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[stupid kaizo level] Mid-air jump changer 2

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario World

For those who enjoy views of Mario's arse.

This is another level using the 'Motor Skills' gimmick (see KLDC 2016). It is very much more of the same, a series of short (around 35 in-game seconds) and intense challenges. The new level is in 7 parts and checkpoints can be saved at any time. Also included is the original level with the nice green blocks.

More Motor
this looks like hell thanks for your service
This looks spicy. Looking forward to giving it a shot!
I'm allergic to Motor Skills though
Thanks for the replies.

Thanks to Dode playing the hack, I made a quick update to fix some oversights (somehow forgetting to use fastrom), and I made the sixth room more clear. Link is in the first post.

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario World