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How to properly configure Higan


Higan is complicated. However, when properly configured, it can be great. here's how to do that.

First off, click "settings"->"video emulation" and disable everything, then go to "video shader" and select "none".
Now go to "advanced" and make sure to select the drivers "video:OpenGL" "audio:WASAPI":

Now restart higan. If higan trows an error message, change the audio driver to "Xaudio2".

Now go to the audio section and change the latency. By defalt, it's 20, and normally that's the lowest it can get, but the "WASAPI" audio driver allows 0 latency

Now go to the video section anc make sure vertical overscan mask is at 8 and it's configurations are disabled, like this:

Now install these shaders:
and extract them to where the higan executable is.
Make sure the folder is called "Video Shaders" like in the file or it won't work

Restaring higan, the shaders shoud appear in the "video shader" option(note: they only work on opengl). I recomend the "AANN" shader, as it allows the image to remain a sharp image when scaled to a non integer scale.
If you prefer not to use shaders, enable the "integral scaling" video option, like this:

After opening a game, a tab with the console name will appear, click it and change "controller port 1" to "gamepad".

Hope this tutorial was helpfull, as it was my first tutorial and my second post

(This is outdated, so keep that in mind)
I have reverted your changes. Please do not vandalize your post history by removing all info in your post, even if it's outdated someone may be using an older version of Higan and needs the information.

I need some help I use an old 32bit Linux Laptop to make my hacks but higan is running very slow also the computer used to run Win vista can you help me get it to run faster