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Carry sprites through teleporters, too

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I'm currently playing around with Carry Sprites Through Doors and Pipes, which seems to work fabulously for the most part. However, it does not seem to work for any kind of screen-based teleportation blocks. Since a lot of movement through my levels are based on such blocks, it's a bit of trouble.

To fix this, would I need to adjust the patch, or the blocks? For that matter, what exactly would need to be done?

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Well, it depends on what you mean by "screen-based teleportation blocks". If you link the actual blocks you're using, it'd be easier to tell.

Most likely, though, it would be a modification to the blocks.

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Relative Warp blocks are what I use, if you want specifics. That said, none of the random assortment of teleporters I used seemed to work either, but it would be most important to work with the previously mentioned block.

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That did the trick! Even the Carry patch's ability to prevent items from respawning when carried to a level and back works in this form. Bless you for spontaneously coming out of not being online for a month, and your help!

Since that's all I needed, I'll just close this for now.

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Link Thread Closed