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SMW Central is looking for talented Mario Makers!
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    'Ey dere Makers! Foreman Banzai Bill-der 'ere! I'm scoutin' for some new, talented peeps like youse guys, and I wanna see all the amazin' stuff you've all been working on lately! I'll be soarin' around the forums lookin atcher projects. I'm lookin' to be impressed, so show me the best stuff ya got! You'd bettah have fun doing so!

    Don't ferget ta tag yer threads with the appropriate thread tags so that when C3 Votin' comes 'round at the end of the event, yer projects will be entered into the automated votin' system! All youse gotta do when makin' or editin' a thread is use Ctrl+Click to select multiple tags. Gotta make sure yer stuff stands out nice an' pretty, y'know?

    Ah yea, one mo' thing... You can click on the Angry Sun or Happy Moon to change the Mario Maker 2 site scheme from day ta night! Choose yer preferred scheme! It'll only be forced for the first day of the event. After that, youse guys'll be able to change back to whatevers ya want.

    and night scheme is objectively better than day scheme
    oh now I finally get the new scheme too

    Yep, the dark one's definitely easier on the eyes. Regardless, kudos for making two versions - both are pretty nice.


    The scheme's a little rough right now since it was put together on very short notice. But if you have any complaints or bugs you notice with it, I'm committed to trying to fix them. Feel free to leave notes about it here or make a thread in Site Questions.
    There is actually one thing I just noticed: the dark version seems to take a split second to appear, so on each page load you get a flash of the bright one, which is a little... conspicuous.


    It might be me, but the mobile site has the section of "users online" taking out lots of space vertically,making the site difficut to navigate.
    The scheme is nice! But I'm seconding what WYE said about the night theme (the flash of the day theme before loading), it's a bit annoying (especially in shitty connections... like mine, it can took even 2 seconds or more before loading the night).
    Also, nice to see a LMCC contest again. I don't know if I'll have time to do something decent but I'll be trying to, at least.
    Happy C3 everyone!
    Layout made by MaxodeX
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    Originally posted by Maxodex

    and night scheme is objectively better than day scheme

    this, the day scheme is just way too bright
    Also prefer the night theme to the day theme. The day theme is waaaay too eye-searing, IMO.

    (And I've also noticed the same issue as WYE, with the day theme loading for a split second, then the night theme loading on top of it.)
    About the day theme loading before the night theme: This same issue happens with the Odyssey scheme from last year's winter C3 and the site's scheme system is simply not flexible enough to support a good solution for it. I'll try to hack in a fix, but I won't guarantee anything.

    I'm also already aware of the problems on mobile devices (and small screen sizes in general). Finally, considering how many people think that the day scheme is way too bright, I'll look into toning it down.

    Actually, let's just move this here.
    I'm a bit salty, because as expected, our move turned out to happen exactly during the star of C3, so I missed a lot of it. I really like the theme, so that's even more of a bummer. Hope I can still catch up with C3 a bit, though considering I don't have a desk in my new flat yet, I probably won't be able to participate much (because sitting on the ground for an extended amount of time just kills me).

    Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
    I just love SMWC3 site scheme because it fits well the game. I also love the night theme!
    Bow down, little ones! Prepare to receive your presents from me!
    This song is DOPE.
    “Well, don’t think you can beat us just because we’re women.”Sheena, Tales of Symphonia
    hate the day scheme, only like the night one

    "I like nonsampled songs, sampled sounds strange in my hacks." - Sheeplover1011
    "I think that if I release one of my hacks, they will be rejected." - Sheeplover1011
    "I make music but I think it sounds bad and good at the same time." - Sheeplover1011
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    also, I will eat your mum

    noot noot
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