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[Solved] Custom Layer 1 Scrolling Not Spawning Sprites

Okay, for a segment of a level I am working on, I have two brown/checkboarded line-guided platforms that the player rides on. To have a better control over how the camera scrolls, I decided to make some UberASM code to search for spawned platforms, average the first two that it finds, and set that as the horizontal camera position.

The code works perfectly except that it sometimes fails to spawn sprites. I have tried to fix this by setting other relevant RAM addresses, such as $1A and $210D, and even by setting the layer 1 position difference, $17BD. I've also tried looking at the disassembly but I haven't been able to find anything helpful. I was wondering if anyone has run into a similar issues and what I might be able to do to fix this.

Here is the code, if anyone is curious.

Thank you!
Beta Logic~

Welp, I'm dumb. I found a patch that fixes this very problem!

Here is a link to the patch if anyone needs it.