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SUPER Y.O.O.P.I WORLD [ kaizo light ]

super yoopi world is a big project I'm setting up I just started it.
the difficulty curve is very hard /kaizo light.
I'm going to mix his 2 difficulties there will be very hard levels and kaizo light levels.
I'm working alone on this project I started about 15 days ago and I'm working hard to make a mario fun to play by offering challenges and challenges.

story mode:
the princess peach seals the dinosaur island and prepares a gate to an unknown land, but an army prevents the door from opening and teleports them to a dangerous land called.y.o.o.o.p.i island.
stronger than ever to eliminate them they will have to face a brand new enemy more dangerous than ever.

the overworld

world 1 in the process of being created

That's all for now, I hope you'll like this project.
super y.o.o.o.p.i world should be released in early 2020.

I will add more information when the project has progressed better.
cordially yygdrasil.

demo coming soon!
I actually really really like the aesthetics you have so far, not gonna lie. But given this is all you've provided, this is really all I can say.

But for future reference, try to make screenshots a little smaller next time so they don't take up as much space.
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ok thanks
tomorrow update of the overworld and a new level.

overworld main map 25% completed
update image level 1 and 2
If this ranges from very hard to kaizo: light difficulty, this hack should automatically be kaizo. I can tell from the screenshots that it's too hard to be a normal hack already. Also, hacks like this should be in a special subforum.

The overworld is fine, but it needs some more work, namely fixing cutoff and cliffs on the leftmost mountain. Also, the path after the 2nd castle and the one that leads to the switch don't have arrows. The former also ends abruptly in the middle of the island.

As for the level screenshots, they make the game seem promising, but we can't really tell if the entirety's gonna be like that.
I have a Discord server as well!
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Originally posted by Emerald Shell
Also, hacks like this should be in a special subforum.

Given how dead that forum has been lately, I don't blame them for posting over here instead of there.
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l'overworld is not completed.

@sokobansolver I also put on the other forum but the news will be here because the other one is dead!

if I don't give any news it's because I'm taking a little break from the news soon!

i am is back for continued my hack!!#tb{:)}
I resume my hack after a long break.
I'll show you some captures of the game soon.#tb{:]}