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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - BNBM by OEOTeam
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File Name: BNBM
Submitted: by OEOTeam
Authors: OEOTeam
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 62 exit(s)
Difficulty: Very Hard
Description: Welcome to the BNBM!

• Standart SMW map

• 62 level hack

• Some meme level

• Some normal level

• Some kaizo: light level


I hope you enjoy this hack.

I hope there's no problem.

Hadi bakalım kolay gelsin!

Good luck!
Unfortunately, I have to reject this for a variety of reasons, I will write down some of the cons and the pros of the hack, along with the major reasons of why I’m going reject this:
Major rejection reasons:
-While a bunch of graphics are nice and cool, there are a lot of times where cutoff is major and evident, it makes for an unpleasant looking experience, along with floating munchers and other stuff, which is to avoid at any cost.
-Difficulty is all over the place, it starts off easy, then spirals into levels where you die 10 times just to complete a section then gets back into the easy levels, there are a lot of blind jumps and tight sections that don’t need to be that difficult. Also your idea of troll level is not fun, I would recommend removing all the “troll levels” in this hack, they are very out of place, along with the kaizo levels, since you are used to building normal levels you are not very used to the kaizo design style and hence they are not very good. I would suggest practicing more with kaizo level design or avoiding it altogether.
-AVOID VANILLA OVERWORLD. Take your time and build a nice looking overworld, with paths and events. Please, I said this 5 times already. PLEASE DO IT.
-There are various softlocks (counted at least 3) where you can get stuck and must wait out the timer to die, like in Morton’s Castle and in some other later levels. It is also frowned upon doing blatant levels edits and since there are a couple, this makes for a valid rejection reason as stated in the Submission Guidelines.
-Lag. This hack is full and littered of lag, there are like 20 levels where the game lags for more than half a level, making them very hard to play. Please stay in the sane limits that the SNES can handle with on-screen sprites to avoid such lag.
Minor rejection reasons:
-Your level design has gotten better since your first hacks but it’s very lacking in variety of obstacles, every level feels similar, you either have to run right and jump a couple of times or you have to spinjump across every enemy that you find. I also noticed that you discovered 1F0, I suggest you do not abuse that tile (it also makes for more lag if abused).
-Enemy designs are inconsistent, try to use sprites for more than 1 level. There are some sprites used for only 1 level and then never used. I would suggest trying to build upon those sprites, make more levels with them, find creative setups and intelligent obstacles.
-While not a very big problem, your hack advertises for 62 exits but I can’t find 62 modified levels on the ROM. Oh, I’ll repeat a thing that I already said: don’t use vanilla overworld please.
Positive things:
-As always, your graphics work is good, as mentioned there is a lot of cutoff, but palettes and graphics are mostly ok.
-Music is pretty good, however I would choose a wider variety of tracks due to the amount of levels.
-Your level design has improved since your last hacks, but still, there’s a huge margin for improvement still.
Overall comments :
You are very fast at making stuff and submit a lot, as a matter of fact, at this point in time, I’ve played through like 6 hacks of yours in the span of 2 months or so, most of them rejected for similar reasons. Since I know you read the rejection logs I would like you to acknowledge what I say (most of the time you seem to ignore what I say about time and overworld and such) and take your time while doing stuff, work more on the level design, overworld design, setups, graphics work. Put more time into your creations, try working more on your stuff, be more meticulous, more precise. Next time you’re about to submit a hack, think to yourself “is it ready?” 20 times before pressing “Submit”. You can’t make a hack this big in 1 month. There are hacks that have been in the works for literally years, my hack was 12 exits and took me over 6 months to make, take example from those.
Good luck with your next hack, hope I don’t see it in the next few weeks after all this stuff I said. As always remember: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY
File Name: BNBM
Submitted: by OEOTeam
Authors: OEOTeam
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 63 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: UPDATES:

Kaizo levels removed.

Troll levels removed.

'No more sprite tile limit' was used.

Errors and glitches fixed.

New levels were made.

Good luck. I hope you have fun.
While there seem to have been improvements, a number of the removal reasons stated in the previous log are still present. Most notably, the unedited vanilla overworld is still there. This is made even worse by the fact that not all red levels actually have secret exits, which means that unknowing players may end up spending hours searching for secret exits that don't actually exist. Lag, softlocks, and cutoff also still show up periodically.

Furthermore, there has been talk about potential stolen resources in your hacks. We know for a fact that you've taken sprite graphics from Shroom Starship without the authors' permission, and considering all the other wildly clashing enemy reskins in your hacks, we suspect that you've lifted resources from other hacks as well. Obviously, this is against the rules. edit: disproven


Over the last few months, you submitted almost a dozen hacks, almost all of which were rejected. The hacks that did get accepted are still of notably rushed quality. Clearly, you do not put enough time into polishing and testing your hacks, despite being told to many times over. This means you will be section banned on the next offense. This is your last warning.
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - BNBM by OEOTeam

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