – Echoes from the Valley
- Perfect for:
Swamps, woods, auto scrollings, You name it
- link


- Song:
Alone In The Dark 3 OST - Investigating On The Other Side
- Perfect for:
Haunted levels
- link


- Song:
Alone in the Dark 3 - Welcome To Slaughter Gulch
- Perfect for:
More Haunted levels!
- link

- Song:
Golden Axe OST – Path of the Fiend
- Perfect for:
This song sounds like adventure at start but brings a sense of danger and challenge (castles) in the middle. Could be cut in half for 2 different songs in my opinion
- link


- Song:
Aero the Acro Bat 2 - Disco Fever Act 1 ~ Disco Fever Act 3
- Perfect for:
Actually this tune is so groovy that goes well with anything lol
- link

I can't believe there are no unsampled Asterix & Obelix ports available. It would be nice if there were alternative versions of some songs.

For your future reference, you can create hyperlinks. Click on the green A, copy your link and then write text directs you to the other site upon click.
Thank You for the tips! Still getting used to forums actually ( is only I take part in) xD

Glad you Enjoy it! #w{=)}

BTW, check the list again, I took off some songs that are kinda repetetive for the thread for the time being, Just to avoid overloading and focusing on the good ones (I keep my personal giant list to myself in any case).

And I put new ones.

Those are songs that are simple but pleasant at same time, some loops easy to handle (if I only got the skills on FL Studio (to not take days on it lol)

They are easy for any experienced porter in my opinion, are most 16 bit existend SNES/Genesis games, but they can pack a load of fun and nostalgia into upcoming hacks.

I like everybody suggestions so far xD

I wish porters gave this thread a lot of attention #w{=D}
Originally posted by Emerald Shell
- Mega Man X - Sigma Fortress 1

I heard an unsampled version being used in "Super Mario World - The After Years", and it's pretty good. It was probably pretty old as well, so it probably disappeared over the years somehow, just like some other tracks.
N E V E R - L O S E - Y O U R - E D G E
You've surprised me. You must've played or just seen this hack played by someone on YT, haven't you? I didn't even know this version's ever existed. It wasn't even on HeavyMetalRocker1988's channel. How was I supposed to know that at the time of my very first post in the thread if I haven't even seen that hack before?

But someone must really redo MMX - Sigma Fortress 1. I'm amazed that this theme isn't available in SMW Music section anymore knowing the fact that it's more popular than Sigma Fortress 2 and 4 which did get ported (both ports are even sampled).

There's also MM7 - Wily Fortress 1 which has been ported, but is no longer available. It's also more popular than Wily Fortress 2 which is still here, but I wish it was even more accurate as the description of that submission implies. I don't think Wily Fortress 3 got ported at all and it's a shame if it hasn't been. Port of Wily Fortress 4 is old and therefore it sucks. I also heard a newer one in Fullcannon's level which I assume was made by them.

How come some popular themes from certain games don't have their ports available while less popular ones from the same games do?
Sticker Star in general. It's just so good.
Some SNES music I can't find in the section (might have been released elsewhere, not assed enough to find out):

- Biker Mice from Mars - City
- Breath of Fire II's battle themes are short and straight to the point, being kind of ideal for platformer boss battles, which are also short in general.
- Chrono Trigger - Silent Light, Sealed Door, Undersea Palace (sampled) and World Revolution
- Clock Tower - Dead End, Satanic Place of Worship
- Final Fantasy IV - Within the Giant
- Final Fantasy V - The Fierce Battle, a new port of Unknown Lands, The Book of Sealings, a new port of The Last Battle
- Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Mountain Range of Whirlwinds
- Live-a-Live - City of Hopelessness
- Zelda A Link to the Past - Safety in the Sanctuary
- Lufia II - Cave, Labyrinth, Door of Journey, Towering Mountain, The Abysmal Depths of the Ocean, The Lost World, Watchtowers of the Seal
- Terranigma - Dark Side Field (sampled), Light Side Field
- Tales of Phantasia - Freeze, Desolate Road, Morlia Gallery, Tasteful, Lake on Ymir, Abyss of Thor, Forest of the Treant (sampled), Biting Cold (sampled), Unicorn



- NSMB Wii - a new port of the Castle theme
- Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - the series as a whole is criminally underported
- Final Fantasy (PS1) - Chaos Shrine
- Final Fantasy III (DS) - Forbidden Land Eureka
- Golden Sun - Venus Lighthouse (sampled)
- Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - Warp Pipe (I know this is from SMRPG but I prefer this version, lol), a new port of Teehee Valley, Cackletta Battle, Chucklehuck Woods, a new port of Boss Battle, Final Cackletta Battle
- Mario Kart Super Circuit - Cheese Land, Sunset Wilds, Ribbon Road, Rainbow Road
- Pokémon GSC - Route 38
- Pokémon RSE - Ancient Braille Cave, Mount Pyre, Dive
- Pokémon XY - Route 15
- Zelda Minish Cap - Elemental Sanctuary (sampled), a new port of Temple of Droplets
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Originally posted by Gloomy

- Chrono Trigger - Silent Light
- Final Fantasy IV - Within the Giant
- Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - Mountain Range of Whirlwinds

I swore I've heard Silent Light before. Sadly, it wasn't submitted.

I've heard FFIV Within The Giant before... ... ... on a FFV Ancient Cave randomizer romhack. If that counts, lol...

I've heard just about every port of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest EXCEPT for Mountain Range of Whirlwinds, and it is quite an injustice because that's one of my favorite music pieces. I remember getting started on a port myself only to run into a wall due to lack of time and dedication. I think I'd rather leave it to someone more dedicated to porting music than myself anyways.

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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Discussion - What are some songs you can't believe haven't been ported to SMW yet?

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