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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
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A day I had guessed would come eventually, but was just a case of when.

I don't think we really had much to do with each other when I was staff (like apart from me hounding you to insert CSV files because people needed badges from contests #tb{;)}) but if this site had never come into my life I probably wouldn't know half the things I know today, like many others in this thread. Even if you weren't that active the past few years, this site is your baby (figuratively of course lol) and without your dedication to it, there wouldn't be the thriving SMW hacking community there is today.

Just as everyone has said, thank you for everything and all the best for the future. #smw{:peace:}
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Kieran, thank you so much for everything you've done for this site! It's been quite a ride to see how much the site evolves with each day, and I was really amazed with all of that. Like many others said, SMW Central is the home to many different users, including myself, and even if my activity here is somewhat gone these days, I'm proud to say that I've become part of this wonderful community.
This site has given me alot of entertainment over the years, thank you for that. I'm glad you chose to give site ownership to noivern. I think that was the perfect choice. Good luck to you, I'm sure you will do well! Good luck to noivern too, I look forward to what you will bring to the table!
I initially wrote an extremely long reply but I lost it because of Cloudflare's anti-DDoS system...well, that happens.

But... I know how it hard it was for you taking this decision and I understand completely the reasonings behind it, Kieran. Although SMW hacking would have eventually developed technical-wise, we would never reached the large scale we know today without you. The idea of creating sections and unifying the resources together was simply genial on your part. Even if some of the ideas were made by other people, just the fact that you actually took the time and coded everything for so many years is extremely impressive.

I'm grateful for everything you did, I remember the many fun events had though this almost decade since I have joined SMWC, I remember particularly the 10,000 users events where a time portal was put on the main page and you could simply teleport to the classic SMWC from 2005. Many other people probably would have loved the Nightfall, the Pop-tart cat attack, the MLP is magic and probably more that I don't remember. I remember also how you were careful when designing part of the site, like the new sections where you asked every single department for feedback and designed around it for the GFX, ASM, music, etc., sections. I'm grateful for you offering to host VilelaBot for seven years, since 2012 and even preparing a proper VM for it, with a Windows setup and even installed everything needed for running a web server for the bot not just running IRC (now Discord commands) but also online for most people using it.

Also I should thank you during the administration days that you supported me so much in many aspects and calmed me even on poor situations like when someone death threatened me and you dealt with it extremely well... In the end things didn't go out right and left the board during one of the worst SMWC crisis...and it was everything my fault. Sorry for that.

The legacy you have left there will be eternal. And I promise within my limits that I will do the possible for taking care of SMW hacking and by consequence the site itself... It's the minimum I could do for you since everything you did is simply priceless, nothing could ever pay all the awesome things you did and I understand eventually things didn't work it out well on your side and I wish if I could have helped you more.

Congratulations man, you are super awesome. Hope we can stay in contact.... and we should play Minecraft someday now that I have finally a semi-internet connection :D

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i may have fallen away from the community, i may not care as much about what happens around here, hell i barely do anything with smw anymore, but this site awakened my love for music, and it's an integral part of my teenage years i'm very unlikely to forget. it's unbelievable to think back to all the colorful personalities i met, 'befriended', had petty spats with, or even just interacted with in passing, and i don't think any other place at any time could have given me the same opportunities and experiences.

you've given a super niche hobby maybe a few thousand people care about a solid home for 15+ years. godspeed to you in your future endeavors.
For better or for worse, this website was a huge part of my life for several years. It taught me english and allowed me to fulfill a childhood dream and meet lots of great people who had it in common. Thanks for creating this place and maintaining it for so long even after it mostly fell out of your interest.
I wish you success!

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I had a funny feeling this was bound to happen someday.

Kieran, even though I didn't get to know you too much, it is thanks to you I discovered the best SMW hacking website around. Thanks for making SMWCentral the great website it was back in 2007 and still is today.

SMWCentral won't be quite the same without you, though nonetheless, I hope you find success in your future endeavors.
Thank you all for the nice comments. It's been an honor.
Apparently I slipped and wasn't able to make a quick post when I thought I did.

You are the reason I have known such a good community. If you didn't make the site, I don't think I would be as well off as I have. And funny enough, it would have delayed me seeing another community as a result.

Even when I took my break from the site way back, this site never escaped my mind. My main first real community. Thank you for years of dedication. You lasted way longer than many in similar situations and that's got to be something good said about character there.

Best of luck with all your endeavors!

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There's custom dimensions and really neat sorcery you can enjoy!
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I was wondering what was going on when it was happening because I have not read this so good luck with your new job and stuff. I knew about this website for a long time. I hope you have fun with your future.

You've done very well in maintaining the site for quite a long time Kieran. Thanks for keeping this place together after all these years and best of luck!
Truly the end of an era. I wondered if you would ever hand the torch down to someone else. I wonder what this place will turn into, under new ownership. Probably not very different.

Good luck with your new job!
Well, this is and end for Kieran Era, but the site will go on as usual and who will be the new owner for the SMW Central site! I started playing SMW hacks back in 2009. This site never gets old!

And good luck on the new era, Kieran Menor!
Well, i'm quite a newcomer to the community, so i never really got to know much about Kieran Menor, other than the fact that he was the owner of the site...
Nonetheless, i'm still here to say thank you for everything you've done for this site and community Kieran! It's crazy to think you've been on the lead for as long as 14 years! It truly shows the amount of dedication you had for this site!
Even though i don't really know you much, i know you were a big part of what made this site and community be what they are today! So again, thank you for everything you've done!

And congratulations on your engineering degree and full-time job! I wish you all the success in this new chapter of your life!

I'd also like to congratulate Noivern and Telinc1 for the promotion! I wish you guys all the luck and success with maintaining the site!

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Congratulations on moving into the next chapter and thank you for being the keystone to this wonderful community.


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If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
well, i'm not good with the words but, I must thank for creating such great website and keeping it for so many years.
also thanks for keeping it alive even if you weren't feeling like it.but i'm glad smwcentral will live on who know how many decades.

I dont do smw rom hacks, but I still kinda contribute with the community, it being a custom music or graphics, but it's something great to pass time sometimes, hopefully we all we see you around and who knows chat about the stuff you do after smwcentral.

once again, thank you so much for making it real not just for me, but for all the Super Mario World fans around the world

Well, that was all of a sudden for you, Mr. Kieran. You've been in the site for a decades for now. Well, best of luck, pal!

Also, congrats, TRS--err, I mean Noivern! And Telinc1! Good luck on maintaining and keeping this legendary website, fellow friends!

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That. Was. Sudden. Even though I knew you were going to leave the site, I didn't expect you to resign as Site Owner so soon. Well, this day must've come because everything has its ending. I have to thank you and Smallhacker for creating the website, I didn't only interact with other hackers, but I also learned English thanks to it.

I understand that you had to start a new chapter in your life. I also understand that it's hard to make a decision like this. Congrats on getting the degree and full-time job, though! Good luck maintaining your IRL projects, too!

Also, congrats for Noivern on taking over the server and Telinc1 on becoming the main coder! And I hope idol still does well with her Site Manager position and the site changes in the best way possible!
I have a Discord server as well!
Sucks to see you go. Though I guess this has been a long time coming. Either way, I have fond memories of you and when you were active, you did good for the site.

This site has meant a lot to me. It was my first real online community. The impact it's had on my life is probably greater than any other community. So I thank you for that.

Originally posted by Kieran Menor
It's no secret that I've been rather inactive on the site for some years, having only afforded it a minimum amount of attention whenever there was a fire to put out. This seems to have only become worse, and it made increasingly less sense for me to spend energy and resources on it.

Yeah, I agree that leaving the site and resigning from it is the best decision. Especially with all these... fires everywhere. Sometimes, it's just best to leave.

I'm glad you got a job that will let you acquire $ to pay rent. Here's my goodbye:

Good bye.



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