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Super Enan World - Bowser's Sky 5


Nice to see someone go with the original game feeling of their hack. As long as it offers some unique challenges, it'll be fun to play!

As for lack of cacti on the desert, blame Nintendo for including not enough variety in Super Mario World. That's also okay if a desert doesn't have those plants.
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
Chocolate Desert 1:

I posted these screenshots in a Brazilian SMW hacking Discord server, and one of the users suggested me to put custom palettes and layer 3. I didn't do this because I'll only put custom palettes when needed: such as the player and the green switch in world 1 (it replaced the original Yoshi's Island map).

Double post! Chocolate Desert 2:

This level looks like the previous versions of my SMLW Spiffy Zone desert themed level aesthetically, Banana, before I updated that level to make it look like the SMM2 desert theme.

Triple post! Chocolate Desert 3:

I wanted to use lava (or mud because of the brown ground palette), but the lava splashes are tileset specific (this level uses the dino rhino sprite tileset).

Quadruple post! Chocolate Desert 4:

I know that the overworld tile for this level was the circle tile, but I've fixed this already.

Holy crap! Enan looks like SMG4 with that fire palette! Amazing... I'm just curious, Do you even know about SMG4? Sure his content nowadays REALLY SUCKS!!! But it used to be awesome back in the day!
After a week-long break for no reason, #3 Lemmy's Castle is finally done:

In this level you use the net doors to get past the red ? block barriers.
Also, someone told me that the lava looks bad due to the brown palette, but in the original game there's lava with these colors, such as in the level Chocolate Fortress.
And before the second demo is released, I must make the yellow switch palace and the world 4 map first.

Double post! Yellow Switch Palace:

World 4 (No name yet) Map:
(No events):

(With events):

All the levels in this world will be underwater, except for the secret level.
Also ignore the yellow path to the right of the level with a pool, I've removed it. I've left only the white dots in the water and the path to the left of the castle.

Now I'm gonna begin testing the hack before submitting it.

Quadruple post! I'm resuming work on this again. Here's 4-1:

The 4th world doesn't have a name yet and I need one!

#smw{:TUP:} great!

I ended up adding a custom sprite for this level: a chasing Porcupuffer, as the original sprite would endlessy swim up and go offscreen. I also modified its speed so that its not very hard to dodge it.

Originally posted by Green Jerry
And I still haven't thought on a name for the 4th world.

Maybe it will be named: Sea Caverns.
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
Sea Caverns 4 (I went with ForthRightMC's name for this world, and he was the only one to suggest a name):

Also, in this level, Bullet Bills don't give points, to prevent life farming:

Currently the cannons only shoot to the left (I used the shooter that comes with RussianMan's custom Bullet Bill).

Looks good! Also, green jerry what's going to be theme World 6?
I haven't thought on a theme for the final world (world 6), but world 5 will be ice-themed, with the Star/Special World palette since it's the closest thing.

Double post! #4 Ludwig's Castle:

This level has an underwater section in the second half. It also uses Stationary Magikoopas.
World 4 is not done, because I haven't started working on the secret level yet.

Triple post! I still haven't made Sea Caverns Secret, but here's Ice Plains (World 5) map:

Also the userbar's size in pixels was inconsistent with my other userbars. Here's a fixed version: