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Transformers Genesis - Alternate Universe fanfic, hopefully with zero cringe
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I've wanted to create my own Transformers universe since 2015, most likely around the time that I designed my own take on Optimus Prime based on a Hot Wheels/Matchbox-type model semi truck I've had since 1999. I guess now, being in full-blown Transfan Mode again, was the time to get this started. Originally, I did want to start an RP on Discord, and I may still do so, but said RP attempts never garnered any interest. Nobody signed up for characters or anything. Either way, it's time to dive into TRANSFORMERS GENESIS


At the beginning of the universe, there were two gods. One, who would come to be known as Primus, represented light, standing for creation, growth, progress, and order. The other, Unicron, represented darkness, standing for death, destruction, and decay, and chaos. As the young universe expanded by Primus' hand, Unicron would retaliate by bringing cataclysms to destroy that which was created. This struggle continued until Primus sealed himself and Unicron into barren planets that the latter had all but wiped clean of life.

Primus, being a god of creation, was able to reform his planetary prison into a metallic world that would be a well-spring of mechanical life. Unicron, meanwhile, could not create, and, as a result, drifted helplessly through space, surrounded by an aura of darkness that could corrupt any form of sentient life that Primus created.

The first life-forms to emerge from Primus would come to be known as the Thirteen Primes. Each of these Primes could directly call upon a portion of the raw power of Primus, but were each given individual minds and wills. Each of these powerful beings would be given a duty crucial to the continued creation and evolution of life throughout the universe.

Prima was the first of these Primes, and as such, was the leader. He carried with him a conduit with which he could commune with the AllSpark, the mind of Primus himself and the well-spring of life within the planet. This conduit would come to be known as the Matrix of Leadership. In order to battle the forces of darkness that would inevitably rise in the universe, he was also given possession of a sacred blade known as the Star Saber.

Vector Prime was the second of the Thirteen, and served as a guardian of space and time. He would be given the Blade of Time, Rhisling, with which he could bend the fabric of space and time to his will.

Alpha Trion was the third Prime, and was appointed as a sage and record keeper. His Sacred Quill allowed him to record all events, past, present, and future.

Solus, the fourth Prime, served as the master artificer, creating and maintaining many sacret weapons and artifacts with her Sacred Forge.

Micronus Prime was the fifth Prime, representing evolution with his ability to link up to and enhance the powers of his siblings in times of great need.

Alchemist Prime, the sixth, stood guard over the elemental structure of the natural world. His Sacred Lenses allowed him to see farther and deeper into the fabric of the universe than his siblings.

The seventh, Nexus Prime, would be the first being able to split himself into smaller components, then reassemble into his true form. He carried with him the Enigma of Combination, with which he could bestow upon other groups the ability to combine into a singular form potentially greater than the sum of its parts.

Onyx Prime was the eighth, and stood guard over the fauna of the universe with his ability to assume their amimalistic forms. He wears the Sacret Triptych Mask, allowing him to see into the souls of the living, the dead, and those not yet born.

Amalgamus Prime was the ninth, and the first to extend shape-shifting beyond the bestial forms of his elder brother. He would go on to instill this ability into all future denizens of the plaent.

The tenth was Quintus Prime, who would serve as the first progenitor of sentient life. He was the first to leave his homeworld and take his life-creating power to another planet, which would come to be known as Quintessa.

Liege Maximo was the eleventh Prime, and the first to be corrupted by the darkness of Unicron. He would become known as the master of lies and manipulation, with the uncanny ability to coax all but the strongest of wills into following his lead. This knack for deception would gain him the title of the First Decepticon.

Megatronus, the twelth Prime, was initially appointed thw Warrior-Guardian of Life, and was gifted the mighty Requiem Blaster, a weapon intended to destroy anything that was too corrupted by darkness to be saved. He would be the first being swayed to darkness by Liege Maximo, who played upon his envy of the other Primes to instill in him an undying lust for "the power to rise above Primus himself." This lust for power drove him to kill his mentor, disintegrating him with the Requiem Blaster before turning on the other Primes.

The other Primes, naturally, would attempt to defend themselves. Solus was the first to stand against Megatronus, who would take advantage of her lack of combat prowess to kill her with a weapon of her own design. Prima would rise next, feeling that it was his duty as the eldest Prime to maintain order and peace.

Before engaging Megatronus, Prima passed the Matrix of Leadership on to Alpha Trion, whose ability to see into the future would allow him to keep it safe. Micronus Prime, sensing the great danger posed by Megatronus, linked up to the elder Prime. Together with Nexus Prime, Prima would overpower and defeat Megatronus, who fled into space, vowing that he would return in time.

The youngest of the Primes, known only as the Thirteenth, was a being of great natural wisdom and purity. Not having been given a specific duty, and having seen how much power could corrupt the ones who wielded it, suggested that the power of Primus be transferred into a new artifact that would provide unlimited energy to the future generations who would be born of the planet. So committed was he to living a life of selflessness and humility that he sacrificed his immortality, allowing himself to pass on to the AllSpark, from which he could be reborn as a mortal and walk among even the lowliest of sentient beings.

Prima would also sacrifice himself, relinquishing his mighty physical body to merge his life spark with the Matrix of Leadership, from which he would act as a spiritual guide to all future bearers of the relic.

With that, the Thirteen disappeared into the mists of legend, while the world they forged and the life they created would continue to grow and thrive, eventually creating a mighty civilization that spanned the whole of the planet that would come to be known as Cybertron.

"You painted my paint job! PREPARE FOR SURGERY!"
- Knockout ~ Transformers Prime "TMI"
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