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Complex Simplicity - 24 level Mario Maker series that took 3 years to make!

Hello all,

[TL;DR - 24 level Traditional Mario series. Level codes will be listed in a batch below for those of you not interested in the descriptions.]

Today I finally present my Super Mario Maker Magnum Opus: The Complex Simplicity series.

This series started out as a simple project - make one level in every game style, with every theme. However, Nintendo's support of Mario Maker weaned off around the same time I started developing this level series. They abandoned the game - and after making the first few levels, so had I... sort of.

I have gradually worked on this series of 24 levels off and on since late 2016. When I say gradual, I mean there's a huge gap between 3-1 and 3-2. 3-1 was finished March 1, 2017. 3-2 was finished February 28, 2019. There wasn't zero work put into the series, though - Mario Maker for 3DS came out, and I had made a few level concepts for the series using this version as a scratch pad. I then copied these level concepts from the 3DS over to the Wii U version, by hand, block for block. Item for item. Most of the NSMB levels were made last year and only recently copied over to the Wii U.

Now for a little history lesson.

I've been making Mario levels since I was ten years old. A friend on an online message board had introduced me to the amazing tool, Lunar Magic. I had been a Newgrounds child - I loved messing with scene creators and interactive fan games on there. I always thought it would be amazing to make my own Mario Games. I had never envisioned a world in which Nintendo would release their own official Mario level editor. Consider my mind blown when they revealed Mario Maker that fateful E3.

Complex Simplicity is not my first Mario Maker Submission - absolutely not. I'm already an established Maker with over 900 stars and 35 levels uploaded pre-CS. I know what I'm doing. These aren't your grandma's levels.

Complex Simplicity follows one easy line of thinking - "Simple in concept. Complex in execution." That is, the levels are presented in the traditional Super Mario format. No gimmicks, no technical mumbo jumbo. Simple, tried-and-true Super Mario platforming fun. Each level has been carefully hand-crafted, tested, re-tested, and then decorated by yours truly. I can safely say that if there's anything in these levels that you truly enjoyed, it's entirely my fault. If there's anything in these levels you truly hated beyond all reason, it's all entirely my fault. I own this series. It's entirely mine and I'm extremely excited about that.

Each of the 24 levels have three pink key coins hidden throughout them. Some are ridiculously easy to find. Others are maddeningly ludicrous to hunt down. Others are easy to spot, but difficult to obtain. Now unfortunately as a limitation of the Mario Maker engine as a whole, these don't accumulate into any sort of grandiose reward - you're in it simply for the experience. If you collect all three in a level, you will usually be rewarded with a bonus room filled with coins and 1-ups, or you'll be granted a shortcut to finish the level faster(?). In at least one instance, collecting all three coins will unlock a completely separate, hidden recreation of a level from another Mario game. I won't spoil it for you.

Collecting all of the pink coins from every level, of course, will be a rather extensive task that will increase the time you spend playing every level. They are, however, not required whatsoever to complete and enjoy this series of levels. They are entirely 100% optional and grant no larger reward than extra areas. Don't feel like you're missing anything if you can't get them all. I promise, they aren't worth getting frustrated over.

I'm extremely excited to present these levels to you all. I've spent so much time on these. I've put so much love and care into each one. I hope you enjoy every moment you spend in them, and if you don't like them at all, please accept my most humble apology.

Below is a list and description of each and every single level. Then, after that, you will find the links to the Bookmark Site, as well as all of the level's codes for those of you who prefer to enter them manually...

~World 1 - Super Mario Bros. (500 seconds)

-Level 1 - Genesis

1-1 is an (obvious) throwback to level 1-1 of the original SMB. However, it also throws in a few twists from some of the other overworld levels from the same game. Be sure to remember that you can hold the run button to cross 1-block-wide gaps!

-Level 2 - Under

Under is designed very similarly to your average underground level. It includes a ceiling, lots of breakable blocks, moving platforms, and of course a couple of secrets. Here's a tip - the last pink coin is in the "usual" hiding spot.

-Level 3 - Stream

Stream is an interesting take on the SMB water level. Be sure to watch the patterns of the bloopers carefully!

-Level 4 - Choices

SMB never had ghost houses! This is a completely improvised attempt at what I think -might- have happened if it had these tricky levels. When you start, you have to make a choice between two pipes. One of them leads to an easy challenge, one of them leads to a hard challenge. There's a way to determine which pipe leads to which challenge - but I won't spoil it for you!

-Level 5 - Raid

SMB never had these levels either, so I did the best I could here! You have to dodge the cannon fire and make your way into the mothership, duke it out with a hammer brother miniboss, and then take out Bowser Jr.!

-Level 6 - Lava

Sorry Mario, but you won't find any princesses (or toads) here! Be careful to dodge the fire bars and lava bubbles. Near the end, you'll have to navigate a somewhat-vertical labyrinth - while dodging Bowser's fire! Kick his butt and you will have completed the first world!

~World 2 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (400 seconds)

-Level 1 - Renew

The adventure begins (again)! Watch out for the Piranha Plants and Koopa Troopas, and you'll be flying your way to your first card panel in no time. This level should seem familiar to veterans, but at the same time different and distinguished enough to feel fresh and interesting.

-Level 2 - Blocked

Remember that one level in SMB3 where you had to break the brick blocks to get past a somewhat maze-y underground level? That's kinda what this is, but with lots of secrets hidden about! It'll take speed and skill to grab all the pink coins here.

-Level 3 - Creek

This water level is made up of a bunch of different little challenges in sections, one by one. Around the middle, the path branches into two separate ways, so be sure to check both to find all of their secrets! Remember- it's all in the timing!

-Level 4 - Shadows

You. Mario. Some piles of bones. And some ghosts. That's all you'll have in this level. In each room, you'll see two question blocks. Remember their location - in the next room there will be two invisible blocks in the same spot! Some of them have important items, so be sure to pay close attention!

-Level 5 - Uprise

It's you versus the rebellion in this all-out flying airship level! Be fast enough to take out the guards and give Bowser Jr another thrashing!

-Level 6 - Curtain

It's time for the final curtain call to this stage play! Be sure to teach Bowser's minions a lesson and outsmart the big man himself into throwing himself into the lava below his chamber!

~World 3 - Super Mario World (300 seconds)

-Level 1 - Partner

The introductory level of this world sees Mario meeting his friend Yoshi. The two combine their powers to pass a muncher-riddled field and push on to victory. You have to be able to spin and break the turn blocks to collect the pink coins in this level.

-Level 2 - Slammed

The difficulty's really starting to ramp up now! If you want to collect all three pink coins here, you have to be lightning fast! You gotta grab the spring board at the beginning as fast as you can! Be sure to clear the little maze at the beginning of the level to collect a powerup. Watch out for all the skewers and keep Mario super to be able to spin and break the turn blocks to collect the coins here!

-Level 3 - River

If you know how to hold a koopa shell, getting through this water level should be trivial! Collecting the pink coins, on the other hand... might be a bit tough.

-Level 4 - Tricked

Don't let the boos scare you into falling for their traps! Make sure you keep your wits about you as you solve these puzzles and make it out of this mad house.

-Level 5 - Convoy

The rebellion is moving equipment out! See if you can get in and stop Bowser Jr. from transporting the supplies, and prevent them from setting up yet another devilish water level!

-Level 6 - ForTres

Get it? Fort Tres? The third fortress! Bop Bowser once more and let's head into the new generation! If you can figure out how to get those dastardly pink coins in the first part of the level, you can skip the boss fight and go straight to the end! Wow! You deserve it for being able to pull off those tricky jumps for them...

~World 4 - New Super Mario Bros. U (200 seconds)

-Level 1 - Higher

Mario's learned a lot of new moves since the last time we saw him! You'll have to utilize all of them if you hope to get through these final 6 levels! Be sure to land the triple jump correctly and duck under the cliff at just the right time to head into...

-Level 2 - Spelunk

If you don't know how to Wall Jump properly, now's the time to teach yourself! Knowing how to spin in midair definitely helps with these tricky jumps. If you're smart, you'll check EVERYWHERE you can for secrets and useful items. What? You said you couldn't find any pink coins? Hmm.... try making it to the end of this level with a fire flower!

-Level 3 - Ocean

The last water level, and it's a doozy! The level is broken into three separate parts in the beginning - each path is more difficult than the next. If you wish to collect all three coins - you'll have to go down all three at one point or another! If you collect all of the coins, maybe you'll be skilled enough to make it back to the start and open that key door...

-Level 4 - Decide

Four doors, four routes. Some doors are harder than others. Others just lead to rooms loaded with coins. If you can find the quickest, safest route out of this crazy house alive, you might be skilled enough to take down the Dragon Turtle King once and for all.

-Level 5 - Faster

Bowser Jr.'s Airship is moving at hyperspeed to warn Bowser of Mario's arrival! Hurry up and defeat him before he can tattle on you! If you're fast enough to collect the pink coins here, you deserve to take a break and pass the boss!

-Level 6 - Goodbye

Well... this is it. This is the last Super Mario Maker level I'll ever upload(?). This game has been an amazing experience and I can't believe it's been out for four years. With this level's completion, I retire as a Maker - until next month, that is! Super Mario Maker 2 is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited! The first part of this level - you have to play it backwards! Can you hang on to the spin jumps? How about the fast moving bone platform? Be quick in that p-switch portion! Once you've completed this, congratulations! You're awesome and you deserve more of a reward than I could ever give you.

If anyone wants to stream or upload this series to YouTube, please do so! I'd love to see your playthroughs. Also, please; if you like the series, show your friends. Have THEM try it. Be sure to try some of my older levels as well. Every single one of my 59 uploads are carefully hand-crafted with tons of love and attention, out of the passion of my heart for Mario and gaming as a whole.

And now here's the level codes!

* 1-1 Complex Simplicity - Genesis

* 1-2 Complex Simplicity - Under

* 1-3 Complex Simplicity - Stream

*1-4 Complex Simplicity - Choices

* 1-5 Complex Simplicity - Raid

* 1-6 Complex Simplicity - Lava

* 2-1 Complex Simplicity - Renew

* 2-2 Complex Simplicity - Blocked

* 2-3 Complex Simplicity - Creek

* 2-4 Complex Simplicity - Shadows

* 2-5 Complex Simplicity - Uprise

* 2-6 Complex Simplicity - Curtain

* 3-1 Complex Simplicity - Partner

* 3-2 Complex Simplicity - Slammed

* 3-3 Complex Simplicity - River

* 3-4 Complex Simplicity - Tricked

* 3-5 Complex Simplicity - Convoy

* 3-6 Complex Simplicity - ForTres

* 4-1 Complex Simplicity - Higher

* 4-2 Complex Simplicity - Spelunk

* 4-3 Complex Simplicity - Ocean

* 4-4 Complex Simplicity - Decide

* 4-5 Comples Simplciity - Faster

* 4-6 Complex Simplicity - Goodbye


P.S. If you'd like to check out my other levels, click here: