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What's your favourite new feature?

Mine has got to be the new themes.

(Also, first community post in this forum!)
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Vertical levels, for sure. I've always loved the kind of level design in those. Still, I'm gonna have to wait for super mario maker 3 for layer-2 stuff.
the car. looking at that koopa drive fast gives me nothing but a hearty laugh! #smrpg{haha}
ask me if i give a f*ck...
Most of the new features added (specifically for Super Mario World, 'cuz I know that's the theme I'll be using the most). I also like the new multiplayer (even if it's not fully finished yet).

The themes for that game are alright. The desert theme looks more like a chocolate island theme (which resembles much more of a mountain aesthetic). The night theme BGs feel weak as it's only just the stars... why not include the rest of the background from the daytime as well?
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Originally posted by Impetus
Vertical levels, for sure. I've always loved the kind of level design in those. Still, I'm gonna have to wait for super mario maker 3 for layer-2 stuff.

Oh yes this! This in combination of rising water/lava is amazing! I can make an easy Toxic Tower level for sure.

From what I've seen, the blocks that create paths and custom screen scrolling settings are my favorites. Once I get the game, I'll be toying around with those to see what kind of level I can make with those things.

Of course, I'm saying this ahead of time, and the feature I enjoy the most might change overtime.
Tough because there's a lot to love when it comes to the new features that have been brought to the table.

I think mine has to be the vertical levels.
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

- New Types of Levels like Desert, Forest, Snow (14+ in Total)
- ON/OFF switch blocks
- Vertical levels

There are so many great hings added to SMM2 but I can't count all them
Many of the new additions from Super Mario Maker 2, but the ones that stand out are.
-More scrolling options.
-Vertical Level.


I Love the Slopes a lot for some reason. Some people don't like them though..
Probably the Super Mario 3D World style because cat Mario, meowing bullet bills, directional pipes, and in general sensing a lot of creative potential. Still haven't quite explored every orifice of this game yet so my opinion is subject to change.
Legacy custom music
A site with a non-useless dislike button
SMW hacking channel

Rising lava is good I think.
If it's about Twitter, than you can forget it.
Vertical scrolling, slopes, and the new themes are honestly all I really needed. Everything else is just gravy.
playing as link, slopes and the detailed search
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