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Super Enan World - Bowser's Sky 5


Bowser's Sky 2:

Here, you ride on Lakitu's cloud to clear the level. It never vanishes here, as Lakitu is nowhere to be found in this level.

Double post! Bowser's Sky 3:

This level autoscrolls. I forgot to make autoscrolling levels in worlds 3 and 4, though I did one in world 5. And it also has a secret exit.

Triple post! Bowser's Sky 4:

This level makes use of the plantaporting glitch.

Qudruple post! Bowser's Sky 5:

This level uses custom ON/OFF blocks, and the "Flip ON/OFF on L/R" UberASM, and also, the second half has autoscrolling.

neat gimmicks
Nice to see the final world in a sky area plot twist

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!