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Comeback to Yoshi's Island


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Look at the first post for updates from my hack. It's ravegg's idea and I took a step further by adding icon progress.
Small update: I fixed the ghost's left tooth. There was a second one below the left tooth.
Is it possible to have multiple language support? If not, I suppose you could provide a .txt file with the translated script to English if you were to go with the Romanian translation


@Falaflame: Good idea. I'll try it.
Update: The translation has been incorporated successfully into a .txt file. I'll need to do a few things before fixing possible levels.
Update2: I'm going to change other palettes, too. Preview:

Feedback is appreciated.
Update: The 2nd demo for my hack is done. I need for 2 people to report me about bugs so I can fix them.
Also, I found something revolutionary about winged clouds. You can click the youtube link of my profile to see.
I sure love posting updates. I know I have exams, but I do have the time. I drew every icon of world 3, including that Naval Piranha Plant.
Bonus: I decided to keep the bonus games, but re-drew every icon. You'll see their looks at C3.
A fixing update: Thanks to one of my beta testers, Shiny Ninetales, I was able to fix the things he mentioned about my hack. I'll let you look at 3 of them.

Removed the red platforms and added a coin and a flower instead.

You might be thinking what's wrong here? It looks good. I removed a window that I accidentally left there.

Made the cactus a threat since in the other version, it defeated itself.
Feedback is welcome.
Sad update: I'm not sure if I'll release the 2nd demo. After fixing everything the 2 beta testers told me, I inserted the levels, only to have it crash at the 2nd demo. Not sure if I'll release it.
This all looks promising! I would love to see another full YI hack. Keep up the good work!
Originally posted by madman
This all looks promising! I would love to see another full YI hack. Keep up the good work!

I agree. I would like to see this full hack finished, too. Well done so far!
I am sorry. Apparently, I can't salvage the hack anymore. All the fixes the mods made me do made the hack better, but I can't seem to fix it anymore.
Edit: Because I was told about the problem, I'm not sure if I'll fix it. I'l try, but the demo will come after C3.
Update: No C3 has been announced yet. I am done with the 2nd demo, but I'll publish it at C3.
Major update: I released version 2.0 of 'Comeback to Yoshi's Island'. After you download the hack and read YIHackInfo.txt, you'll notice some changes about this version. I'll say it right here: there's a new HDMA included in my hack. I used the patch found in this link. You can download the hack from here.
Feedback appreciated.
Hey! Sorry for the big bump, but I heard that you stopped working on this project due to a problem you encountered re-inserting your levels with Level Tool. I've figured out some important details about the proper usage of that program, and I'll be sharing what I found with you here so that, hopefully, you'll be able to continue making this hack.

In this comment you mentioned that you could no longer open your ROM in Golden Egg due to a problem with a level header (likely that it's out of range for Golden Egg). This suggests to me that you're working with a headered ROM. The problem is that Level Tool does not properly support importing level data onto a headered ROM. Importing to a headered ROM will create levels with incorrect pointers (either out of bounds for level data or overwriting important game code) and with very obviously incorrect byte counts. You must either remove the header when prompted to by the program, or use an unheadered ROM when importing your levels (you can re-add the header later, after you import.)

I also noticed that you've encountered some strange bugs in the past after reinserting stages. What's likely happening is that Level Tool has overwritten some sprite/object code with level data. In order to avoid this, make sure that you press "Clear Levels" on the recipient ROM before you import your custom level data. For whatever reason, not doing this beforehand causes problems.

Hope this helps, and that you're able to move your project over to a new ROM successfully.
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