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Stuff you regret doing in the past?
Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Stuff you regret doing in the past?
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being an edgelord on the internet

Hacks I'm working on:

your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
Hard to pinpoint things. There are many things I regret, like being too indoorsy in my childhood and early teen years, and not having the courage to come out earlier. But even my mistakes helped lead me to where I am today, which is a pretty sweet place.

I just hope to not do things I'll eventually regret a lot now! Like procrastinating uni stuff! #tb{:D}

Why are you like this!?
I really regret being that one kid who just did nothing besides staying indoors. I wasn't and still am not into parties (at least not the ones that involve beer). But nowadays I like going out with family and friends practically everywhere.
I also deeply regret procrastinating in everything. I mean it.

Você é a razão da minha felicidade.
1. When I was younger, I got a phone but then threw it away from the apartment without thought. It still scared me everytime when I see an open edge of an apartment (or even houses)

2. Selling my PC and get a new one.
This was a huge mistake. I had lot of homework and databooks in there which were there for years. Some of the best memories and artifacts where there too. I also had some of the best Minecraft worlds and creations which I will never get to recover or revisit again. (R.I.P Nostalgia)
The worst part of it that the PC itself was fine and still acted proper (unless the current one I use, it got lot of sensivity problems.)

3. School behavior.
I always had problems in school. Back then, I wasn't really aware of the school and acted like I was at home which caused a lot of problems back then. I used to scream a lot and other dumb stuff. I even got so obsessed with stuff that I created problems and insults without even knowing. Most of the stuff doesn't apply at 9th grade anymore, however the school now became really difficult and the teacher werent even that friendly anymore. At least I managed to create somewhat good grades so I could get a job done. However I was wrong.
Since I'm accused to be way too young, I have to do more then 10 grades which is really bad and it might get rid of all good grades.

creating unnecessary drama with friends and communities over really dumb things


gorillaz is p good, sadwrist too

Pretty much everything I posted online when I was 11/12 years old
Originally posted by Rammy
creating unnecessary drama with friends and communities over really dumb things

Yeah, I was the same a couple of years back and it wasn't a great experience. At least now we can look back and laugh about it, right??

Might as well make a serious post here.

- Verbally bullying a girl in the 9th grade. She's still traumatized by it to this day.
- Four years ago I called someone from my school who didn't know my number to tell her I was going to kill her because for some dumbass reason I thought it would be funny. I immediately revealed myself after, but yikes.

Those are my two biggest regrets. Not much else I can think of that I seriously regret. Lot of the other things I might regret have made me who I am so I don't really regret it.

This is a mistake I'm sometimes still making. I regret procrastinating studying to tests multiple times. I don't like to study subjects I don't find interesting or useful in my life at all.

I made an account on a site with games, memes, jokes, videos, etc. when I was 11 without parents' permission and I acted like a dumb person. Oh my goodness, I even put my home address there, but I removed it at some point. Eventually, after 3 months of having the account, I decided to delete it. I intended to do it earlier, but I was banned at that time.

When I created an account on SMW Central, I didn't read FAQ or Rules because I thought I wouldn't understand them at all and my behavior in early years was a result of it. I didn't reply in my thread about one-sided walljumping and then certain someone said there was no point in replying at all. My biggest SMWC-related regret is posting a short, instigative comment in a thread about a kaizo hack made by MercuryPenny. I wanted to say there was cutoff, but that was unclear. Mercury's now one of my favorite musicians.

I kicked a teacher in 4th grade and thus I couldn't have gone on a school trip. I was angry with her because she had told me not to shout. I had heard it from this specific teacher multiple times before.

There were a ton of things I wish hadn't happened, but they're so petty I don't seriously regret them.
I have a Discord server as well!

Der ver zwei peanuts, valking down der Straße, und von vas assaulted...peanut. Ohohohoho!
I regret this 2 things:

1)Acting like a fascist in other forums (even if it sounds fun)

2)Registering twice in the site
Originally posted by 7 Up

I made an account on a site with games, memes, jokes, videos, etc.

what's the site? it sounds cool.
Originally posted by batterylow
what's the site? it sounds cool.

It's Polish.
I have a Discord server as well!

Der ver zwei peanuts, valking down der Straße, und von vas assaulted...peanut. Ohohohoho!
being mad basically all the time...

A few years ago I blew my chances with a really nice guy by being rude to him and not patient enough when he wasn't being as responsive to me as I was used to. I regret it as I felt there was some good potential there, but alas, you live and learn.
being born

they say... i forgot
Playing blackout77's version of Super Mario Frustration. It's worse than Hammer Brother, if you can believe that.
1. Being myself when I was <10 years old (literally 2 years ago).
2. Being friends with a bitch who doesn't give half a shit about anyone other than himself and someone else who used to be like that. You fucking suck and I regret ever inviting you over or even going to the same schools as you.
3. Fighting with my "friends" mentioned above ALL THE TIME because UGH why do they exist.
4. Starting my SMW hack that I'll never finish due to lack of motivation and that I'm playing other games.
5. Not speaking up to my parents sooner.
6. Not telling people about my problems earlier.
7. Thinking I was cool by putting plays and gaming in the same username.
8. Not knowing what to get for Christmas in the past two years.
9. Not realising what was wrong with me sooner.
10. My old Scratch projects when I was younger. Thankfully they are deleted but what was I thinking being that cringe...?
11. Being myself now.
12. Not being social in a place where the point is to be social.
13. Not getting professional help yet (I will one day)
14. Joining some websites when I was younger (I could do without the accounts, thank you!)
15. Not realising the stickies when I joined SMW Central (or any forum for that matter) #tb{¬_¬}
16. Downloading 95% of mobile games.
17. Thinking that all you had to do to be eco-friendly was to put lids on glue sticks 3 years ago.
18. If I had known that being an eco-councillor meant you got to wear a badge and go to ONE meeting near the end of the year to reduce sugar in packed lunches (or something like that idc) which has nothing to do with pollution or anything related to the environment.
19. Not just doing it now, ffs stop procrastinating me.
20. Watching Skeppy one year ago and thinking his memes were SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY that I had to pick up on them as well (I hate myself)
21. Writing this post.

I've probably forgotten something and will edit this post when I remember.

Switch to Ecosia! You can save the environment by searching the internet.
obviously as a perpetually ironic faux-depressed zoomer i'm legally required to say "being born"

but honestly my biggest regret thus far is letting my physical and mental state deteriorate to the point it has. i'm getting better about my weight (lost about 10 pounds over the past few months, although i have a ways to go before i can be considered "healthy") but i'm still habitually self-deprecating and sometimes keep myself up at night with incredibly mentally destructive thoughts that are utterly untrue when given 10 seconds of thought. stuff like "my friends only hang out with me because they pity me for being so utterly unlikable" (my friends are unbelievably nice but i'm pretty sure even they would have cut me off by now if i was as much of a social leech as these late-night self-pity sessions have me believe). it's also led to me having zero self-confidence in anything, as well as a complete lack of motivation to work on my creative hobbies despite having flashes of ideas in my head that are probably worth bringing to life.

a major contributing factor to that was undoubtedly holing myself into my computer room and wasting hours every day posting bottom-tier garbage to this site (and a few others) as a younger teen. still, live and learn, and there has been some good that has come out of those years - really pushing me to tap into my latent interest in music theory, teaching me a lot about game design, and helping me to understand the inherent limitations of strictly text-based communication on a more intimate level than if my first experience was with, say, twitter. plus, others can learn from my mistakes, and avoid being caught in the sinkhole of becoming obsessed with a niche internet forum for a silly hobby.

idk how to finish this post but i'll throw it out there anyway
i regret making that level i made for HLDC of this year. It was just a cheap and mediocre attempt to make a JUMP quality level.
Okay, if you want a serious answer, I'd say my biggest regret was... treating my best friend like shit in the past. We might be cool now but I did say some things that left a scar on her, and it isn't fully healed yet.

they say... i forgot
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