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Summer Solstice VGM Guessing Contest


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Surprise! It's been over two years since the last one, but it's time for another video game music guessing contest to start off the summer (or winter, for our southern hemisphere folks)! Sinc-X and I, bebn legg, SMWC's resident Canadian staff members, will be your hosts this time, eh? We've carefully dug through all sorts of video game songs to bring you 100 short snippets to guess. Go big or go home, right?
But wait, there's more! In addition to the regular songs, we've got two bonus categories as well:

High-Quality Rips and EXTREME songs

We've picked 5 High-Quality Rips from SiIvaGunner for you to guess as well, but they go beyond your usual Flintstones and Snow Halation. We can't make it that obvious, now can we?

EXTREME songs, on the other hand, are songs from incredibly obscure games that most people have probably never heard of.

Now for the rules!
It's simple, for each song, guess the name of the game it's from. If you want to include the name of the track, feel free to, but it's not necessary.
Series Correctly Guessed - 1 pt
Game Correctly Guessed - 2 pts

But the fun doesn't stop there, because we've got bonus points to hand out as well!
-One of the songs is an impostor, it's not actually from a video game! If you correctly identify which one, you get 1 extra point.
-For High-Quality Rips, if you correctly identify the rip's joke, you get 1 extra point.
-If you correctly guess an EXTREME song, then you'll get 2 extra points.
-If you're the only person to guess a song, you'll receive 1 extra point.

Whoever collects the most points will win themselves a nice, pretty, wonderful, trophy to show off, as well as a fancy Steam code.

Of course, to keep the contest fun and fair, don't reveal your guesses to anyone else! If you share your guesses publicly, you'll automatically be disqualified from the contest and be banned for a few days. It sounds extreme, but it's just to make sure things stay fun!

You can find the songs here!

Compile all your guesses in a neat, organized format, and send them via PM or Discord DM to either Sinc-X or myself (bebn legg), by July 5th 2019, 23:59 EST. That's right, you've got two whole weeks until right as C3 starts to submit your guesses. If you're not submitting a guess for a particular song, there's no need to include it in the list you're sending us. If you remember a song after you've already submitted your guesses, no worries, just send us another PM or DM, we'll compile everything together in the end.

Happy listening! ♫
what in the f*#%&# are any of these...
umm... can i help you!?
I don't play video games I only play SMW hacks... also that's a shitload of songs
Originally posted by bebn legg
(or winter, for our southern hemisphere folks)

Yes, we do exist. Thanks.
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Wow, this VGM Guessing Contest certainly is a surprise alright. I'll have to set aside some time to listen to all of these during the next fortnight, and see which ones I can figure out.
Most of those songs are there to prove that I should be more into video games than SMW hacks lol
I'll take a peek at them again tonight.
Alright, I checked out all of the entries yesterday, and while I couldn't guess out quite a few of them (and had vague ideas of what are the games they're from), I did know about a handful of them nonetheless, so that's nice I guess

Problem is tho, what would a "neat and organized" format be like in this context? Like, would it be something like sending out a .txt file to whoever is doing this contest, or something? I would do that either way, but just checking before I send this shit out lmao

also ngl, but listening to the songs I already knew of beforehand and even in general, it's pretty damn obvious to know which ones are by Sinc and which ones are by bebn haha
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Originally posted by Ultima
Problem is tho, what would a "neat and organized" format be like in this context? Like, would it be something like sending out a .txt file to whoever is doing this contest, or something? I would do that either way, but just checking before I send this shit out lmao

Whatever you want, it can just be a directly-typed DM too. As long as the numbers and game names are clearly linked, that's perfect. It could be one line per guess for example, and then separate anything else you might have to add with commas and/or parentheses.
Alright, sent my guesses now lol

now let's see how this goes...
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Only like two of them seemed familiar so I don't know if it will be worth it to send my guesses. Most of them just seemed like random sound effects or something. I couldn't really make anything out of them.
On the first pass, I recognized only a few of these - and despite the fact that there are so many picks this round, I'm genuinely surprised I even know that many considering that Sinc-X was one of the people who picked songs for this game. Maybe it'll be worth entering after all!

Hm... One of these in particular I'm very suspicious might be a trick, but we'll see.
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Is there any sort of penalty for people who shared their guesses in PMs with anyone but you, the hosts, or admins if it's possible for the latter to see those? If it's possible and there's no penalty, the contest wouldn't be as fun.

Also, should I enter if I haven't guessed anything yet and I'm not confident in my VGM knowledge already? After reading some peeps' opinions, I'm afraid I'll guess few snippets right.
I have a Discord server as well!
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
sharing answers with anyone is a big nope - obviously we cant really watch over anything going on in private msg's, but if anyone were to be caught doing that somehow they would be subject to DQ.

also yes!! even if you only know a few it is worth entering! i guarantee you're not the only one who doesn't know many of them, and the more participants the merrier!
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We wanted to make a quick clarification regarding the IMPOSTOR song, since we've realized a slight flaw in our system that is a bit unfair to you all in this circumstance. The IMPOSTOR song is not game-related in any way - not from a game, not on a game console, and so forth - it is a song released outside of any gaming context. If this clarification affects answers that you have already submitted, feel free to resubmit your guesses with the necessary changes (you don't need to resubmit all your guesses, just any that are changed/new).

Apologies for any confusion/inconvenience!
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Do we have to say what the name of the impostor song is or just say that it is the impostor? I think I might have an idea which one it might be, but I don't know the name of it. I'm not sure if I'm going to enter yet. I want to see if I can find some more before I submit.
You say the name like the other songs and point out whether that's the impostor, I guess.
Yes, you can point out which song is the impostor without actually knowing its name.
is it just me or is this kinda off-the-shits hard
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