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Comeback to Yoshi's Island


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Look at the first post for updates from my hack. It's ravegg's idea and I took a step further by adding icon progress.
Small update: I fixed the ghost's left tooth. There was a second one below the left tooth.
Is it possible to have multiple language support? If not, I suppose you could provide a .txt file with the translated script to English if you were to go with the Romanian translation


@Falaflame: Good idea. I'll try it.
Update: The translation has been incorporated successfully into a .txt file. I'll need to do a few things before fixing possible levels.
Update2: I'm going to change other palettes, too. Preview:

Feedback is appreciated.
Update: The 2nd demo for my hack is done. I need for 2 people to report me about bugs so I can fix them.
Also, I found something revolutionary about winged clouds. You can click the youtube link of my profile to see.
I sure love posting updates. I know I have exams, but I do have the time. I drew every icon of world 3, including that Naval Piranha Plant.
Bonus: I decided to keep the bonus games, but re-drew every icon. You'll see their looks at C3.
A fixing update: Thanks to one of my beta testers, Shiny Ninetales, I was able to fix the things he mentioned about my hack. I'll let you look at 3 of them.

Removed the red platforms and added a coin and a flower instead.

You might be thinking what's wrong here? It looks good. I removed a window that I accidentally left there.

Made the cactus a threat since in the other version, it defeated itself.
Feedback is welcome.
Sad update: I'm not sure if I'll release the 2nd demo. After fixing everything the 2 beta testers told me, I inserted the levels, only to have it crash at the 2nd demo. Not sure if I'll release it.
This all looks promising! I would love to see another full YI hack. Keep up the good work!
Originally posted by madman
This all looks promising! I would love to see another full YI hack. Keep up the good work!

I agree. I would like to see this full hack finished, too. Well done so far!
I am sorry. Apparently, I can't salvage the hack anymore. All the fixes the mods made me do made the hack better, but I can't seem to fix it anymore.
Edit: Because I was told about the problem, I'm not sure if I'll fix it. I'l try, but the demo will come after C3.
Update: No C3 has been announced yet. I am done with the 2nd demo, but I'll publish it at C3.
Major update: I released version 2.0 of 'Comeback to Yoshi's Island'. After you download the hack and read YIHackInfo.txt, you'll notice some changes about this version. I'll say it right here: there's a new HDMA included in my hack. I used the patch found in this link. You can download the hack from here.
Feedback appreciated.
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