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Mario Must Die 3 by Sokobansolver

File Name: Mario Must Die 3
Submitted: by Sokobansolver
Authors: Sokobansolver
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo: Hard
Description: The 3rd and final installment in this insane mini-series. As per usual it’s gimmick focused but this time there's wall-kick, Super Mario Maker-inspiration, and a Kaizo trap on the OW of all places.
While this is a very good hack, I cannot accept it in its current state. The problem is that this hack was very lazily tested. There are debug elements still present in numerous levels, screen exits that lead to level 0, switch palace blocks that were inserted as map16 tiles and bosses with extremely glitched graphics. All of this is immediately noticable when playing the hack and shows that you've actually never beaten your own hack in its entirety. Other issues I found that aren't rejection reasons on their own include:

Platform Antics:
- The mushroom block in screen 01 seems pointless
- Because of the goal in screen 00 there are sprite memory issues, resulting in essential sprites sometimes not spawning
- The cape can be used to break a few things, so be careful with that

Beach Volleyball:
- The flower in screen 0A of level 10F is completely unnecessary

4D Cavern:
- There is an unneeded yoshi block at the very beginning that can be used to skip parts of the level
- The segway's hitbox in level 112 is absolutely atrocious, it's offset by almost an entire block from its graphics

Run Yoshi Run!:
- There is a superfluous yoshi coin at the beginning. At the end of the level, I had 6
- Double grabbing the springboard and baby yoshi at the beginning of level 113 completely skips the bullet bill section

Thou Shalt not Jump:
- Due to sprite slot limitations the generator in screen 12 of level 105 sometimes doesn't spawn, making the level impossible

Cantrip Castle:
- There's no way to know that the door in level 116 triggers when the coin snake touches it.
- Level 117 can be completely skipped by bringing a key from the previous sublevel
- The magikoopa is controlled by RNG so some setups consist of a lot of trial and error. This makes this level rather frustrating to play

Gravity Falls:
- One of the shells in screen 8 of level 107 isn't needed and can be used to skip the poison mushroom guiding section. Alternatively, one can use the shell in screen D