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A handy guide for SMW's samples, global music and SFX

This thread is created to aid as a reference point for musicians determining what samples they should add or omit in their SMW ports as well as hack designers for assistance in finding what sound effects are compatible with their choice of music from the SMW Music section. It can also serve as a help thread for those who may need to adjust sample-intensive ports accordingly to be as compatible as possible with the designer's needs.

List of sound effects by sample:

The following samples are utilized in the various sound effects in SMW, listed by the order and location they appear in the SFX subfolders of AddmusicK. If a sound effect is omitted, it either uses noise (and thus 99% of the time is unaffected by sample omissions), or is a duplicate sound effect. If you're a porter, refer to this list if you're omitting a sample to determine any incompatibilities in your song. If you're a hack designer and you have a question about why a certain sound effect doesn't work with a song, or you are answering a similar question for someone else, use this list as reference to aid in determining a fix.

00 SMW @0.brr
  • 1DF9/03 Kick shell
  • 1DF9/06 Yoshi gulp
  • 1DF9/0E Swim
  • 1DF9/0F Hurt while flying
  • 1DF9/10 Magikoopa magic
  • 1DF9/2B Jump
  • 1DF9/13-19 Enemy stomp #
  • 1DF9/23 Lemmy and Wendy fall
  • 1DF9/26 Firework whistle 1
  • 1DF9/28 Firework whistle 2
  • 1DFC/02 Hit a prize block
  • 1DFC/03 Hit a vine prize block
  • 1DFC/04 Spin jump
  • 1DFC/2B Firework whistle
  • 1DFC/35 Jump

01 SMW @1.brr
  • 1DF9/1D Time running low 1
  • 1DFC/1D Time low 2

02 SMW @2.brr
  • 1DF9/05 Midway point
  • 1DF9/0B ON OFF switch
  • 1DF9/1C Yoshi coin
  • 1DF9/1E P-balloon
  • 1DF9/2A Peach pops up
  • 1DFC/0B Item into reserve
  • 1DFC/13 Lose yoshi
  • 1DFC/1C Switch palace block ejection
  • 1DFC/1E Whistle
  • 1DFC/21 Yoshi tongue
  • 1DFC/22 Message box
  • 1DFC/23 Move onto overworld tile
  • 1DFC/24 P-switch time low
  • 1DFC/29 Correct

03 SMW @3.brr
  • 1DF9/07 Dry bones collapse
  • 1DF9/08 Spin jump kill
  • 1DF9/0A Get Powerup
  • 1DF9/11 Pause, 12 Unpause
  • 1DFC/01 Coin
  • 1DFC/05 1-up
  • 1DFC/06 Shoot fireball
  • 1DFC/0A Egg hatch
  • 1DFC/0C Item from reserve
  • 1DFC/15 Overworld tile appears

04 SMW @4.brr
  • 1DF9/04 Pipe and hurt
  • 1DF9/0C Item past goal
  • 1DF9/0D Get cape
  • 1DF9/1F Koopaling defeated
  • 1DFC/0E L + R scroll

06 SMW @22.brr
  • 1DF9/02 Contact
  • 1DF9/1B Grinder click 2
  • 1DFC/07 Shatter

08 SMW @6.brr
  • 1DF9/06 Yoshi gulp
  • 1DF9/09 Fly with cape
  • 1DF9/20 Yoshi spit
  • 1DFC/08 Springboard
  • 1DFC/14 Unused SMW2 SFX
  • 1DFC/28 Enemy stunned
  • 1DFC/2A Incorrect

0B SMW @10.brr
  • 1DF9/01 Hit head
  • 1DF9/08 Spin jump kill
  • 1DF9/27 Firework bang 1
  • 1DF9/29 Firework bang 2
  • 1DFC/09 Bullet bill
  • 1DFC/0F Door
  • 1DFC/11 Drumroll
  • 1DFC/12 Drumroll end
  • 1DFC/16 Overworld castle collapse
  • 1DFC/25 Yoshi enemy stomp
  • 1DFC/2C Firework bang

0E SMW @29.brr
  • 1DF9/02 Contact
  • 1DFC/19 Clap + pop

12 SMW @15.brr
  • 1DFC/1F Yoshi

13 SMW Thunder.brr
  • 1DFC/18 Thunder
  • 1DFC/1A Castle destruction bomb
  • 1DF9/21 Valley of Bowser appears
  • 1DF9/25 Blargg roar
  • 1DF9/27 Firework bang 1
  • 1DF9/29 Firework bang 2
  • 1DFC/2C Firework bang

List of global songs and their sample usage

The following default global songs are listed alongside what samples they use. If you use custom music but choose to retain any of these global songs, be sure that the samples they use are included in the ports you choose!

03 SMW @3.brr
0A SMW @9.brr

Game Over:
0C SMW @13.brr

Boss Clear:
02 SMW @2.brr
04 SMW @4.brr
0B SMW @10.brr

Stage Clear:
02 SMW @2.brr
04 SMW @4.brr
07 SMW @5.brr
08 SMW @6.brr

01 SMW @1.brr
05 SMW @8.brr
06 SMW @22.brr

03 SMW @3.brr
10 SMW @12.brr

01 SMW @1.brr

Iris out:
00 SMW @0.brr

Bonus end:
01 SMW @1.brr
02 SMW @2.brr
09 SMW @7.brr
10 SMW @12.brr
12 SMW @15.brr
I've just noticed that there's a few errors in the list of SFX where the samples are used:
- 00 SMW @0: missing "1DF9/06 Yoshi gulp"
- 03 SMW @3: erroneously lists "1DF9/06 Yoshi gulp" and "1DF9/09 Fly with cape"
- 04 SMW @4: erroneously lists "1DFC/1F Yoshi"
- 08 SMW @6: missing "1DF9/06 Yoshi gulp"
- 0B SMW @10: erroneously lists "1DFC/19 Clap + pop"
- 13 SMW Thunder: missing "1DF9/27 Firework bang 1", "1DF9/29 Firework bang 2" and "1DFC/2C Firework bang"
I Dont relly use addmusick:O but good!:)
What's the difference between using those and downloading .wav sound effects from other sites? Especially when factoring in software like Audacity and LMMS...
You're misunderstanding this thread: It refers to which samples are used in which vanilla sound effects and (global) tracks so the porter / composer knows, which SMW samples can be ommited in case they run out of ARAM by using other samples and/or big echo delay while also mentioning in the download descriptions, which SFX / tracks the music is compatible.

Most notably, there is no download link to all the SMW sound effects.