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Super Beco World by Adriel_ICS

File Name: Super Beco World
Submitted: by Adriel_ICS
Authors: Adriel_ICS
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: Português
Minha primeira hack!
Uma hack dedicada ao meu canal e a todos que gosto!

- Pulo cego e referência de pulo na fase "Aquecimento"
- Pulo cego na fase "Lar das Pedras"



My First Hack!
Dedicated to my channel and to everyone that are special to me!

- Blind Jump and reference on "Heating"
- Blind Jump on "Home of The Stones"

This hack could be easily accepted if a little more work went into varying up the tricks/ palettes and some other small issues I'll point out.

Ok, the big issue I have when playing this hack is how every level feels the same. There is really no theme and a lot of the set ups are used multiple times within the hack. 1 Example:

Some of them you spin on and some you just bounce on but the setup is the same and it feels really repetitive. If this was the only trick that was overused it wouldn't be bad, but its one of the many in the hack.

A lot of the palettes were 1 color. It would be nice if more levels looked like level 8. Honestly it was a breath of fresh air.

Level 4: a couple platforms serve no purpose
Level 6: the final jump on the koopa could be loosened up. as it stands its way harder than anything in the hack.
File Name: Super Beco World
Submitted: by Adriel_Isaque
Authors: Adriel_Isaque
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Light
Description: PORTUGUÊS

Hack dedicada a todos os meus inscritos.


Inicio e Kabum = Corrigido os Pulos Cegos


Hack dedicated of my all subscribers


Start and Kabum = Fixed Blind Jumps
I'll list the rejection reasons below categorized by level (with an overall category as well). Most of these reasons on their own aren't merit for a rejection, but altogether they make up a solid rejection reason. Otherwise, this was a fun and challenging hack to play.

    • L/R scrolling can cause things to spawn incorrectly making some obstacles not line up. Consider disabling L/R scrolling.
    • Could benefit from the double spindeath patch, and the framerule patch.
    • Inconsistently coloured indicator coins throughout the game.

  • Start:
    • Semi-blind jump into a three-bucket shell that requires a far right bounce to grab another shell.
    • Parakoopa spawn causes a lot of waiting.
    • Bullet jumps feel a little blind.
    • Double shell jump to land on platform that is at max screen height.

  • Spin shell:
    • Jump from second spiny to the ledge is barely visible at the last moment.
    • Jumping off a spiny to land on a platform that is above the screen.

  • Sbravatti:
    • Timing for jumping on the paragaloomba on 1F0 is complete guesswork as the next point to land is way offscreen.
    • Required bouncing on the galoomba holding another galoomba is inconsistent as they can kill each other.
    • Jump from galoomba to midway is easily cheesable by dropping the galoomba close to you.
    • Double galoomba bounce at the end is a blind fall, and cheesable (only requires one of the galoombas).

  • Pain's Fortress:
    • Blind p-speed shelljump disguised as a midair, or a midair that's cheesable with a blind p-speed shelljump. Not sure which.
    • Blind p-speed shelljump in second section(can't see the ground; need to die to learn the timing).

  • Polluted Cave:
    • First section is straight out of Learn 2 Kaizo.
    • Kaizo blocks allow cheese jumping over munchers from skull platform near the end.

  • Paradise of Bullets:
    • Bottom Bullet Bill launcher in second set of launchers sometimes doesn't fire because it's too far below screen.
    • Section is cheesable with p-speed anyway (bullets not required).
    • Above mentioned section has a blind landing after the bullets/cheese.

  • Dino World:
    • Very easy compared to other levels. (Not a big deal, just makes the difficulty curve feel a bit strange.)

  • Stone's House:
    • Indicator coins kinda blend with the background (both are green).

  • Jaba's Climb:
    • Ground on bottom layer below screen at the beginning of the level.
    • A ceiling can be blind (just off the top of the screen) when doing a shelljump).
    • Timer softlock (About 145-160 in-game seconds).
    • Goal tape in vertical level.

  • Finally:
    • Blind landing on 1/3 assisted triple shelljump.
    • Blind jump to falling Bowser statue in room 4.

File Name: Super Beco World
Submitted: by Adriel_Isaque
Authors: Adriel_Isaque
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Dedicated for my followers and subscribers
Level 1: The saw ride and koopa ride are very repetitive and detract from the level. Shortening the sections or changing them to be more engaging would be benificial and match the pace of the rest of the level.

Level 2: This level is about 80% throwing the bomb through spinies or turn blocks. I would like to see some different enemies used or different tricks being used with the bomb. Also the 1f0 after the midway is not needed because you can just jump on the koopas.

Level 3: Post midway there is a super long spiny ride section that really slows down the pace of the level because you have to do it every time you die. Consider shortening the section.

Level 4: Good Level! No complaints.

Level 5: These jumps across the bullets are very blind and the coins dont help very much. This is one of my least favorite set-ups in the game. It felt like I was just guessing where to go the whole time.

Level 6: Good!

Level 7: Landing on the green shell is very blind and i found myself trying to guess where the shell was going to be. I recommend adding a bucket to catch the shell in or a coin to help determine where to throw the shell. (I recommend bucket). Bullet part is weird but will be OK if the shell part is fixed.

Level 8: I'm happy you fixed the ending to this level. It is much better than before.

Level 9: Good Level! I like the colors!

Level 10: No complaints

Level 11: These bullet jump are really hard to hit just like level 5. Maybe loosen the jumps up a bit and maybe add a coin where you are supposed to land to help the player?

Level 12: Kind of repetitive with the same enemies. You tend to choose 1 enemy and use it for the entire level. I don't think this is a bad level though. Just an observation.

Level 13: The green background here is very hard on the eyes. I think having the same background color as the foreground doesn't look good in a castle.

Level 14: No complaints

Level 15: Good fun level. Fix softlock!

Level 16: Like Level 13 the background color should be changed to be easier on the eyes. Also I think the player deserves a midway somewhere in the level. Either at 16B or16C. Photo Album

If you have any questions or need further advice let me know.