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Piranha Park by BlooberryPi

File Name: Piranha Park
Submitted: by BlooberryPi
Authors: BlooberryPi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: That lazy plumber, now Yoshi has to take to dealing with the trouble coming from Petey himself, leading to Yoshi's journey into Piranha Park as Mario is away for who knows how long.

This is a slightly harder, intermediate Kaizo hack, with a lot of chocolate visuals from here on the site, and mostly vanilla gameplay in itself. 17 exits of platforming goodness and mostly tight jumps. Along with some fun secrets! Can you find them all?

THIS HACK USES SA-1, So please be aware of that if you use hardware.

Update 1.2 - 5/1 - This is a general overall update to prevent certain cheese I was unaware of, and just overall quality of life. Hope you enjoy it still!
This hack is honestly pretty good, however I feel that it is unfit for the Kaizo: Light category. I would love to see you remaster this hack with much of the tightness removed and resubmit it under Hard (maybe Very Hard). I appreciate the aesthetics, music, detail, use of ASM, and custom graphics very much, and it's clear a good amount of work went into the hack. There isn't any one thing that prevented this from being approved, but rather a bunch of little things. Here's a list of suggestions to consider for future creation (you probably heard me say some of these):

- The first level starts off with a rather difficult trick that doesn't really fit any sort of theme or tone of the hack. It's okay to put that particular trick in a hack, but it felt really out of place there.

- Nearly every level is a two-screen high horizontal level. It's okay to use these, but most of the problems the hack exhibited could have been avoided by not using this layout. This layout invites blind drops, undesirable camera behavior, offscreen death obstacles, and potentially bad spawns.

- This isn't a reject reason, but I think you should challenge yourself to make a lagless hack without SA-1 applied. For your first Kaizo hack submission, using SA-1 is ambitious and requires cohesive behavior of many sprites on screen at once. I will say it was nice for the framerule patch though.

- The secret exits don't really serve a purpose. They're impossible to miss and every one of them forces the player to play most (or all) of the level twice. The rewards for the secrets were cool, but it would have been more purposeful if the exits actually unlocked a useful path or level, and if the secret exits themselves actually made the player explore unexplored territory.

- This hack is not lazy. However, the uses of the pre-made bosses were rather lazy. I think you should scrap all of them but
Reznor, pipe Lemmy, and Petey
, change the terrain of
Reznor and Petey
, and replace the pre-made ones with even just some silly rendition of a vanilla boss like Boo, Reznor, or Wendy.

- The Yoshi-feeding level was broken.
I was able to get the midway by escorting a swooper

- It seems a little deceptive to list the hack at 17 exits (which it is, correctly so) when 4 of the required "exits" don't count towards the exit count since they don't trigger any overworld events. Maybe the addition of some aesthetic event (like the tile turning yellow or something) to contribute to the counter would be nice.

- You seem to have ignored our suggestions for Dino Bay when you posted the preview in the SMWC Discord. The water still kills you (but for some reason doesn't in the boss fight?) with no explanation/lore, and some of the tight jumps were still there unchanged.

- The aesthetics in the Koopa Skills level are pretty rough on the eyes, and some of the obstacles are punishing solely for spawn dependency.

-In The Midnight Tower, two of the saws can spawn in an unwinnable configuration because the distance between them is *incredibly* large by default, and they're both in the same size bucket, meaning no differentiation can be made in the gap length. This was especially tedious having to get both exits with this problem.

I may have missed a few things, but this covers the by-and-large number of things to consider for future creation/submission. I wanted to be as thorough as possible since it was very apparent that a lot of time and effort went into this hack, and I really hope you consider removing a lot of the tightness and resubmitting it under a vanilla difficulty, because I think that would make an awesome hack.