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Port Request Thread! [REQUESTS CLOSED]
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2019 - Port Request Thread! [REQUESTS CLOSED]
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Wario Land 3 - Peaceful Village/A Town in Chaos
Clocks in just under 40 or so seconds


Would prefer unsampled, but sampled could be fine as well

Don't eat the sandwich
Could you do The Ballad of the Wind Fish, from TLoZ Link's Awakening?


I would prefer a sampled version, in which if its possible all the instruments that play in the original song can be heared more or less.
Tiny Toon Adventures - Final Stage

I really didn't like this song and porting it sucked the soul out of me so sorry this took so long. I'm gonna take a break then I'll start working on other requests.
Could you port Neptune's stage theme from Mega Man V?

MIDI (alternate simplified MIDI)

Would prefer unsampled, light sampled (e.g. cymbals) and a bit of arrangement could be fine as well.
Pokémon Yellow - Unused Theme
Is 47 secs.

On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

Pokémon Trading Card Game - Hall of Honor
YouTube - MIDI

No preference for instruments, it would probably sound better with a little bit of echo.

Sorry if the video sucks, for some reason I just can't find good videos of this game's music.
Originally posted by Midorizou Daze
Could you port Neptune's stage theme from Mega Man V?

MIDI (alternate simplified MIDI)

Would prefer unsampled, light sampled (e.g. cymbals) and a bit of arrangement could be fine as well.

I'd love to see Batman (NES) Stage 1.

Just wanted to let y'all know doing this thread is really draining so I'm gonna be taking it slow with the requests, but I'm gonna do my best to do as many as I can. My goal is to have most of these finished by the time C3 posting time ends. Some of these I probably won't get to because there are already existing ports of said songs (even if they're outdated) or some of the MIDI's being provided are god awful and I can't find any alternatives (that's not your guys' fault, just the way it is sometimes). I'll try to get one or two (or three if y'all are lucky) finished today.
Can you please port Grape Garden Airship/Vegetable Valley 2 from Kirby's Adventure? Try to make it using Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Star's instruments. If you can't, that's fine.

YouTube video

Click the character on the right side of my layout to visit my Discord server and discuss and play and look at and get updates and sneak peeks of the games and other things I'm making.

The authors of these 2 My Little Pony fan games have removed their games from the Internet.
Rise of the Clockwork Stallions has been updated! Download My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions DX: Director's Cut and My Little Pony: Magic Shards now! Spread this link!

Hey, I'm really sorry that you're tired out and feeling drained. I know how it feels to be working your butt off and getting really, really tired from it.

So, I have a request, but I don't care when you do it, since it's important that you take care of yourself. It's the main theme of Super Mario 3 Special on the GBC. Be warned: the MIDI is very accurate but the instrumentation is god-awful. And the YouTube video with the actual song is a bit earrapey too. The YouTube video is an extended version but it's literally the only instance of the song on the whole site.

I'd like for it to be a bit fancier than the original, but not too much, and I don't really care if it's sampled or unsampled. It should have NES-style percussion.


Again, put your own needs first. Overworking yourself is bad. If I misunderstood your latest post in this thread and you're not actually accepting any more requests, I'm sorry, I'm just being a dummy.

niðer in sċræfe, mæġen iċ næbbe

Details: Sampled arrangements please, nothing special needing to be done

Even tho its a song from a Wii game, it is an 8-bit song anyways, so it counts?
Megaman 10 - Wily Stage 1 (0:51)=
Youtube video
Id like if you made it sampled, maybe using Super Mario Kart or MMX instruments.
Dunno about echo tho, choose what makes you happy.

Good luck on making the other ports too, I know that its not an easy task, so work only if you are feeling like you want and can do it!
I am only aware of the smas version, so I like to request the nes smb3 athletic song with nes styled percussion please.
Could you make this with the SMW instruments (that is, unsampled), please? It's Coo the Owl's theme from Kirby's Dream Land 2.

YouTube link
Midi link

If you want to make this sound a little fancier, that's fine with me.
Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II - Game Over / Shop Theme

(Standard SMW instuments with echo)

I would like to request the Cemetery Theme in Mother 1.


Doesn't matter if it's unsampled or sampled :)

Also, if the song doesn't work very well for porting, an alternate request would be Mt. Itoi from Mother 1. Whichever one you perfer. #tb{:]}


I'm loving these ports you're making. Feel free to take your time when you're feeling drained too, totally understand. Porting can take a lot of effort/work and can see where that could be exhausting. Keep up the great work as always Decoy!
Thanks for your understanding and support guys. My plan is to get as many of these done before C3 is over, if not all of them. It can be exhausting but I'm also having fun!
Now that C3 is over I can't update the title. I'm still porting stuff and requests aren't closed.

Mega Man 10 - Abandoned Memory (Mega Man X3 Arr.)

This one was a pain to make but it was worth it because it slaps.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2019 - Port Request Thread! [REQUESTS CLOSED]

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