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I Need A SMW Rom Hack Play Tester

We're done here. Delete please.
please don't put such a large image on it.
I would like to test bps the link of your hack
I'll test it and you'll make a report.
the first level there is nothing but a key and a lock I am waiting for a complete level to give me a better opinion.
the 2nd is the same as no enemy it is just a slope made an effort to design a complete level.
and the other level and the same as the original.
if you would have submitted this hack it would have been refused.
good luck with your future level.
Hey there!
I've just played your hack, but right now there isn't really much to actually play test. The levels are way too short, and pretty much don't offer any kind of gameplay experience.

You should put some more effort in your designs, and make your levels longer than 3 screens, also use more enemies and variety in the terrain to keep the player engaged, as right now these levels just feel boring to play as we're only running right.

I'd say, as a bare minimum, you should at least be aiming to have your levels with a similar length and difficulty of the original Super Mario World's levels. I'd recommend you play some other hacks as well, to have an idea of how a hack should be made, in terms of actual content.

These first 2 levels actually have a good idea to them, the Key escort in the first level, and the slopes in the second, but you should expand on them and explore your ideas better, using more enemies, different enemy types, making a bigger use of the terrain, with more terrain formations and different setups to add variety and make them into full length levels.
Take your time with making your hack, don't try to rush it, work on it for as long as needed, and only release the levels when you think they're ready.

Also, you don't need to put a copy of Floating IPS in your hack's .zip file, it should only contain the hack, as everyone here can easily access FLIPS.
And be careful with making your title screen, as the file select text is replacing some of the tiles in your hack's name:

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