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Erik's ASM Releases: i ran out of references [Day 4 - I made conveyor slopes today]

PatchSpriteBlockSuper Mario WorldResource Release

I have not prepared any releases this C3. Most of what I did saw the light of day before C3, as there is no reason to keep them to myself and few others in the meantime.
I will very likely not make requests this C3.

However, for Day 1, I prepared two small things:


Beet Platform

Credit to Saturnyoshi for the idea/SMBX Base and the graphics.

Switch-Controlled Line Guide Rope


Shattering Thwomp


Flying Pokey


Line-Guided Springboard


Sideways Springboard


ON/OFF Controlled Springboard


Line-Guided Sideways Springboard


Sequence-Controlled Ball 'n' Chain

Code based from RussianMan's Sequence Platform. I just adapted it. Give him credit.

Reverse Springboard



Conveyor Slopes

Steep slopes: just use tiles 1CE to 1D1.


Ceiling Triangle Blocks v0.1.0 Alpha

This version is somewhat buggy and doesn't work with the 32x32 player patch. Here's a graphics file.


what even influenced the creation of the beet platforms? lol

looks fire erik, wish the triangles were 32x32 player compatible though. hope other folks can get good use outta them!
These are so cool! It'd be neat to have a block that could let you run around the outside of corners in addition to the inside, but I don't know how well that would work visually...
Yoshiatom's Post
Turns out all those GIFs of the triangle blocks on Discord was simply preemptive advertising for this thread! Should have known.

Can't wait for said blocks to be polished, I can see lots of fun setups being used with them (is it just me or are normal triangle blocks underused?), I'm hoping you can also use them to ride around the outside of an object as well.

Not sure what I'd use the beet platform for although I guess it could make a good sinking platform as opposed to using layer 2.

Layout by Koopster!

<DeputyBS> I knew it
<DeputyBS> alcarobot is taking over the world through his truck dealership franchise
Mario can now run on the ceiling! Reminds me of the 2D Sonic games. I like this!
Nice work on the upside-down triangles! (I remember Alcaro's first post being about submitting a version fo those in block form, but apparently they didn't stand the test of time?) The code actually looks really clean given how tricky I imagine triangle block handling to be.

Sweet beet, indeed. Looks like a slower, more forgiving alternative to SMW's falling platforms.

I never expected to someone to code the upside-down traingle blocks in SMW, very impressive and great work.

Are the traingle blocks working the same as in Super Mario Advance?
Good job we the Upside-down Triangle Block running patch. Looks a little buggy to me.
I think the beet platforms fall too fast. Well, falling platforms fall too fast too, so it's not inherently an issue, but sometimes your timing is off and you die because the player falls slower, you leave the platform which makes you unable to jump off it.

Good stuff. I always end up using your stuff as base for other stuff. Good job.
Your layout has been removed.
While the triangle blocks certainly are the main attraction, just gotta say, that beet cool, yo.

But the triangle blocks are very triangulatastic as well.
fuck yeah I've been waiting for the triangle blocks
[[Hyperlink Blocked]]
I'm in love with that beet boy. It's almost got me in a level designing mood just seeing the gifs lol.

The triangles are cool too. They'd be served well with blocks you can run through to make Sonic-style loops and stuff.
Look at these precious boys.


Over the next few days, I'll do more resources at random, like that one.
That's fuggin awesome
I'd like to request a flyin' diggin' chuck, thanks. (Just in case you're up for it)

Oh, all those sprites are awesome btw
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

I'd like to request reverse rideable invinsible shell from SMBX! :)
(Btw, that reverse triangle blocks are awesome!)
Guys I'm sorry I accidentally put requests in the title but I am not taking requests. Please understand and I apologize for the confusion.
After all these years, you finally got those triangles to finally do something fairly right! #smw{-_-;}
But I'm glad to see how well it's paid off, and how well they seem to work so far.

Also all your other stuff looks really cool too. I like that beet platform and that ON/OFF line guided rope too. Does it also go left, out of curiosity?
Hey y'all, Scott here!

PFP by:
Originally posted by Erik
Guys I'm sorry I accidentally put requests in the title but I am not taking requests. Please understand and I apologize for the confusion.

Force of habit from all the years you did I guess.

Ceiling Triangle Blocks are probably my favorite, the others are nice too though.
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

that's ok tho ;P

PatchSpriteBlockSuper Mario WorldResource Release