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Member of the Month ~ June 2019 ~ A tale of two interviewers, with Sixcorby
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Member of the Month ~ June 2019 ~ A tale of two interviewers, with Sixcorby
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This month, Scrydan sat down with Sixcorby and talked with him about his old tenure on staff and his contributions to the recently released JUMP½.

Scrydan: Welcome to the June 2019 Member of the Month interview! I am your host, Scrydan. And today I have quite a treat for you all. With me is the wonderful Sixcorby, a former staff member involved with jumphalf among other things. And Sixcorby used to do a lot of past interviews as well. So we're going to play a little role reversal today. Are you ready to start this interview? I know I am!
Sixcorby: im ready freddy

Scrydan: Wonderful! Let's begin some simple questions. So how are you doing today?
Sixcorby: splendid what about you
Scrydan: I am doing well. Just woke up like 20-30 minutes ago, so maybe a bit tired but still excited to do this interview with you. It'll be the second one I've done, besides the one I've done with our last Staff Spotlight.
It should be great to finally tell others about yourself and get the interview you've deserved for awhile now.

Scrydan: So tell us a bit about your history with the site. What started it all for you?
Sixcorby: so my introduction to smw hacking started back in 2008 when i was a wee little 10 or 11 yr old. a friend of mine sent me the video to part 14 of azureblade49's rom hack review of mario's masochistic mission, which was a dumb unfun kaizo hack that made azureblade scream and cry like a newborn. i didn't care so much for the video but i was intrigued by the hack and i wondered how it was made. so i'm sure you can guess, that led me to finding lunar magic, which i used to make a bunch of stupid kaizo levels aiming for the same style as mario's masochistic mission. my first finished hack, which i don't think i ever released, was pretty much the og super mario world but with munchers spammed everywhere. and my 11 yr old self thought it was the greatest thing ever
Scrydan: Yeah, reminds me similarly to my first hack attempt and the second thereof "semi released" as a joke hack. When in reality, it really wasn't a joke at the time. You could probably release it as a joke hack in the future. Because like it or not, it is a part of your history.
Sixcorby: wouldn't be a very good joke tbh
Scrydan: Probably not. But hey, some jokes might not be funny to some but make others laugh. Never know!

Scrydan: So what got you into jumphalf?
Sixcorby: i don't remember the series of events exactly but i think it started during vldcx when i played a bunch of entries from jump team members. i wasn't aware of jumphalf when it first started in early 2016, as i was still exclusively making kaizo hacks at that time and didn't pay too much attention to what went on in hacking forums outside of kaizo, so the existence of the jump team and its members was a surprise to me. naturally they were some of the best entries i played and i felt inspired by them. eventually it just lead me to asking hey fellas can i participate in this here rom hack
Scrydan: Sounds like a lot of fun. So when you began working with them, what do you think is one of your favorite levels of the hack? And what was your favorite part to work on?
Sixcorby: when i was first exploring the baserom,
quillstamp melody
was the first level that really stood out to me as i thought it was the most beautiful bramble level i had played in an smw hack, and is still one of my favorite levels in jumphalf today. i think from this point to the end of 2017 was around the time when i had the most fun with jumphalf development as well, as everyone was still discussing the composition of the hack and it was exciting to see things like the overworld come together. when i first saw the main overworld in the jumphalf chat my jaw dropped through the floor and to the other side of the earth. big shoutouts to koopster and lazy for their work on most of the overworld maps
Scrydan: There was a lot of hard work put into the hack. It definitely got challenging for sure. But I think some good challenge is great for people. So is there anything else you'd like to bring up about jumphalf? Anything no one might know? Like what was your greatest struggles?
Sixcorby: asm was the biggest struggle of hack development, as is the case with pretty much every major collaborative hack. asm tasks are really daunting and time consuming, so it's really difficult to find folks who have both the motivation and time to devote to such things. fortunately we had worldpeace who's a fucking beast and managed to pump out almost all of our asm needs near the end of development. this has been said many times at this point but pretty much everyone on the jump team is so grateful for the things he did for the hack, it for sure wouldn't have been the same without him. i don't think i've met anyone in the smw community who is as hardworking and knowledgeable about asm as he is. other than that there were certainly arguments between all of us on the team, and things did get heated a couple times, but overall communication went pretty well and i'm thankful for how motivated and willing to compromise a lot of us were. if people on any hack or game dev team don't exhibit those two things, the project is likely doomed for failure.
Scrydan: Indeed. A team is exactly that, a couple of people getting together to get something done. And with more members, it usually means some more compromises as well. But the benefits of seeing new ideas and able to have others think of things you didn't or see things you couldn't is a great thing. A team can be hard to manage but being in a successful team must be a great feeling.

Scrydan: So what other projects have you been working on? Got any solo projects?
Sixcorby: i've been working on a solo project since jumphalf was finished but i won't discuss right now. hopefully i'll have something small to show off during the upcoming c3
Scrydan: Oh nice, I was going to ask if there's any surprises to expect for C3. Can't wait to see them!
Sixcorby: im gonna win every trophy
Scrydan: That seems like a challenge. I think I am going to try to at least take one. You can have the rest. With it rolling in around a month, you think you have enough time for you to prepare?
Sixcorby: i hope

Scrydan: So tell us about your past staff experience here. That was quite awhile ago! How has moderation been for you while you were staff?
Sixcorby: god that was more than 4 years ago now kill me
Scrydan: You're getting to be so old now! xD
Sixcorby: i was still in high school when i was promoted to staff so i felt as though i still had a lot of energy to put into hack moderation and other staff duties. real life things weren't occupying my mind so much so being on staff didn't feel like an obligation at all, just something i did during free time. i don't think i would join the staff team again, but i'm glad i was a part of it. i made many connections during my time as a hack mod and i learned a lot
Scrydan: Yeah, I can understand that. Working with the staff team is rewarding and certainly can be time consuming as well. We all have our reasons for joining. So what do you think is the main reason you personally joined staff as a hack moderator?
Sixcorby: i guess my biggest motivation was simply to feel valued and important. i wasn't really doing anything with my life at the time so i figured being a hack mod would be a cool thing to do. not really much deeper than that
Scrydan: That is certainly an understandable reason and motivation. I think my main reason myself for joining staff was to become closer to the community and it'd help me do some of the things I always wanted to do. I am glad you were apart of the team while you were. And if you ever did somehow find the time or wanted to do it for some crazy reason, you'd be very welcomed I bet.
Sixcorby: being on staff was the biggest thing that encouraged me to get closer to the community as well, so i'm thankful for that as i probably would've never made the connections i had made if i was never promoted
Scrydan: Indeed, so how does it feel to be interviewed finally after all the other interviews you've done long long ago?
Sixcorby: i'm reminded of how boring of an interviewer i was
Scrydan: I don't think you were xD. I think it is great to fill in when you're needed. As you probably know, there's been some slight odd timing with interviews lately but I would like to think I am doing a good job myself sort of taking this over. So things should be more consistent xD. What would you rate this interview?
Sixcorby: i'm the one being interviewed for motm so it's automatically a 10/10
Scrydan: Of course!

Scrydan: So what is a typical day in the life of Sixcorby? What do you do outside the central?
Sixcorby: my daily schedule is

Scrydan: Is there anything else you'd like the whole central to know before we end this? There's a big red shiny button over here and it is flashing. (Totally not reusing this line!)
Sixcorby: don't forget to like share subscribe and give me your social security numbers
Scrydan *subscribes* My number is 7. I am sure that will help you somehow.

ScrydanThank you so much for sitting down with us to be interviewed! It was a pleasure doing this interview with you, Sixcorby. A shame you can't do anymore interviews. I do hope you have a wonderful day!
Congrats!! Definitely well deserved!

Sixcorby being modest when he's talking about the work he did on jump half. He did a tremendous amount of really great work on the hack, and we're all beyond appreciative of it. Same with the other baserom managers and worldpeace, the hack wouldn't have ever been released without him and the others. Looking forward to that potential solo project at c3!
Sixcorby more like Sexcorby am I right?

Anyway congrats dude, you deserve it for all the work you've done.
i came here to say sexcorby, but now that k3fka's said it first i cant say it

congratulations on making jumphalf 1/2

[insert sexcorby joke here]

congrats to you. Despite all the hard kaizo stuff you do you also designed several great normal levels as well, not only for JUMP.
Definitely looking forward to what will come next (for C3)


This thread is a good opportunity to show appreciation for someone I like. It's good to have you around the JUMP discord! Also, we're forever thankful for your hard work and willingness to take over that monster (well, I guess not as much of a monster as other collabs out there) and help get it finished.
Good to see one of my favorite kaizo hackers all around getting the recognition he deserves!
This interview is confirmation that sixcorby has one of the best personalities, ever. I can't wait to see the (smol?) C3 work!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Display Case - Interview Archive - Member of the Month ~ June 2019 ~ A tale of two interviewers, with Sixcorby

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